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Webspaces software and its clouds - A

Once there was software and hardware, like with good and bad banks, or with good and bad politicans. Hardware was not so easy to get corrupted, but also good for big money over the years, much on its design got tried and put on marcets and many profits were gained by it.

    Latest are huge flatscreens LCD, as for TV and computers. With software it was always more tricky over the years and it was really a more seriouse case, as seen by companies which were never good with telling about hacks into their companies. It happened quite often and many hackers got paied well for not going against the US government and the establishemnt.

    And years later it looks to be quite easy to get into some TV channels transmission and do them some more special makeup and animation over some hours. They are as well part of software cirkuses, as users, costumers and companies. It is not only the big broadcasting corporatins and software companies which strike and hit, which do their biz and profits over years, also fake, corrupt and manipulate by software, it can also be private hackers engaging who strike back on them and show them their limits, it is always two sides or three parties (plus watchers), the audience gets to see the mixed new product then, another side and product of neoliberal marcets, it can have many new faces.

    Intellectul property was for long a big story, many intellectuals were strongly engaging in it, programmers, software engineers, coders, flash animators and more.

    System software for computers was done by 2 megafirmas (MS and Apple), and only 1 of them which could take other software, foreign software so to say, on its grounds, it was the more flexible, the really neoliberal multirole frontrunner in many lands, innovative, highly volatile, flexible and therefor sometimes the small helping comicfigur popping from task bar was blinking at users to help them getting around. People got so much of experiences by worlds most used system software and not to forget intellectual, smart and educated ..... somehow, wasn t it. They really got trained by the one megacorporation on their products and many are still in training while at other parts of the globe users get allready in reach of the cloud, the heavens, the software grounds for putting their data, more below.

    Users could also do a PC driver license even before streetview was out on the marcet then even. Just imagine, you do the PC driver license but streetview is not yet out there, how is that possible, special (delete history always again ! ) I think that is symptomatic, young people got so much intellectual and experienced by that producers of intellectual property.

    Later people got alphabet and basics, as long as governments did not block it from their country as it was the case with basics in India and win 8 not allowed on chinese government PCs.
    Some have seen the performance then by win vista in Nepal once, which was not really welcomed in Europe at its time (vista), and for a reason, but others in the while got to knwo win vista in Nepal, quite magic and really volatil, striking flexible and of a highly advanced neoliberals PCs system software, in Nepal they used it in Europe it got from the start unlikes, not welcome.

    They could fool the masses by their software and try a lot over quite a while, but going against the companies or corporations, hacking the establishment and its software thinktankers, showing the share and stake holders of intellectual property their limits, thats was not ok, specially as they themself never knew any limits by it, that was not welcomed. They could fool the masses but when they got tried themself it got a case for courts.

    Fooling and trying all what possible on the masses was the sole domain of the software multies, turning the sword against them, turning their tools and waepons against them looked bad and it is still a seriouse offense, a case for courts, quite special they get highest terms in jails, same with leaking data, highest terms in jail. But fooling the masses by the multies themself, that was ok over years, trustworthy computing was long over and the starting scenario with endless rows of active x controlls was the prototype monster, the multirole multmeadi performers
    Fooling by software, fooling by data in times of IT is something special, that is seriouse offense for them, even as they themself fooled the masses over years, it is just who can see that.

    Today finally it got to hate speech, fake news and fake users, it got to wrigged and neoliberal votes, it got to the data sell during pre-election time, not a big thing really, not a case for jail or something, it was just a few million users data, good enough for selling. Military data, movies and afghan diaries got leaked, also their views on specific politicans then, the responsible guy got taken hostage till today, he escaped extradition and maybe jail, and they try him on another case, even as he got pardoned by the UN allready, what does not count for some.

    Data leakers can look different, some get hunted and part of a Wildwest story, even pardoned allready by the UN but not the empires IT and data controllers in office. And the Wildwest is for long not over, it is the opposite, it is coming to many countries, hate speech, fake news and accounts, sold user data, biz as usual and new wars on want. Regime change is coming, the Wildwest and civil societies are coming and with it many changes.

    The other guys collect data over years, of millions of their network users, the producers of userdata and later then their data gets sold, the cam-bridge analytica, which bought the information, got a kill quite fast later, when the votes were done, it did not survive that buy of the data lately, another seriouse case and another end, not in jail but part of a neoliberal story from the west.

    Quite easy today, collecting so much of information, it just takes few millions mobiles and computers and the people who use it over some months and years, it is not any more million local spies and register cards written, no physical action in many neighbourhoods, no today in neoliberal and often socalled civil societies with support of IT it got much more easier, good enough for sell an bussines later.

