Der westen hat nochimmer grosse Erwartungshaltungen -
Yet high expectations by the West

Decret xy o22, (nicht mit den isidor decretalien verwechseln !!)

From now on it will be forbidden in Europe (an some marcet ...) to show passport like pics in newsmags with a grin or smile, showing teeth and so on. News editions of medium to small and big format, it will not be allowed to post pictures with smile or grinning peopole (insaan) by the relevanth passport-pic format in total Europe and its newpapers, hochgklanz oder sonstwie. Lachen oder grinsen nicht erlaubt in den europ.Zeitungen !!!

STA was a very good travel agency in eu cities, but passport pic stuile pics in newspapers with grin por smiles willbe forbidden in eu Newsmags formApril 2022 on. With immediate function.

10 fingerprints token
When you arrive as a tourist to the USA the take 10 fingerprints from you. Now you knwo what you are, all potential crimials, Why that, that is kapitalismo and surveillance in its total way. The friends of them youcanb find lots in Europe.

Quite amusing to get teh taste of many women now engaging in grossraum sandkastenspiele, by some FAZ newspaper in EU, and what they want and really need to order therefor as minister or something .
But i can tell them i check here and then the page in teh FAZ, full of tel numbers (grossformatig zeitung), for me it is nothinhg than tel numbers which I can stick to somewhere, not as bills, stick to some companies or corpses neoliberalised .... after wirecard, vaipiano, wwork, and xing, alo Bayer or Monsanto which got a poisen suck-story by the USA. Not to forget TTIPS so far along.
I get very amsued if not satidśacted wheh i see that page full of senseless tel numbers in teh FAZ, whcih i can stick to, not as bills !!

In case GB wants to send more deadly , the ... will do the rest since Maggie in smal small doses ... and waiting time ...

Maggie got to court in India over half a year, it was some soupflavour in India so far then. In Europe it is some sticker.
First so far, after the hard years and times for Assange, even witzh kids so far, quite a normal thing in these times ... then blow the Eurotunnel at the british side first (understand ??). A tip form a longdistance flier and traveller. NHS was at stake some year ago, want send more of deadly, never send Assange before ..... or you get more of delicate war diaries.

und sie wissen garnichts, nix wie gut ich mich dabei auskenne ... hokahey ...

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