Tien Shan contrasts (Kyrgyztan)

Kyrg. story
Exercising great

- unrateable gallery

ohhh my love I am coming ...

ohhh my love I am coming ...

Grass in granite

Breakfast in winter Datsha (Tsholpon Ata)

Lunch setting (Tsholpon Ata)

this one or -

- that one ...

Philharmonie - Bishkek downtown -

- or the tree phil-harmony

Stones and stick

Rugged, last grasping

Winter at the Tien Shan sea

Petroglyph close up, sibirean Ibex must have been very tasty (Tsholpon Ata)

Peaks overlooking Karakol in wintersmog

Fency Jurte (Bokonbayewo)

... uljiza prawada during sunset of Victory day (06.04.017)

typical colors and balcony

Stams and its patterns

From the beach, refreshing after Victory day, to the -

- To the peaks, some close 5000ders (07.04)

It got too much .... !!

Total victory !