    Last US elections showed special, it was new powers doing a share in the votes, as they had many millions shared their PC system, doing them profits, the something new. A mixed liberal election scenario with new powers engaging, no coups, no military intervention, no toppling of the old government, but new shares and sells.
    Getting back to the case of software tried on the masses like trying to move a new carpet underneath them was "basics" sometime before also by facebook, which was not welcome in India (vista from MS was never really relevanth there) But some socalled smart city initiatives by MS got promoted and tried there by the megacompany and whatever they try for new profits on software marcet, it gets then called smart, unique or genuine, better check smart restaurants under fully random cctv cam surveillance for really civilised dinner settings same time, also looking smart for some, guess for catching up and promoting civil societies, therefor the cams then, when its getting civil societies it needs cams for dinners and scure dining.

    Many smart restaurants got popped out in thousands since then along under ful cctv surveillance, the final and really smart dinner settings so to say, under full random cctv cam, for the best of dining by screened romance and not yet sold privacy.

    Now it is automatic surveillance, you are not superstars and not public persons, but even then and specially nobody saves your privacy at neoliberalised dinner places, because it got smart dinner places with cams, part of civil societies. Nobody asks you for permission to film you during dinner, maybe with your gfriend or friends, it got too normal too smart, just behauve, eat nicely and pay the bill.

    Do not spit, do not complain, do not request your privacy, get on screen and eat nicely, behauve for neocons and pay the bill, in some lands taxes are extra then at end of the dinner, and at real restaurants it can get very costly then, costly last dinner with neocons (Abendmahl).

    Privacy is dead in neoliberal marcets, they like transparent users and customers, glass people, some tried G-glasses with its software for a while, the multirole robot HUD (headup display) glasses for the daily comon street robotic. But that glass project got dropped soon, it was too powerfull, too costly and far too risky by the data collected by normal daily robotic user.

    Just imagine cities streets and houses fully screened by normal street volks with special glasses (robotic) and not by a web-multie, all would blow up immediately. Glasses was a project by the G-webmultie some years ago. (not be mixed with the G-point exploration project during the 70s)

    There are some private volks out there who make a story of their tours by the helmet cam, it is mostly simple stuff, just fix it to your helmet, you do not need to stop during tours, no stop for picture taking, nonestop riding, no breaks, cam on helmet and all the rubbish on the card.
    And along in government busses you get as well often filmed allready, also in some remote regions and very simple busses sometimes.

    In many neoliberalized lands helmets for cyclists are a big thing today, trendy, no question on stile and look then, because in these lands sidewalks got cut in the name of barrierefrei (barrier free), under the tag of barrierefrei and some street junctions get very dangerouse then, therefor they need the helmets also for cycling then, a new neoliberal measure.

    And that often in lands where they do not like foreigners, where some city majors need to get forced to take 20 migrants, but sidewalks get barrierfree for them, steps can be a big thing, specially for women I got to know in a bus in Ecuador (pablo de mundo) by a short tailer, an old women on stairs, slowmotion and deeply impressing and pointing out, grandma moving upstairs, no dangerouse elevators with men, simple stairs as since centuries, some are even of marble.

    People and cyclists are moving partly under more risky conditons then and at street crossings barrierefrei it seems to be of a big relieve for them, no need to step over this little steps (flatscreen). Thatfor also the many new helmets with cyclists, what is also good for biz, new helmets for biz. Along electro bikes (pushbikes) got trendy, cycling has more and more less to do with sports, gyms and hiphop for kids yes during older people electro pushbike and helmets. When you take everything on screen then by a webcam, maybe even in realtime, software and webspace is of need to get it really out there then.

    Beside glasses are always good for biz, sunglasses, opticals, designers etc but liquids for contactes in many lands you need to crawl and search for over days, they like glasses, it is good for biz and good for another look, it is and was special since years and really stilish, do not mention conatcs.

    Getting to dinner then do not think of your privacy under full cctv cam surveillance, that is old stuff, romantic, forget it, it may look the same but it changed, privacy and romance is over for dinners.

    Something to be learned, maybe in the future there are signs there in restaurants on that, like the information on food you eat and what it contains, finally they screen you. Screening you is containing you, get the informaton on it. When the signs are there who knows if biz can take it then, I do not think so. When it needs to get declarated (cams by dinner) it gets tricky for biz, something to be learned. Guess freedom of Info and right to info on getting surveilled got a silent, a smart kill, killed for profits, as usual.

