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Only 3 minutes

It is 3 minutes on foot to the computer sparepart shop,
only 3 minutes to the cooky shop, 3 minutes to the grocery store,
3 minutes to the mobile and powerbank shop,
only 10 minutes to the railway station - Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Neocons new dictates

It looks strange sometimes when you watch them on TV and they speak of others dictate,
but in fact it is them who do a big draw, it is them who screw world trade,
then to come later and dictate new trade conditions,
dictate on petrol supply lines, presssure and dictate on missile purchases and others.

Stars and strikes

Worldtrade the new conflict zone

When we look at some lands in the Mid east we can often see that there was unrest and turmoils, they watched it for a while till it got bigger, guess they also supported them with soem weapons before.
    It was the case in Lybia, it was the case in Syria and north Iraq with ISIS, it was on Obamas watch and will never happen during Trumps watch he said. But they watched ISIS for a while spreading, till it got a major conflict, out of controll so to say, it spread from north Iraq to Syria which got a mixed war zone with many sides engaging, quite massy then, but it will never happen with prseident Trump, no, he does it different, during Obama they watched it for a while spreading and supplied weapons to specific sides.

    But under Mr Trump that would never happen. And there got a new war started from the Saudi side, which is not part of the main news on TV channels, but it is also there. the difference is that the Saudis are big oil suppliers, so thats is a different story then. So during Obamas watch there were a few conflicts starting in the Mid East, before it was on Bushs watch, in Afghanistan and Irqa. Not long ago wars got started in Jemen, in north Iraq and Syria, they watched it for a while spreading till it got big enough and took long enough to engage strongly for variouse sides.

    But now under Trump the focus got on World Trade, he did his major strikes on World Trade allready, it is not like wars watching for a while when they get started. And Mr Trump said that will never happen on his watch, that somebody starts wars.

    No World Trade is different, from another side, big strikes and then going to reduce its bad effects, a bid different that strategy, and often by dictate then as there is not much choice left then later to get teh most bad effects reduced. Its hard to compromise then, to find deals, first some hard strikes, then reducing some of its effects.

    Some of the news in web read that Europe does not like to talk on trade with the colt on its breast, anybody who likes it. But then they point on others from the US and talk of their dictate, which they never like, and specially not under Mr Trmp. Whoever threatens the US gets a strong message on Twitter and the news channels then, which they will never forget.

    They are good for strong messages now, as there are other strong major ecomomic powers rising stongly, so it got time to hit on World trade, and less for new wars as some years ago, which was the case during Mr Obama.

    Part of latest strikes on World trade was tariffs on steel and aluminium imports to the US from China and Europe, which gives hints on the US making its steel and aluminium industry more indpendent which can also be in preparation for later big scenarios of conflict.

    Steel industry is important during wars, same with petrol supply, industry and relevanth oilfields. Major steps got done allready by the US to become more independent from foreign oil imports while they tell Europe what to do and what not for its oil reserves and supply. Under Mr Trump foreign imports got under his big hammer, then reducing worst effects and telling new conditions to their littlebig old friends, a different way of starting and dealing with conflict.

Stars and strikes

Once upon a time votes

Once upon a time in the Ukrain there was an election, the results got denied, there came revolts, unrest and a war started at its borders.

    Once upon a time in Yemen there got votes done, then the new elected got plotted and overthrown and a war started.

    Once upon a time in Egypt there got votes done, the elected one got ovethrown and military took over. Once upon a time in Thayland votes got held, there spread protests, rumours and unrest, finally military took over.

    Once upon a time there got votes held in Turky, its leader staied the same, even as the west did not like him. Some time before the votes a coup got tried on the turkish leader, it was not a big story in the west, but the coup failed.

    Once upon a time there got votes done in India, teh one extreme hindu candidate, supported by the west, won the votes and the extremists took over. Now there are lynchings there every year and fanatic people kill each other for cows in India these days.

    Once upon a time there got votes done in the USA, the data of 85 mio potential voters and social webforum users (facebook, social... web! or hatespeech) got sold preemptively during preelection time from the US to a british company. (Cambridge Analytica does not exist any more, GB is a brexit, breakaway, candidate) Some new parties were helping the right candidat, the far right white conservative one, their favorite one for the wanted result.

    Finally the conservative white katholic business man, a strong always straight hitting fighter from the USA won the elections. Now as sitting hitting president he is striking on everybody and everything, many close to him lost their jobs allready, who knows who is next.

    Once upon a time after so many votes got done in many countries all went well for the white katholic conservatives in the west and some of their friends, they were mostly satisfied with the outcome of most votes.

