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Where no woods burnt

Another change and shift of offices       85 mio sind doch kein Deal

Another change and shift of offices - Big culture gap

If a million costly smarttoys will bridge the culural gap

Presidents got elected and reelected, people were marching and staebe (sticks) got broken as always over some weeks.

    In the while some dogs got their smart followers and papers got blown from cupboards and home offices. Homeoffice numbers rose in the while in countless numbers but in specific during the two year pandemic time. That is quite a long time during modern history or for what people keep it.

    The story went that somebody took another FAZ out of a store, it was not in a city, not to mention a megacity at all. IT was a village somewhere and the war diaries got proper checked by that FAZ. It was of many peoples storeis, singled out as since years. It was the stories of rumble and dust and how out of that ashes new villages and airports, even homeoffices with attached smart tools got reconstructed. It was a million leavelets whcih got blown onvce, it came all down to rumble and dust.

    It was as with the germans and their diaries of the split land on TV, after the 2nd WW, it was as with the germans after their wall got torn down and another president reclaimed that for himself, which was a mistake. It was as with airports of no use over weeks later.

    The cultural gap was a problem as always. It got discovered on jeeps in Tanzania and Jeeps in Uganda, jeeps in Angola and in Cuba. It was jeeps in Kirgyzthan and jeeps in the Himalayn foothills. There was alwas somebody with some smart toy and tools on that jeeps, thats how they named that, something smart but the cultural gab was there the same time, nobody knew that. They spoke different languages in a hundred different jeeps in hundred different lands.

    The cultural gap could never get crossed, it was impossible. Zebras roamed out there and elephants, rhinos and coyoties, sometimes a jeep got attacked while a far away elephant group of china roamed north over some weeks during 2021, that was fascinating. China had no problem with that. Also not Vietnam and not Malaysia.

    The propblem was the papers on agents the papers of spies and informatents since years, teh poapers of local helpers and lunch pak carriers, that got the realk problems then.

    On TV the story got told that Hussein tried to demolish his PC stations and burn all his data on a single PC, it was dozens of PC camp stations in some most secure camps and some towns they told.

The saied it was the most save camps over months somewhere out there where the next mountains were 20 km away and the next pass 30 km. Hussein could not burn and shredd al the papers and nobody was interested in eitehr his papers or the smart toies he got from the campers. They got many smart toys from the worlds most advanced campers, they got told stories and soem got heroes so ... till evacuation.

    Nobody knew if it was because of the hurricane season and Ida or the floods in the german encampments, anyway they told it was save campsites over weeks and months. Lately all happened very fast and the locals found trucks and cars then, containers and hummvees and even aeroplanes. Other camps had no hummvees or trucks, no savety tag and no smart tools.

    The vast deserted vallies got the name silikon here and then, what was possible to get seen on TV, even there where camps got put up on routine. They had their smart toys and that was pretty much over weeks.

    Nobody got to know what happened really, it was a cultrural gap story. Because they could not read the papers of Hussein and not understand Jacks smart toys the went on with solid stuff. The camps got sold and villages got reconstructed. Julien was in jail yet and pressing was high priority issue to free him. He got the modern Anne Frank, virtually, of his times and as nobody was interested in the millions of papers coming down to digital platforms by Julien, he was still not free. It was a shame as theis ingle men got the paperwork of hundred thousands by the value of millions done in 2 weeks only.

    Nobody understood that, but Pamela. Sje was great and her papers had not a scratch, not on or behind teh set. Many knew that, same applied to Megan, Marple and Britanny. They got all smart, and if on TV only so far. Each of them had about 10 followers and could take 1 more by news mags only. Brunhild had 30 followers more and the data and papers on them got blown somewhere. It was a big dusty poisen cloud of papers and ashes.

    In the while camps got woods and woods got burnt on routine, many gto to know that by TV. That got normal during that times, even as nations helped each other to stop the huge woodfires . If there were no woods it was wild camps which got flattened and it got fields for flowers later here and then.

    As the cultural gap grew as always people changed dresses here and then, offices got changed for farm houses and farm houses for marcets, marcets for airports and airports for jeeps, jeeps got changed for movies and movies for newsmags.

That was a another shame case then, that so many hochglanz mags with a million pics, beside the web, got burnt for woods. It was odd picturesque hochglanz broshueren (story mags) of always the sameodd daily stories and stuff with some thousand followers only, who had to pay that mags. But biz with that picture mags was the same since years. It was shame cases of high impact and some income here and then. It was costly production, for costly stories without the woods growing in same speed as stories got published.

