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Webspaces software and its clouds - B

Software and viruality is a tricky thing and marcet place.

    Unlike the stock marcet places which is more hard parcett, where some show up for their big profits, often joined by smaller share holders the floors with insiders, watch dogs, brokers, invsetors, found managers and raisers, bankers and the more, the webspace in opposition is of a more diverse, highly diverse, mixed and also soft floor, more swampy so to say with bubbles coming up, not only numbers moving here and there, getting shifted there unlike with stock marcets, but as well digits in the back.

    The software and its multitudes of settings make it much more flexible, also soft, more easy to be used, many programms, a million pictures, million posts daily, hourly, it is the space of comon people, mobile and PC users, you can find them all there from young to old, nerds, oddies, more specialized ones, gamers, hackers in back, tweeters, tubers, down and uploaders, file and desktop sharers, data collectors, search engine robots, spammers and the more and all togather they form the hot mixing bowl and data pool of neoliberal and modern webmarcet observers.

    Strange enough the common PC users can not make much out of templates, frontpage never worked, and templates for doing websites are mostly not very usefull really. It is mostly prefabricated stuff, not that flexible and liberal as some system software over years really.

    No, templates are stiff stuff, hard to try and work on. Working flexible templates would make you independent, thats not what they like to see, Dreamweaver was quite software monster for doing websites, and most templates are unflexible stuff which need to get paied then, special wishes can hardly get done, you can only buy some prefabricated sets. Spacy lofty dreammovies, pictures and moods like before takeoff in an aeroplane, room views like moving in heavens, costly templates can be trailers for hotel rooms like dreaming and gliding in universe spaces, just too special for another ski tourist or honeymoon couple.
    On the other hand templates are a bid like futures in stock marcets, prefabricated stuff in a tight framework not too flexible. With the numbers there is no dreams and with trailers it is flat. Some play sudoku in the while, not webspace and not stockmarcets.

    The webmarcet can be named a place of soft targets, by software producers, some of them the alltime monopol giants in charge of their software, never forget updating, and in the alltime socalled win-win positon, and not only them what can sometimes become a problem, it is the place of many in winwin position, as long as they know how to use it and not getting their data sold by others in winwin position.

    Do not forget to delete browser history on routine, what advances the mashines performance, moving and proceeding in webspace, or even delete your network account at all, its containing information could get sold on marcet place. Much user data got sold allready, you want to be next. In case they did so you should get proper information on that, like we collected your data and sold it, sorry.

    In that case you can go for the share of the sell of your data, go for it, finally it was your data, infomation produced by you, so ask for a share of the sell, that is most normal biz today, go for it.

    It is not like with the stock marcets the hardnut guys engaging and doing their constructions in mega numbers daily. The webspace is soft targets marcet place, millions of consumers out there and not only the software can be of a problem but also the ones who are too soft on their collected user information, they get soft during voting times then and sell the information, another problem. But before the sell they should have a generalversammlung, the meeting of relevanth information share holders, a big meting of 50 million users, getting asked if they want their informations to be sold. then the problem is not that big really, more like with any big company which has stock on marcet, and in webspace the company is much bigger, it is just the question how some manage that.

    And remember it can all generate profits, software, user data, information, ads, products, political proliferation, the cloud and the more, it can all get sold finally, the logic of neoliberal web marcets places. You are part of it, you can sell a part of it before some stupid CEO does a good offer during some election and sells you with a million other social networkers. Think about it, make something out of it before others do it.

    Modern flatscreens can be used and turned in many ways. It is so to say a multirole two side screen, a kind of double mirror, where either side can watch its input and output (outcome) some also did desktop sharing by their software, funny guys, also the remote endpoint controll.

    Some specialists like to watch and observe, as like with stock exchange during opening times. Many players on the webfloor, good to be watched closely, because some do bad stuff, evel things, each word gets checked for passthrough, but hatespeech seems to be trend, others watch just for new nessages dropping in, some can not take it, on other marcet floor stock brokers, investment bankers, share holders watching numbers and stocks moving in marqueestile from some streets.

