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Quincy holt weit aus

mit nochmehr Saugkraft

The palefaces lost some atombombs during 2 bad accidents with B52 planes, about 5 bombs. We keep the palefaces mad for the lost nukes from US bombers during the 60s somewhen ... //

wegwerfen oder fallen lassen, slaves Lakaien oder Eunuchen ... // Kinderstimmen oder kastraten // ... smart, bad or evel

die aufstehen oder aufwachen partei // fukushisma or new ones .. where and what s next ??

Olympic Games will come

It is a long tradition and tere will be the events, it will be great as before so in the future. IT is up to local athlets and their country fellows following if they join with total crews or just some stuff.

    The courses, respective the kippstangen, should get doen and put by profis. The Winter Olympic Games took place in N Korea and the Winter Olympic Games will get done in China. If crews come with their country fellows or get partly boycotted is up to the athlets and sportist the,mself.

    If there will be lands which malke problems to their athlets to join the games or if the war against the virus is not yet under controll, which could indicate some specific new rules and conditions. That is not the main arguments contra The Olympic Games. The conditions will get the athlets to the podests and some of them will get the medals and pokals maybe even.

    If some winter athlets and sportists are willing to join the games without following crews, they could rise their specific flags by themself in their specific colours, or specified as stateless wild athlets, but that will be minor cases as the past shows.

    As with politics in these wild timers some of the athlets can get named quereinsteiger or stateless olympic genuine Athlets. They could the even specify under wich flag or name of the unknown land they join.

    Conditions could get that rigid, dictated by a virus only, that these neoliberal cases of athlets, would need maybe special passes and passports in specific colours.


The pisten will get hit and the sticks set, when profis set the courses it will be the more exciting. If anybody from soem socalled willing lands or nations will join is not only up to the countries but in respective also the climates of their athlets origins as winters are not in many lands out there around the world. So climate in origin lands is a factor as well, where ther are not winters there will not be that many athlets from, if any.

    Even so some profits can get done by broadcasting and the contracts therefor.

We do not know if they understand that, there are places like Maccho Picchu and Machopuchere,
both very far from each other, very far, its names are Maccho Pichu and Machopuchere ... !! there are places like Huanuco and Huascaran.

Putin saied self regulating

The russian president told of the EU marcet in regard to the actual specific price for a lot of cubic meters gas. And further he told that the EU marcet is a self regulating thing.

    Out of that newyear messages we can conclude that the russian president knows the new marcets very well. He is in specific well informed how these marcets work.

    Further we could see that the huge golden doors got opened fast before the other event from the question and answer studio got broadcasted. We also got informed that antivirus measures (!!!) were most rigid for the ones who wanted to join the christmass audience with the president of Russia. (not by mixed with rassia or racists)

    The russian president knows the marcets very well, it is mostly a women in these days. The neos marcets for women, neo, these marcets have some borders and limits, everybody knows that.

    The Russians themself know the difference very well from the capitel to the open lands woods and countryside. It is a big difference.

Happy Wild Twenties - a revival ??

Nuclear bombs lost

It was during teh 60s that the USA lost some 2 and in and in another case 3-4 nuclear boms.

    It was the times when stratofortress bombers were in a kind of permanent alert mission during the cold war. The times when they had dicators in Europe and later after 68 the babieboomers and hippies.

    The lost nukes fom the US was the first case 1962 over the eastcoast of the USA. The found both bombs and one should be still there, under wich conditions ever in a swampy field about 50 meters in the ground.

    That happened during the 60s and the thing with undisclosed documents is that about 60 years later so 2020 s, they got disclosed and puplic.

    It was the times short before woodstock and themudbattle there, the second case of lost US nuclear bombs was over the spanish southcoast later during teh 60 s again. All nukes got found, one came down along the coast not too far from Barcelona and fishermen got to see that on a parachute, getting down into the sea there.

    The spanish fishermen were witnesses of madness (Hemingway times ...) of the permenanet crazy US states in alert. When teh Russians couild fly to orbit and get rockets out there, the first man in orbit, the US estimated they could also hit on the US mainland. So they sent these strange bombers up there with atom bombs. And what did they loose, they lost some atome bombs. Any conclusion is beyond imagination.

    People can loose much, but loosing atom bombs is beyond any calculation, concept or understanding. It is somethig different than a cola bottle from skies (movie).

    Stratofortress bombers (B 52) flew also much later during trhe war in Afganisthan to drop their payload over Tora Bora and other regiosn there, the size o 2 and half times Germany, mountain steppe This happened decades later in another century. It was decades before Tshernobyl and Fukushima - Lost nuclear bombs during the 60s oft last century.

    Oegedei says you can lose much, winter gloves, stockings, a dog or a cat near the woods, you can loose a pokerface or some stocks and its value. You can forget a key or loose willing and minds, later they would go for winning hearts, minds and cards but loosing atombombs is a hard piece of risking more than madness. And that not too long after the 2nd WW.

    60 years later the delicate documents of that losses got public. And on TV they said it was not all of that 20 documents, of which only 11 got published.

    It was the times long before the secret and delicate documents got unearthed by Assange and his followers from US and allied camps and compounds (willing). Digital wardiaries, but you get an idea how idiotic some mashines work. And of what importance and opinionmaking such files can get and be.

Some of these, later related files, got smuggled in pants or usb sticks, during another century, in underwaer out of Hawaii, Nebraska .. form netbooks or over weeks stuck at some airport, long before a virus stroke with many fatalities.

Happy Wild Twenties - a revival ?? ----------------- Quincy Joans Oegedei KTengri
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