Nepal - Nature observations

onway Pokhara - Beni

Allready during the first week some interesting sightings like onway from KTM to Pokara and further.

Beside the comon Parhia kites and Black kites, once in a while during starting termics before noon big vultures as possibel some Himalayan griffons.

But the more special beside that some eagles like today one Tawny eagle (descending to Maldhunga), in a kind of camouflage between the kites direct coming over the bus which is impressing, short white tail and broad wings.

Along same way from Pokara the last half of the route a big one with white tail. By the birdbook it could have been a Whitetailed eagle.

Beni was bad because it was a more or less starting point for muddy bumpy road uphill, and they stole documents from the hotel room (1st hotel) as Visa apply form, passport pics and 2 covid tests, what is absolutely unaccaptable ! (room crawling during pandemic times)

onway Kathmandu - Pokara

Some days before onway from KTM to Pokara, about 1 hrs befroe Pokara a Mountain hawk eagle (mostly) in thermics before noon over a sharp riverravine. Between all the more comon kites and vultures once in a while some huge eagles appearing during winters when they decend into lower regions. (feb 2022)

Around Pewalake - Pokara

Top 6 Pics from left: Drongo, Kormorant couple in breeding color, Rufouse treepie, Barn swift, Forktail, Whitebreasted kingfisher

Kingfisher and World Peace Pagoda

Weekend started, many insaan at the lake

Boats getting ready, in back a western stile goldenoscar performer. All seems top be in order and easy going.

Around Pewalake

Top 6 Pics: Watersalad, 2x Whitebreasted kingfisher, Comon mynas, and Wb.Kingfisher

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