    Worlds intellectual property owners and their license policies was a big story for long, they were most specialised in doing licenses, product keys and updates on routine, new versions and more alike.

    Now after all that years they can not have emailing too much, and specially not by US president candidates, they want them to twitter publicly to engage in social networking and not writing emails. That is not part of the game they want to see, all that login and logout stuff, hard to be traced, unpublic information sent to friends, family, revolutionerios, maybe even some sleeping cells, wakeup emails instead of public messages to the world.

    Untransparent and off the screen of the emperors watchunits (big white fathers parental and data controll), the intelligence officers of the intelleigence agencies, after years of exponating the worlds webusers to the products of the worlds software masters. Emails are not part of the game in public, not social like the big platforms which also produce hatespeech on random today, ad fake users on mass, No emails are different.

    They also can not have foreign volks reading their awarded LA times, It is not only the new president who wants to block other poeple from coming to the US. No, it is also in some cases news agencies, newspapers of the empire in the web which do not like others to read their stuff, which they keep as awarded journalism, so whats the problem with it, too good to be read beside breitbart today. In some hemisphere reading from books to newspapers is not the most popular thing since centuries, from Fireland to the US.

    With some awarded journalism from the USA, you get then on a page with an excuse for that targeted misshap, like from any other webmarcet controlling countries. It is not part of the game that Europeans read LA times online today, they want you to read Breitbart, the neocons hot stuff and not awarded journailsm from the US. Try it, maybe you get in reach of the awared journalism beside neocons alltime ready new hot stuff with hot pics.

    But it is quite normal thing that political articles or on economy like with the economist on web, you need to buy or login to get in reach of it. The difference to TV is you can choose and take your time with news on the web, you can choose and select. With TV you can not, you get the full mashine and its performance, like with movies, mute is often good then, specially as neocons mention since years their new mutual friends.

    Internet giants used their own means and tricks to get best profits output over years, part of it is data, data provided by IT (inforamtion technology). Time is often short in that marcet. Web 2.0 got staged, the web of integrated masses joining webmulties and giants with their data input. Part of it is their new space of heavens, the cloud, data universe is waiting for you. Also as costumers need to login and out with the cloud (provided by the web giants again), and the thing is, it is just another part of webspace, the data heavens and universe provided by webmulties again, no difference to before. They want you on their webfloors with social networking, they want you in their cloud, then they are in heavens, all data with them flying with angels, singing and getting in reach of all data possible, taking off to data universe and new profits.

    But is has to be asked isnt the system software provided by the webmulties enough, isn t the platforms for social webfloors offered with all settings along (before sell) enough, isn t the software done by the same multies enough yet, guess. It is never enough for them, now they go for the webs universe with cloud in heavens, ready for takeoff with them to outer web spaces, take care they might offer and sell you there.

    The new space and heavens, with clouds offered by big multies, misty and foggy often then, for comon users, international marceteers and companies data to store. Mobiles are too small really, even as supertoys showing so much, beside G-maps which is just a street, with some dots along normally, as always since the wildwest times, it is only streets, when it gets to data storage it gets compliceted.

    Netbooks, Laptops, standing PCs should really fit, whatfor the cloud done by webmulties again. Private mashines are usually well equipped with big enough saving devices, harddisks (HDD) today, also if that does not look good and fit for the data crawlers, the data maniacs and medusas, the web giants which want to take and keep it all. (one G storage is in provincal austria, not one in asian mainland)

    Webgiants got taken also to court and they took each other there, to justice, they sued each other on many issues, software patents, design and stile parts etc, Tax evasion got done via islands in north Europe, Beside the island strategy is allready century old, some fly to Caribe for leasure, others take their money there, islands are attraktive, they can not get easily reached.

    Since the millenium change new islands got hammered out of the grounds like the palm and related ones there, some tried artifical floating headquarters, maybe for tax evasion of think tankers and free intellectual innovators, other islands are disputed in other seas, depending on side some like to point there really, maybe because its more solid than software.

    Taxing software giants between marcet friends was for long a kind of dark matter, but last years situation worsend, quite officially by TV channels watched, they have a problem with each other since years and sometiems you hear them telling leave Europe on TV, if you did not choose to do so from lands as it got too neoliberal there, too free, too liberty, too barrierfree and personal, while others try to reach there. There are many stories out there. Lets see what they can take beside some products.

    Some plaied tricky with software (system !) over years, somebodies intellectual property playground, others play tricky with cars. Marcets are heating up here and there, it s just the question when they let the bombs blow. Some get blown remote controlled, at certain times.

    Software and viruality is a tricky thing and marcet place.

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