Making great, speaking great, trading ... loosing great

There is the phrase from the US president who wants to Make America great again, what is not easy to be understood as America is allready great on million of smart phones, million of computers from the US with US PC systems, with its smart phone systems on million of mobiles in use, programs from the USA and applications and there is also softdrinks, junk and fast food from the US, millions like it what can be named great then. America is allready great since 20 years in digiting with its computer systems and programs on millions of computers and mobiles used worldwide, another huge segment of Americas marcet and greatness on many peoples mobiles and computers worldwide, it is just the question for how much more time as its president wants to become it more great.

    America is great since years on many million consumers mobiles and computers, it has many offices, companies and agencies therefor at home and in some foreign countries offices and data storage palces (G-data storages as in Austria and Taiwan for instance but not the asian mainland really), how can it get become greater has to be asked. America brought millions of computers to the world, is it not great enough allready, millions of PC and smartphone system software, did it not get great enough allready. That new president even so wants to make it somehow greater, but by what means. America brought wars to Iraq and Afghanisthan, it watched wars spreading in Syria and north Iraq for a while under Mr Obama, also Lybia which is now split in two main political parts more or less and has not as once for decades an, also to Nazis and many of their biz men who liked to fly to him, fascinating ruler and revolutionary any more. Now the US cuts the money for Plaestineans who are really not in a great position since long, but that is mostly the case when some want to become bigger and great, it is often by the price for others then.

    Also now since months as that US president wants to make the US even greater now it is by many nations which have to pay a high price in form of tariffs for their exports to the US. For many reasons millions of products get traded since decades between teh many nations, but now they have to pay a higher price for that than before as their president wants to make them even more great as before, can you imagine. Many countries have problems but the new leaders of the US cut and quit the support (UN orgs, Palestineans, Pakistan, ) and they do not only cut the once support to these organisations and lands but also put high tariffs on many once trade partners, which is overall the price many have to face and pay now thatfor the US becomes more great after all.

    After million of people and consumers got over last 20 years also the PC and smartphone system software, after million of consumers also got the US junk and fast food, beside many others of the US products, million of people will get to learn and know the price after all. Million of once US products and software, and still, consumers will get to know and pay the price even as their country men and rulers will try to avoid worst outcome for them, tehy even so will be able to see, watch, observe and get to know the outcome and price for Making America great again.

    As the US is since today kept as worlds number one economic power (fast and junk food, software, computers, mobiles and smartphone systems) that will have a price in the future. The US president wants to make America great again,so how was itz till now, did noit gain enough profits, not into enough houses and homes yet with their systems, and when you look at how that prseident from the US speaks, is it great, how he does deals, is it great, how he treats women, handicapped, old people, competitors, do you like it, can you see it, do you like the body language of the actual US president if you see it on TV (what was a big case for some in the US with foreign top position politicans, or political correctness duirng Bush 2nd) do you get it how the president from the US is treating and speaking with other politicans, can you see that.

    They are often annoyed during the G summits (not be mixed with the G company with G-streetview, G-glasses, G-alphabet and the more, after they found the G point somwhen during the 70s) and often badly surprised by his very lowspeak, lowtalk and lowphrases, low political skills, but there has always been low politicans everywhere and many became so nowadyas, often by the buy of the kapitalist, they have no ideals any more or sold them to best bidder, just their impact was usually less devastating to lands and economies as is with the new president from the USA.

    Quite a few countries today are allready heavilly effected and tumble and economists (also rating agencies, there is ratings for most influential women or stars, or most rich people, but who is rating worst politicans or worst new political parties or movements) should not be surprised about more heavy outcome on lands and their economies and its people.

    So the people will have to understand that it has a high price many nations will pay and are allready paying for that kind of politicans in top position of a supwerpower.

    In the US they calculate, countthrough, account and thinktank (not really Enron and Leeman bros) much on routine and by kapitalistic traditions, also on the future and specific developments, as the real and worlds number one kapitalists, once in big support of their number one favourite organisation the WTO before it got the IMF, beside also some NGOs and hidden churches, private investors and nazis, they are used to calculate, countthrough, play the payrollers, and they are used to calculate the price for themself. It is just the question how much the price will be by their actual president and his primary goal what is called Making America great again (was it not great allready ?)

    They were for long training others in accounting, managing, doing business, admission, writing jobletters, doing speeches and phrases for profits. Now under the new flag and rule of economic strikes and sanctions there is also the ones who will need to be hold accountable therefor.

    First lands hit show allready clear signs of rezession, inflation and mega inflation, if new tradedeals done along at some 3 country hemisphere or the big burial ceremony will help after a big bridge (Italy) collapsed and an oil raffnery is burning (Bavaria) has to be questioned.

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