• Follow the installation instructions, its all exe files (self extracting) chose directory then or go by automat routine. Some program folder you can also later shift to lets say D. or E: drive and the software works, only the folder hirarchy needs to stay same as before.

  • All programs got proofed by me and should run nicely !
    in case you ve any complaints or hints on my service use contact

  • Sadly the programs only run on windows and maybe on Ubuntu and Suse-Linux PCs !

System software


For proper, smooth and clean running system, you can change settings and adapt the clean to your needs, include-exclude folders or files nd the more, Registry can also get cleaned properly, carefull special reg entries ontry.
NEW VERSION for download_here (6,8 MB) and the older one here (2,8MB freeware) Also on many computers in India they have it on their mashines (apr.017), so to say approved under harsh, multidiverse and partly remote conditions.

Prozess Explorer

gives interseting insights on the sys OS performences and hirarchies, you can change some settings of the program. Small but interesting for win-xp, win-7 and maybe 8 and 10. You can kill processes and test the systems performance or overload. here the Prozess Explorer download here (284KB freeware)

Grafik Programs

Irfan View

Excellent easy to handle grafik software for looking piccies, resizing, putting text on pics, cutting out piccy parts etc check download_here (1,29MB freeware)
older version download_link (4,5MB freeware)


nice program to take all kind of desktop or window snaps (pics)
here the download_link (2,3MB freeware)

Editors - Composers


my FAVORITE editor for composing websites (html, css, php, java...)
here the nice download_link (2,1MB freeware)

Notepad-Editor in the Accessoirs or win-dir..


Firefox 3

Excellent Browser, german edition but menue-bar and adress-bar are easy to understand,
Download_! (7,7 MB freeware)
Netscape Navigator was also nice (colours)


my favorite program to up and download webfiles
here the download_link (2,3MB freeware pro-version) and -
the very free version here download_link (2,1MB freeware)

or other Web software as Thunderbird (email-client) ... may be added later


Abi Word

for reading and working on word-doks (word, wordpad, notepad etc)
the Abi Word download_link (7,9MB freeware)

Foxit Reader

for reading and working on pdf-files
the Foxit Reader download_link (7,5MB freeware )

Open Office

Use alternaitive Office software as Open Office, well recommended in EU
(Word-starter is for call-center-bunnies/ standard questions-standard answers and stupid biz-modell...)
2 find via Downloads/ search Open-Office

Notepad-Editor in the Accessoirs or win-dir..


Antivirus and Firewall

Avira (freeeware) and Zone Alarm (firewall) may come for Christmas...
Antivirus software is the only software for which updates are important on weekly and daily routine...