Stars and strikes

Mushrooms are left

After most of the wildlife and fruits are gone from european woods people collect mushrooms there today. But you can still go with a car to one of the many restaurants, if you do not like to collect mushrooms for food there.

Mushrooms the last harvest

There is not many widllife left on the countryside and in the woods in Europe. Where there is wildlife it is mostly secretive and secluded, it had to become so over centuries of hunting with cero tolerance and eradication of many species from many regions. People often collect mushrooms there today in the woods, many come also from Italy to the alpine woods during fall to collect mushrooms.
    It is the harvest of the modern simple man, they come with cars mostly to collect mushrooms, the hunt of the simple man in modern Europe.
    That is what is left over from centurylong hunting with cero tolerance by the royals, rulers and the church and lead to the extremination of many species but mushrooms.

Never again !

Never again attack Vietnam or all your trees will lose leafes and your woods will burn with fires, keep your burnings and firecanons at home (napalm, scheiterhaufen)

    Never again bomb north Laos or all your heads will break like empty clay pots.

    Never again bring war to Korea or all your illusions will dissapear from earth and you will die of stupidity and irrationality.

    Never again attack the governments of Greece, Italy and Spain or you will harvest missiles, wars and bombs and your woods will burn of fires and your crops will taste after money.

    If there is a single priest out there in Honduras (kill a priest), El Salvador, Mexico, Brazil, Belize or Turky who gets killed or jailed, beside the others killed and jailed, today the white imperialist will make a big story, a most viewed tweet, out of it, take care or you will starve in hell and die of stupidity, madness and illiteracy.

    Never again coup the elected government of Brazil or you will harvest war, unrest, street killings and revolt and its people will live in favelas.

    Never again coup and attack Chiles elected government (9.11.73) or you will starve in hell and roast on satans grill.

    Never again attack Haiti and its elected ruler or you will stay with poverty, fevelas and organized sextrafficers like oxfam.

    Never again attack and invade Iraq or the willing will burn in hell, get killed by killer bees, there are no other left there, their woods will burn and crop will taste after money.

    Never again attack Afganisthan or your crops will fall of droughts and your woods will burn.

    Never again attack Venezuela and its power and food supply or your people will starve of hunger, poverty and die of illiteracy and live in favelas and in streets with drugs.

    And if there are school shootings in the USA you will get classes with security and teachers with guns for discipline at US schools or you will starve of education, have no books and knowledge but harvest show, soaps and movies.

    Never again attack Cuba and its revolution and leaders or you will starve in hell, your woods will burn of fires, you will have no books to read, no postcards to be sent and your crops will taste after money and you will die of stupidity.

    Never again attack Iran, you attacked Iraq, Afghanisthan, meddled in Libya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, how much more you want, your greed and imperialism seems to be endless. Take care before your crops and woods burn of fires, before your schools are lost in madness and food tastes after money.

    Never again attack african lands, never again project on them or you will starve in hell and die of madness, be thankfull for the million slaves you took, bought, migrated, traded, exploited and killed for your gains and profits over centuries, what would you be without their sweat and blood today.

You did a bad job !

We had a great talk, we had very good talks, ... never again attack the USA, ..... that one priest, free him, liberty to that one priest, sanctions sanctions, ..... let that priest go or you will face heavy sanctions, let that one priest out, a very good a great reason for sanctions, one priest good for sanctions.

    I am that priests security, that is my job. My new job is white priests personal security, that is my new job.

    They beat us with imports, bad very bad, we put tariffs high tariffs, whoever beats us gets tariffs on that products, nomore quality, nomore better products, our stuff only ....

    We move out of that agreement, sanctions sanctions instead. we move out of that UN agency .... bad agency bad, not worth a title ...

    Nomore pay for human cultural heritage agency UNESCO, nomore others tradition and history.

    Nomore history (but legacy), history gets out from school and classes, nomore culture, traditions, history and other lands heritage. We are done with that ... But the embassy, our new embassy there in that old historical city, that one embassy ...

    You are bad with your job, you did a bad job with the environment agency, now you cry of losing your job, get out here, another one gets the job, many got their jobs quit allready here, illoyal, sanctions sanctions, losers you are out, fired.

    We do a new deal, a new coalition MESA, our new coalition, special, very very special, we do a new coalition MESA (Mid East arab countries and US), yes a new coalition after that one with the Willing once ... remember, the other one is OTAN (Wotan). Heiooohh a new coalition, no sanctions no tariffs but ... with the new Willing, can you imagine ....