    Others take you on screen not only in restaurants nowadays with lots of cctv cams, nowadays software in every single mobile gets the data as well, not necessarily picutures but by the data transferred, the input of mega data traded on the web marcet place. And the thing with it is, it is mostly SOFT TARGETS DATA (some of them do hatespeech), common daily users and web consumers !

    Stock marcet share holder are a bid more hard targets and its costumers, they calculate all kind of factors depending on their goals, specialistation or costumers.

    The web marcet is of soft targets, the million daily web users and that can be a problem. Because some know no limits in trying all kind of games and tricks on them.
They do not like when you open a few tabs same time with holding controll (ctrl) key while klicking a new link, some watch and transfer data (tag managers and ads etc) They get massed then, the more tabs you open the more you troll them, usually they can take only one window, it is since years like that, they like you on one window only, (that policy is over for a while) and like to see the web users on their networks (facebook, google, xing etc) only. That is the carpet for the empires web watchdogs the huge floor, the other one is stock marcets floors, and that parcett has closing and opening times, start is in Japan.

    The webmarcet has no regular opening and closing times, compared to the stock marcets, it is alltime on, alltime high and alltime waiting for you.

    Somehow interesting that they made so much fuzz of the small applications over years, small apples by many small apple producers, during only 2 or 3 big players staied in the big game (software) in the west ! That is another special part of it, that the EU did not compete too strong with the US or China on other side, just applications in the while beside the big 2 from the US and some from China.

    They did only small apples in the while, the giants are in the US and China, and they know it. Latin Aamerica was engaging mostly stiefmuetterlich on the software floors, only passively, many comon users there still email with hotmail from uncle Sam, beside the megamedusa facebook.

    Soft targets on the random getting tried by megacompanies doing software since years.

    Little small sweet apples are their most beloved tools today, soft, transparent, easy to watch, easy to obserev and follow, it is not only consumers who follow, also webfloor data analysts follow, trace the input, smart tools and software toys on everybodies 3 inch mobile pretending smart. That does best and easy marcet watch over years and profits. New generations mobiles, digital equipment (tune players, dvd players, digicams etc) and computers got sold along.

    Interesting along with with digicams is that they also do not like you fotografing too much, it is them and not you, they want to screen and take you eating wherever. Today a big cam is good for you, not a small tiny easy going good digicam. You get a big heavy one, that is better for profits today.

    Times of HiFi oneway music player stations with self recording changed to tiny-tune card formats to buy and reload with prepay. Big fotocams changed for small hig resolution megapixel digicams which later again changed for big costly cams again, mirror and digital combined most costly, good for profits.
    Small cams would make it too easy and cheap, that does for mobiles and with mobiles there is much more other stuff involved. They like it when they get you by your (their) mobiles and stuff, it is littlebig mobiles.
The marcet and its watchdogs want to screen and take you, by your nice little small telefones, it looks so good and easy, doing some pictures, unspecial and fast. Looking some grey maps, unspecial if there at all, the restaurant or hotel, nite games and buttons. It looks so special, some messages, usually always the same, and pictures coming along. If you can not speak, if you can not write, pictures do well then, international look, national stile.

    The big guys want to see you by the mobiles, on their screens and radar, on their networks most wanted there, they are the specialists. In the while big brothers little sister likes to watch you eating, taking you on cctv cam, eat nicely, behauve.

    When you are registered you can vote then, when you are a registered user in their network, you are good to produce information then, count on everything, from put of info to the sell of the same. It is easy moving, looking nice and simple, no problems, easy chat, easy friends, easy pics, easy chicks (check jennifer or jackies on screen only, million of fake accounts got exterminated) and ...easy sell ! You produced data, information also for them, get a share in the sell of it (class act).

    Neoliberals try it all and softened enough CEOs sell it all, get a share if you were part of the sell, or next time a generalversammlung with shareholders.

They love you there, at the end they will sell your data, bussines as usual, and do not forget, much is normal biz today, for long allready and much more gets part of biz, just watch it on your flatscreen, you can see it there. It is all part of biz in realtime,the many faces of data. Webmarcets borderliners try it all, you will be able to watch it on your screen ... (3 inch)

    What was normal yesterday gets part of biz tomorrow, all what is possible for biz gets tried for biz, and what is not possible to get used for it, gets tried other ways. I know it, I got it, they get it, that is their problem. They like to produce problems, since long time, they just deny to see it, they play blind, dull and dumb, and they want people to become so, good for profits, another part of somebodies yearlong iditotic strategy, part of 3 inch flatscreen, part of IT, part of neoliberal marcets, webfloors and multinational companies competing in it.

