Twodays Adventure on the Steyer

Below the huge damn dam we got the boat on the waters, great times during our boatride on the Steyer river, smooth waters ahead and only during sections some attention was needed

Even as the luggage dropped once from the main carrierboat we had nothing to fear but to get it dried again later. Where two small rivers joined we put our camp lately. Before we did some short shopping up to the village Molln about 2 km from the river

The little extras got successfully shopped and put back to the RIVER CAMP later the day. During sunset we had happy palaver and got satsifacted with our strong dinner at the campfire

Next day during the last section close to another damn dam we got to see the allready rare kingfisher , before onway also Goosander (Merganser Gaensesaeger) from this year with grownups ready for migration, quite a few flocks of ducks along the way and Flussuferlaeufer got seen.

Usually I would ve kept that facts undisclosed as misteries have to be kept secret, but during times when much is burning and drieing out (rivers) some jewels onway can get shared

We were at the right time at the right place !

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Because that river is one of the main leftover breedinbg grounds, it is not allowed to boat on it about 3 months till end of July

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