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Regieanweisungen zum grosen Finale vor dem grossen Finale, wieder einer Wahl, vom ganzen Cirkus, vom groessten Cirkus den man sich nur vorstellen kann, aus dem Land der meistgetragenen Waffen, Sprachkuenstlern und Lippenlesern (ceroe years), der groessten Waffendichte in den Strassen (Wilder Westen) der einfachen Kaempfer fuer ihren Way of life ....// doch machen auch einige schuss/minute die neuen Aufsaetze/ auch die medien duerfen seit einigen Jahren einseitig berichten// erstaunlich kapital und doch so suess u smart !!!!

Mrs Quest:
How often did you join meetings with or meet Mr Merger ?

Candidate: You mean in the last years, ... not often, wait Mr Merger ? If he would be around I would not remember his face (therefor facebook),

I mean faces are many, there are books for that, face and lipreading books on the web since years which get many million followers, .. great hhhmmm

Mrs Quest:
Do you know any other persons of the Merger family ?

Candidate: You mean in sleeping rooms or Mar a Laguna ... Not that I remember now, no but from the Oval offices and lofts, there yes, I met his daughter severel times over the last years.

Mrs Quest:
What was the reason and background for these meetings ?

Candidate: ..you know what, you are a very bad person, bad ... go back where you came from, you bad b ... security security take her out.
(nothing happened on that order from the candidate, /none executive order)

Mrs Quest:
How do you take the Munchin report ?

Candidate: That did not bother me really, honestly, there were absolute no witnesses during the impeachment trial. But the competitor parties speaker was praing for me, great what you say ?

Mrs Quest:
    What s about the weapons for deals doctrine ?

Candidate: Thats irrelevanth, another ceroe number (0 nummer) and fakenews.
You know when i do some calls many deals are in the hanging,
open and you do not know how many DEALS ARE IN THE HANGING,
        you ve no idea about that !!

And that doctrine got sidelined by my executive orders, I can do that. Some were listening during my calls, but that does not count, nothing counts ....

        The munchin report, the hearings,
        the no witness agenda in kapitol,
        the impeachment,
        all cornerstones like ceroe numbers.

Believe me I like ceroes, many many ceroes, bet on that.
It was just time spending and soem of that got done by the bad competitors, and their family members in foreign lands. Far away lands, 10 minutes by rockets but far away for dreamers.

It did not help, the many hearings, investigations, reports, it helped nothing and now is voting time. What you think, that will do something, the 3 mio plus for Hillary dod not count, so better forget it. It is over and now is Virus time. So what s that against 3 mio voters.

Mrs Quest:
Will you extend the non proliferation treaty ?

Candidate: What was its name, wait you bad guy, the what, ... the none-pro what .. that is an incorrect question .... (starts smiling broadly and winking )

Mrs Quest:
Will you extend the Start 2 Treaty for one year as offered by the Kremlin ?

Candidate: I will think about that, now it is too early to decide on that, will decide on that after the votes.

Mrs Quest:
What s about Mr Pompeio, why is he still around in the White House ?

Candidate: He is a tough guy, it is his qualities, he can take a lot, and he is very loyal, the most loyal and tough guy I ve ever seen in my White House, a great man.

(broad smile and dark coloured face .... right arm winking, votig volks are training in the while the candidates handshake which is very strong, below some level and they train that now) //

In the while volks from the spanish gym and Obama times tried to figure out the conclusions of the candidates body language ... which is not that tricky, but could leave some voting volks puzzled ... )

Mrs Quest:
You and the total complex were very fast with the nomination and boxing through of Mrs Amy as newly designated Supreme court judge, a white women, how could that get done in such an astonishing speed.

Candidate: we are profis in speed with people on the ground, it was not nightime yet and there were no others so very far and close to show us the qualities and grades for that po-sition. She is a nice women (white) and that is pretty good for that much of an influential lifetime job.

It is like with the pope .... very powerfull po-sition.

I am always good with powerfull ideas and positions short before the nations decision time.

Mrs Quest:
That was a very profound answer ! Any plans for nighttimne combat, nighttime helicopter action, night doggy acts and the political muslim danger ?

Candidate: Need to ask Pompeio on that .... our major troop trainer and night combat adviser (broad smile)

Mrs Quest:
Once you said we pay nothing, who pays it then ?

Candidate: ... nobody pays it !
I want nothing, nobody wants anything .... wait ...
Greed is good, our nation pays nothing .... but greed of the white man

I want nothing .... ! The White House was only an excuse ...
do not know how I got there !

Mrs Quest:
That sounds like a very good ALIBI in your case !
The numbers of the ones killed by the virus are very high in the nation !

Candidate: yeh they die ... catastrophies come and go, I am ready, I am ready, also the chief nations virologist is a catastrophy .... you know why, because of me, I did that ! But do not panic, I wanted to avoid panic and overreations on our way of life !

Mrs Quest:
Do you keep in mind a lockdown ?

Candidate: No, I can not see that, .... America first, Aaaahhhmerica first, we are strong and free, if more get killed it can only get done with more guns, buy yourself a gun and fight back. The virus will not change our way of life.

Mrs Quest:
What s about nationwide briefwahl voting ? (postal voting)

Candidate: I don t like that..

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Mrs Quest:
Do you think 750 bucks was enough for your taxes over 4 years ?

Candidate: Look I made skyscrapers and towers, the 750 is clear fake news.

Many people can sleep in my towers, in my hotels, they can use elevators there, they can rent my hotel, and even as russsians they can buy all that stuff with cosy rooms, also 6 star apartments with the best of the service.

750 is just a number, another number bucks ... fakenews !

You have no idea how many guests and customers like my towers and hotels, the many apartmets there, the glass fronts and magic views, using transparent elevators. Isn t that magic, I am a magican, Mr Copperfield is nothing beside me, he gets very small then.

You ve NO IDEA about my towers and magic floors, all the close friends and loyals over 3 floors (only) Family Merger and their million assets, mar a lego .... You ve No idea about that magic,

(there are quite a few ghost towns over and out there, which got often saved frombecoming ghost towns by one single man )
But if anybody would ask me if I remember them .... NO ..No ....

You ve now idea why, its because of the sheer size and hight of these towers,
that is big stuff ... huge and impressing, phallic ... hhhmm

Some tell me that that is phallic. So if I do not remember some guys or hotel guests ask Veronica, it is big towers, some may ve been around here and then over some while, do not ask me about that.

The White House is far more simple, believe me, not that big high and phallic.

Mrs Quest:
Great, that was a great answer ! Construction sites and rumble is not your biz really ?

Candidate: No it is readymade towers and the boss of the White House, the ones in construction sites are bad bad but the chief architect, ..... all others are bad,

I am the boss in the White house, it is over, I am done with that.

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