    In the while as not all stasi papers could get burnt like once in east and west germany, not all new and old walls could get demolished, the campers from south and north Carolina returned and new stories got on the surface. If the woods therefor could grow fast enough was not yet clear then.

    In Grece a purple moorhen told that new woods would grow over the old ones.

Team viewer goes down

Empirically it can be told that beside crushing or inspecting PC data, it was mostly the case that team viewer got immediatly quit, that amazon got quit, that half open windows gto closed, that open mail accounts got shifted, that teh dustbin got emtied or refilled, that skype got quit, that apps got sacked during .....

the first two minutes at far away Network stations.

Tips on radical PC problem solving //

Beside the cellphonehypes, exaggerated prices and trials on that // Of the radical and deep problem solving at MS stations // Angewandte Empirie

In remote hillstation you will usually have no problem because the connection could not be there.

With some apples it got seen that older women put that on a table somewhere at 1600m, opened that apple and it did some job from standby.

If you get to sit at some MS stations in a webcaffe at maybe 1800 m (over MC Leod Ganj or close) and it does wired signals, first you need to quit irrelevant apps like Twitter, Skype ... Team viewer ... open email accounts ... dustbin, also task manager processes can be quit, but know what you do there. That can help the PCs performance !

If that mashines stay with wired signals and bad performance you can even try a ranodm shoot and intrude the win 32 folders or close folders and delete files, that might look good for the first main strike and blow of that OS.

The bad programm folders can by cut with "rename" of its first one or two chars, that cuts that bad apps and programms so without more demage of the customers, clients and users ambitions and wants.

If some of that stations (usually it was by MS, but in Tanzanias Dar es Salaamas head post office it was Linux stations) still do some wired or abnorm signals you can use its own folder settings for the final terminating strike.

Then mark 5 or 3 folders and compress it, with the folder settings of that system.

That worked usually for the final blow and termination. If the mashine asks you something during that process, go on

- Ignore All -
it only takes some 5 minutes ... !

At that locations after 1 or 2 days the system OS got setup new and most were happy so between the other 5 to 10 mashines set in Deodar woods

Zu die langen Naechte der Tiergaerten

.. bald wieder besonders lange, dunkel und aufregend ....

Free Julien Assange The war diary leaaker

heroe of modern times

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LINUX Mint 19 - 21 editions great

85 mio sind doch kein Deal

Na da ging die Tuere auf und dann kam wieder ein halbes Fingernagelstudio herein, interessiert das wen nein. Gibt es seit Jahren Anfangsverdachte oder Verdachtige nein ! Wielange schon, egal.

Nun es ist aber auch so das der russische President sich diese seiten garnicht uebersetzen lassen muss, das kann er auch alleine, er spricht namlich deutsch.

Wenn einmal Zeit bleibt am Abend oder nach dem Eisbaden. Der franzoesische kann sicher nur die seiten in english durchlesen, falls es evtl sogar Minister desselben interessiert, im Gegensatz zum russischen Maleur (einreiseformalien) wollen viele Franzosen garnicht deutsch oder english koennen. Norstream 2 wird trotzdem fertig ! Man traf auch in Indien wenige Franzosen doch einen der war Sprachwissenschaftler und hat auch Namen erklaert (auf 1600m), ob alt, neu oder einamerikanisiert. Endungen mit bert sind meistens alt bis sehr alt, doppelnamen gehen aber auch seit einiger zeit in Europa, nach oder vor Scheidungen bleibt offen. fuers Auto gehen auch Wunschkennzeichen die muss man aber zahlen genauso wie neu eingedeutschte Slowenen oder Krawatten (Krawoden).

Ob Baden am Balaton oder das ungarische Parlament mehr ausgeben soll hier auch unbesprochen bleiben, vielleicht gibt es in 15 Jahren dort noch wo offene alte urige Uferzugaenge, aehnlich verhaelt es sich mit den Masuren bei Berlin. Seenplatten ob in Suedschweden, Finnland oder Canada sind meisten sehr alt, erdgeschichtlich. Manche Distanzen und Bevoelkerungsdichten, nach und vor Ausgrabung von hunderten Indianerkindern, sind nicht zu unetrschaetzen. Macron ist toll weil er sich mitten in das Volk setzt zum Zuhoehren, also fast schon revolutionaer in Europa. Man kann hoffen, dass er diesen revolutionaeren Ansatz ueberlebt, bei der Revolution einst im Frankenreich waren es weniger, gerade fuehrende Koepfe wurden alle schaffottiert, was solls.

