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Today we try in Esperanto

Hyroglyphs for Esperanto

Esperanto got spoken for about 6 years, it was not the best known language. It got tried before the 1 st WWar. But then the idea of the comon marcet dissapeared and some politicans by the euphoria of the people took action against each other, before they tried esperantoi. That was about 80 years after Napoleon went to Russia.

    It got not spoken by many people of that times and not teached in schools of that time, as is the case today in many schools over the Americas. There you can also find partly beautifull locations. Nobodey evere heared of esperanto there. A big part of the US populus speaks spanish today. If that will be of a success story has to stay unanswered, in the dark.

    Nahuatl is of an excellent sound and melodie, it gets spoken till today by over 1 mio people of today Mexico. They are lucky so, it is a beautifull language - Nahuatl of the old Azteks. Also Zeltal sounds nice which gets spoken in Chiapas today, it is both nice languages. The Mayian empire got shifted to the higher uplands once. Pyramids can be found there but many more as well known in today Egypt.

    That brings us to the fascinating ageold culture along the bigold river Nile. The today political situation changed only a little since then.

    Beer is not allowed in public what can make a difference since the pharanoinic times, but that also to the US where they drink it in paper wrapped .... Overall it is No grapes no wine no pleasure, no songs, many waterpipes here and there in the well populated huge megacity, to where the mighty old river brings the desert vibes.

    In many hours only you can reach the capitals in the south, visit mastabas, megatemples and mega terraces, see megacolums and mega temple guards, mega offices, mastabas and .... rocky cliffs, hills and temples. It is all yet more or less embeded. Do not underestimate that, it got all emebeded. Some areas partly under different cicumstances.

    That does not bother them so far, they staied goodfriends till today, their smile rests over the ancient lands till today ... Horus Akesh !

    Bohut adja ... sakhta ho

    They took their boats during a military campaign rom the mediterranean shores over Syria to the Euphrat in today Iraq ... it was no propblem.

understand that there is no herd immunity

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