How do you see yourself as an actor ( CGTN )?

    First of all I do not see me as an actor. I am going fo the real the authenthic and not the show or pretending, as long as you are authentic the gods will have a view on you here and there. Acting is not a big part in my life, if it is, it is only during short moments so then on a terrace for some minutes.

    When there is a short act like singing as an oldstile or neovolksmusic cantor with heartbreaking moves and turns, romantic and admired by all, kitchy then anbd the audiance is far, good.... But that happens rarely, usually only when the sun is shining and for short moments. (I am not a great singer, but plaied trumpet over some 8 years)

    Orther acts can be pushing myself here and then, with laud voice and grimm tone, but that can change within minutes to the normal again. Lats time I was acting offiocially was in school soemwhen during the alst years there, they carried me from the school stage over their heads and teh cheers were applauding.
    There is more than enough acting and movies out there, you cven see them daily on TV and the better ones between them get the osacar or a grammy, something from teh Viennale or the Berlinale. It is a big story since years.

    All that mask carrying beside carneval, krampus and perchtenrun got common stile and of is for a reason since one year as the virus hit on the people. But that is not much about acting, good or bad roles. There are enough bad actors out there, think I could be a good actor, somewhere in medium upper segment but it s not part of my life, and will not be, showing something whats not that real, what is not about reality and authenticity.

    Another thing is about what you want to become, one of many ways is that you can act and engage in that direction. Along you need to know if it is the right thing for you, it needs power and discipline to reach a character which you were not before or only in fractures. For most that will never match or work.

    Another thing is time, most people have not the time to think about acting or becoming an actor, they are far too much occupied in dailylife and all what that needs. On megaplatforms the likes and shares casn indicate on the scale of the potential of greenhorns and megaplatforms newcomers, coming outstanding actors or the potential for that. Some clips or trailers and the feedback on that can indicate more, it happened many times allready on that plattforms. Sametime ther come also risks with that. Many women like to show from a save place but that strikes only on flatscreens then, not more.

    Other send a message (vid) suddenly from their private bathrooms or the daily clip on how to get that makeup done (if it was not a pushup before).

    Also me are much occupied with all kind of side engagements, what is left then can eb used for the special. Most people have absolutely no idea about what it means to make special websites. It is much more trigger work and hitting the buttons than it may look for some ... at the end of a day or week.

    One part is the ideas and input, other part is the design onsites, next the codework to transform all that into somthig you want to see. Most, if there are any pageworkers left, use templates and then it is often too late - static even as it may look as moving, not that many options with templates.

    The other thing is the cheers, audience, some followers or users, the public or the ones who you want to reach them or hit here and there. A bid like with TV. It could be a site or profile on a megaplatform for way to advertise and hit on broader scale, (is in brief since a while) that is also a bigger peace of work if it should make sense, work or gets taken seriously with goals and grades of inpact, lets asay.

    Some used that even during times of war as a strategy and it worked.

    I am not on the side if the artificial, the fake and false, if it would be so god would not strike on my side. I do not like the robotik, it is not about life, many life in campers like since the old times when it was once carriages, ox wagons om the way west. Today it is campsites or trailer parks, while others change the land or opt for that or that villa with a pool or tennis court, or another loft in a sunshine state. It is a special mix but do not forget the more it gets artficial and robotik, the more it is disconnected from the real world and lifes. That again differs from land to land, but when a pandemic strikes the losses can be high and fatal over months and a year, robotik, false and fake can give a pandemic then an easy route over total stretches and regions.

    Robotik can start allready in your own car, depending on the AC or a board computer, then comes the outer temperature, it can be 20 degree cels and more difference in certain regions. The car is the artificial carrier the real and normal is the heat and country outside. In some moments you will need the minutes to get over that difference in climate. If there are no windows left to get opened in cabs, cars, towers, schools etc a global striking pandemic (virus) can have its easy advance ( ... 7 th may 2021)

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