    Some make a muffin of the cake, others try a bigmac and some do spam and fake accounts.

    On other hand digicams, they could do super compact digicams since years allready, but thats not what they like. Now it is big cams again, with mirror reflex and big objectives. Mobiles are small it can not get bigger for pockets, but 3 inch are good enough for most multies from south Korea to the US to get your data and sell it then, cams got big again, good for biz.

    Pics can be dangerouse for them, but on the other side they like to take you on their screens, on as many as possible during others take them on their radar as well, some till the end of their times as they play idiotic games over weeks, months and years, lets see and check for outcome.

    They like to go for soft targets, they go for it by software, one of their newold apples, software is like apples (appli-cations), it is a headache story, but there is hardly any other way. Some never liked it really, another funny part, but generated huge profits by it, while others quit it allready, partly out of disgust because of its volatility, its flexibility which got often tried on the users.

    Some neocons liked it for years, such highly flexible tools and settings, getting tried on the masses, it was good for biz over years and it staied good for it. Many regions are still in learning and educatin mode with PCs, while in other lands people got sick by it, fed up. A strange part in Nazi lands, they block some over weeks and months, or are just too stupid for it, in mid Europe, where even telefoning gets embeded in wired sound and noises (not sonic attacks really) if the calls do not break at all. later then you buy a new websim for 27 euro and it does not work. In some most neoliberal open marcet lands (open to wired developments) they seem to fear nothing more than a working web connection. It is where they cut stonetables and raze ruins. That is their problem, it will stay their problem, aside the web is everywhere, just sometimes not at some hosue with a garden. Some do strange products over centuries, they need to expect the results alike. (check more by the book Opus diaboli if curiouse).

    Along there is also documents out there, the links to it got named candies by Anonymous (a hacker group). These documents got written by some neocon think tankers during times of Bush 2. It is a tradition there, doctreens over centuries, in that case it got written in the name of some New american century (neoliberal). Anonymous obtained teh docs, and as explained it got very clear that these guys and thinktankers, they go for it, for that New american century and some of its products coming along. It is allready unpure mineral waters in some lands, it got tested, also chlor chicken (forbidden in EU) that century will not be of a good taste then, when people got too much of fake and poisen and fed up with it there will be turning points then.

    Anonymous, web users, TV hackers and others, they have web multies on their radars, it is a double side mirror. As webgiants make their profits others watch them doing so. Millions take their products and get affected so, there is more coming along, what is not only data.

    As by some documents which reads some doctreens, the web consumers should play their specific roles on the web floor, also as producer of data, information on marcets, trends wishes etc, not only acting as consumers on web but also as producers, there is a multitude of options, social networking watching people, friends or making new contacts, software, news, mags, games, tickets, tunes and tubes, emailing, shopping, banking, booking etc

    Stories with pics of most famouse celebrities or fresh married ones can be sold, also social networking data can be sold, but emails is hard to be sold, comlicated stuff for the data and story maniacs, they want to get it easy, as mentioned there is other ways to get it easy.

    And good for biz, mobiles are mostly on, in the ON state, alltime tranasactions, alltime transmission, alltime messages, trends, developments, that is what the web giants want to see, watch and feed on. Web giants need much food to grow, therefor they want mich data,a s much as possible, you can help them or you can refrain from feeding them.
    In some of worlds most smart cities doves are not allowed to be fed, and they take the dogshit with plastic gloves allready before it stays on the streets, Neoliberals like smart and clean streets, and no sidewalks which need complicated steps to get over, hiphop and modern dancing can be watched on TV anyway.

    Another aspect with mobiles, during flights some mobiles have to be turned off, and it is getting more of them, specially during take off and landing, some supertoys seem to be heavy performers. Smoking is for long forbidden during flights, mobiles are next, something special and guess why.

    Today it is not only big brother watching, it is allready little sister watching you, eat nicely, make no problem, romantic dinner time in privacy is over !

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