    No contracts, no agreements, no supernational organisations and courts of justice, no imports, nomore better cars, no new visas, no steel and aluminium imports, no to history, no culture, no tourists, NO NO NO the new alliance.

    The NO organsiation, get out of office ...

Fake fake fake

Fake faces, fake friends, fake tits, fake cars, fake lips,
fake promises, fake accounts, fake food,
fake jobs, fake pay, fake TV, fake marriges, fake votes,
while some complain about fake news.
    When you are finished with your marcet of fake
let the people know !

House of sanctions

House of sanctions has seen other nations rise, their growing power and influence since quite a while. House of sanctions took measures to counter the growing power and rise of other nations. House of sanctions put sanctios in form of high and new tariffs on imports from these countries. It saied it was in the name for its own security, but in reality they put the tariffs on other nations import products to undermine, fight, break and stop their growing power, influence and economic growth.

    That got the real goal and target by House of sanctions, to weaken other nations growth, power, prosperity, influence and soveregnity. That for they put high tariffs on their imports, which is a form of sanctions, on practically all major economies and marcets and its steela nd aluminium imports, aslo on car imports which was from start intended, but cars have been for long a special case in total car societies.

    Before House of sanctions put for 40 years sanctions on Cuba, today the savest lands of the Latin Americas and with a lower death rate of newborn than the US. But even by the long sancton regime put on them over decades by the US it resisted strongly and kept their standards, they have good health standards, little criminality if any, little drug problems, they have books which is not so comon in Latin Americas, newspapers, education and post offices. They have a well working and organized tourism industry and Havanna improved well since 2009 (1st visited), they have proper working public bus services and all that after decades of sanctions put on them by the big imperialist neighbour US. Cuba resisted and kept its standards with all hardships they got by the sanctions an it is a save country. Do better not ask on savety in other lands of the Americas (public, education, schools, public health care ...). Cuba is an outstanding example in regard to savety in its streets compared to other lands of the hemisphere.

    Further House of sanctions put sanctions for some years allready on Russia because it dared to do something at its own border regions (!) what was only allowed to the imperialist and its willing, to do intervention and send its army when there was unrest, revolts and major threats at its borders. House of sanctions could not tolerat such a thing and if it was at the borders of its geopolitical competitor. Finally and after years and the new president of the House of sanctions tehy started to talk a bid with each other and that is what the establishment there in the US can not take and accept easily, the new president is not solely a bubble living one, he is also blowing much, as well the establishments expectations.

    Further House of sanctions put sanctions on Iran, still a quite strong muslim nation with power and influence like Saudi Arabia and Turky other regional powers of the Mid East, with a solid policy beside rigged and torn apart mulsim lands like Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afganisthan and other (Africa). So it got time for the House of sanctions to go for Iran and the reason was the nuclear agreement which other main powers like EU and China also agreed on and wanted to stick to. House of sanctions took different measures, quit the agreement and put sanctions and in effect also on the countries which do biz with Iran, it was its long practise since years.

    Further House of sanction did not only put sanctions on Cuba, Iran, the EUs and Chinas steel and aluminium imports, russian biz men (!) but also now on two turkish ministers, House of sanctons is acting like a teacher in school with his stick but do not ask on their own schools security.

    House of sanctions is performing on its long played instrument, its Sanction Drum with Hammer and Fluit and wants many to dance after it. But it got foggy, misty and cloudy as it saw other nations rise and gaining power and strength what made them to counter their rise in form of putting high tariffs on their imports worth billions what is another form of sanctions on other nations producs and wealth so, House of sanctions started a tradewar.

    But there is also good sides on it, other nations need to become more selfreliant and it serves a good opportunity to make new tradepartners and friends. Interesting enough that weapons got an excemption from tariffs and tradewar by the US thatfor other nations would not buy weapons or missile systems from Russia. Weapons got an excemption from general raised tariffs by the US not to play military deals and business into others hands which is in main Russia.

    Lands could start doing more products by themself and trading them with new partners aside the imperialist Houe of sanctions as it wants to sanction others wealth and growth, their prosperity, geopolitical power and influence, it wants to break their rise and there are different cases and competitors.

    So as old trade gets confused, rigged, sanctioned and broken by the House of sanctions it serves same time a great potential for New trade, new trade deals, friends, new partners and exchange of their products. There is and was enough fake, spoiled, rigged, false and unhealthy products out there in many lands since long.

    Thatfor it became a great time, chance and opportunity to get rid of old fake friends and their deals and go for new ones. It is just the question if many can see the chance and take use of it. Trade vacuum could be filled fresh and healthy.

Goods which got traded from Sri Lanka at the story.

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