Aufklaerung ist eben nicht nur nach der Rechtschreibreform aktuell, bis in brasilianische Schulen oder afganisthan, und Fingerputzer naechtens sind sonso gresslich. Man will niemandem vorschreiben oder vormachen wie sie sich zu kleiden haetten, in Californien ziehen sie sich von selber aus, angerissene Hosen sieht man nichtnur im TV oder Kino. Die Frage ist eher ob sie bemerken der ahnen wie manche Maenner darauf reagieren oder gar Konkurrentinnen im naechsten Bueroturm.

Die Zahlen der Homofficinen sind in Europa sprunghaft angestiegen ueber die letzten 2 Jahre. In Ungarn um 17% verglichen mit 2019, in Polen um 32%, Deutschland um 12%, in Belarus um 39%, in GB um 12% im Vergleich zu 2019, in Holland um 26%, in Spanien um 51% (alle gemessen an der erwachsenen Bevkung ueber 16) in Portugal um 64% udn in Griechenkland um 67%. Heisst aber dass solches nicht mit der Turmdichte korreliert, eher einem Reihenhaus oder dem hotel in Mallorca.

Gleichzeitig konnten die gemessenen Bevoelkerungsschichten auch weniger Einkaufen gehen aufgrund der angespannten Situationen in den Homeofficienen (nicht kontrollierbar) was wiederum inflationaer auf die Preise in den Maerkten wirkte.

Der Stimuli ueber den Oelmarkt hat die home officienen auch nicht getroffen eher die Lieferketten. Erst nach der letzten Rede von Jerome Powell wurden die Maerkte empfindlich getroffen als der Oelpreis nach sogar letztem Meeting auch fuer potentiell waehlbare Folge-presidenten (kanzler follower etc jeder kann das ...) und innen in die richtige Richtung ging.

Weil smarte Geraete im Hosentaschenformat meist nur direkten Einfluss auf die bekannten grossen 5 und deren geschlossenen Gruppen haben wirkt die Inflation, samt negativzinsen, gerade im oeffentlichen bis halboeffentlichen fern bis nah -Bereich ohne schauspielerischen Nachwuchs ebenso inflationaer (Topsy kypers udn BB sind bekannt, derzeit sind auch Marilynverschnitte ueppig im TV nebst maennl. Glatzen zu sehen). Distanzen auf Seenplatten sind trotzdem nicht zu unterschaetzen. Der Oelpreis spielt bei Bitcoin und den gr 5 keine significo Rolle. Der Verkauf der 85 millinen blieb auch unbeachtet (user data von facebook 2016 .. die Zerstoerung des Kaeufers ging schneller als die des sell (atlantis 85)

Grosse bis mittlere Kinoproduktionen (invest) spielen neu aufgelegt seit den 70ern udn 80 ern nur das ein was an nachkommenden frankophilen oder italostars wieder wett gemacht wird, also wenig. Amerikaner promoten sich auch mit Hund bis Australien anders und haben sogar flaechenmaessig betrachtet weniger Filmauflage Festivals (evtl burning man ...?). Dafuer ist die Industrie dahinter groesser, insofern auch anfaelliger ... sag ma feur Lolitaflieger ... zum verstecken usw etc

Bleibt der Konsumer stimuli also Oel, Seife und Bananen.

BG rechnet nochimmer

Beim Umschalten wurde auf einer TV station Bill Gates entdeckt

Bill Gates spricht in Dimensionen die keiner versteht, von millionen tonnnen carbondioxid CO2, von tausenden Jahren die es braucht die zu beseitigen. Bill Gates rechnet in minuten vor, wei ein Grossrechner was das kostet und wielange es dauert das Welklima zu retten, von Flachbildschirmen war nie die Rede.

Wie Dr Verbose der Weltrettung schwebt Bill Gates in den uendlichen Weiten und Dimensionen der Grossraumanalysen im Rechnenzentrums, taucht ein in den milionenschweren Troegen udn Toepfen des Bonanza und Zasta und den unglaublich breit gefaecherten Vorstellungen zu der sehr schwierigen Rettung des ganzen Zaster, oder doch des Welklimas, und der Stabilisierung von millionen vom Chaos gezeichneten Desktopnutzern und wie das ganze in Folge zu loesen sei.

Doch wenn man konkret an excel oder die letzen 2 OS denkt dann ist die Aufgabe zu gross vor der Loesung derselben. Die user experience (nutzer erfahrung) von Bill zur Rettung des Weltklimas ist empirisch betrachtet anhand der Desktopeinstellungen zum Scheitern verdammt und verurteilt. Beim Umschalten wurde auf einer TV station Bill Gates entdeckt