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Can not follow, do not understand

Can not follow, do not understand

Followers, share and HD

    I do not expect anybody to be able to follow, who is anybody, a moderator on TV, a nice smile on TV, a president on schedule, I do not expect you to follow, not at all. But honestly it is also not possible to folow me, have much experience and travelled many lands and regions between sea level and 4000 m.

    How do they think it could be possible to follow, it is not possible, the experineces are very different. It was not two goodold frinds from Canada in Rishikesh who called each other bitch, they could not do it over the bridge at night .. got lost on way, it was not possible.

    But what I expect is that some get to understand something, that they get the messages out of a mega website, that is what I expect, not the million followers here and there or a group open or closed, no. It is that some of you get the essence out of the messages, out of articles and the good website is huge enough to get that done.

    It is not a million followers (fake or real) here and there, virtually for some marcets, no. No it is more that they get to know where they stand, or allready fall. There is some notice and messages on websites, also huge criticism on some developments or degradation, erosionss. Time is quite late and running out, no question so on followers.

    It is about the main things which could drive the changes in another way, not some little rings or circles, not some ads or tag managers, not about how to put the mask today. It was million masks over last one and half year. The losses were even by the masks and influencer cosmetics and their cheers and followres very high. It was striking on all levels.

    Further striking is and will be the climate, also some economies and devleoping countries, others will see their glamour and profits swimming away. It is not teh question of followers, or who wants to see the biometrics in real of the consumers vuice versa. Soem postions can be different, no matter how others fight, pollute, dust, crumble and try to rubbish that.

    If it is absolute impossible to follow, no matter how low car drivers got .... also cycling is not that sportive as it was, then you d finally try to get soem essence and message out of a website.

    That is another chance, it is free of cost, nobody need to stick bills or pay coins for that website, no, follow what you want, The question is more about experiences, high or low resolution, also HD, the culture gap here and there which makes it hard to get a message through by something of the best five dating ... after neoliberals got some profits along, forget it.

    It is not about tiny hot spots and costly smartphones for the cost of the missing gap, link and lackings, no. Some could understand the dimension, here and there, some essence, a warning maybe, on the skyrocketting numbers of square km woods burnt since years, of the actual incidenz number beside the lakh losses, the latest flood and the dimension of that. Also the numbers of the dead and lost by trieing to get over the sea.

    I am not sure if they can see the developments on broad scale. To follow is not the big thing, that is so smart and easy for the millions on either side, better not mix it. There is a difference !

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