Exercising great !

Wrong time, wrong place
Gen. Patreus was at the wrong time at the wrong place
for days and weeks he was struggling, got lost in hostile fire
then he got depatriated and his name eradicated from the streets
in charge of a strong army, commander over maybe 30 000
but at the wrong time at the wrong place.
a horrible destiny of modern times.
(no cookie)

But high decorated Gen. Po-well is yet struggling
fighting for justice and in the office.

Then came Trump, Breitbart and the colonel from Flint facts
and again everything changed. (Parvaty valley may.o17)

No bath no swim
Since 3000 years they can not swim
even as they love the ghats and the rivers
the Pooja, joy and refreshment
They can drive cars and motorbikes, and handle smartphones
but they can not swim.

I mean I can not handle that modern chinese shower cabins
where I have to fear breaking the cabin
and it gest washed in water and blood then
with that strange dakini-breast stile looking water switches in silver
like that breastlike looking roomdoor handles in the US.

But I can swim !
I swim in lakes and rivers
and that s fantastic
when you can see the river currents
you can dance in the waters and
the body gets fit, clean and strong
but they can not swim.

- Advice:
When you can not swim do not move into deep waters, dont underestimate its power, stay off !
Strong chains along many ghats speak a clear language.
    Rivers currents need be checked in advance before tried. Life jackets and helmets are not for no reason (rafting)
Calm unclear waters can cover rocks (jumping)
    No bath, no bikini does not mean no Puja and no exercises (Sadhus)
In some regions when you have more than a bikini it gets easily robbed (Copacabana Rio)
During thunderstorms with heavy rains gorges can become flooded within minutes (canyoning traps)

Fresh snow
Fresh snow in Tien Shan
friendly people around, cosy and warm in the house
outside a nice big Jurte,
crows, horses, doves and sheep around in the village,
just the very special shower cabin from China with digital clock and program (shower program.kom) does not fit in the picture
It s too much (Tien Shan mar.o17)

auto show
That aerport there in mozart city
they could not really renovate it properely
cause many find the city with navi there.eu
and the new hangar7, opel or audi max is somewhere else in that city
It got big show rooms for auto selling in that city
and after aerport taxi sharged fantasy price
i gave him instead of something like 15 to 20 bucks euro
he wanted auto fantasy by full random inside automat
27 euro bucks for aerport ride
i put him 25 and waited on runway 1 hour till take off
But instead of aerport renovation they do that many
very big and stylish auto show and sell rooms
in that of mozart good for biz and shoko mozartballs city

Intelligence missing in action
Big - G
The big G and orgastic company
by the ring and boob fetishists
from magic G-streetview, over GG-cars, G-glass and G-notax
the G-point, to G-tubeon and the G-alphabet !
in silikon vallies heavens of G
G operated and G boobs ..... all the dream of big G
3G, 5G, 10G and G-porn
whats next by algorithm of big G
SEO seeo see you
If you want to advance SEO (search engine optimization)
you just need to write maybe a 50 lines of any place or hidden valley
it could get verified with wikipedia
but check if war chiefs like Sitting Bull
got really baptised in some of the wikipedias comons articles
better not believe such rubbish

Intelligence missing in action
MOI - mail of intent
The CEO did not yet get an email or letter of intent (MOI) for his social network project TRIBES as it could be interesting of the groups interacting how and by whom ... and the CEO is also very much dissapointed of not getting a positive MOI for publishing his
    books, what he keeps in this modern times as very special, reducing a website to one or two books you pay once and can take it anywhere with you, only some effects and scrollover things are not so special and a foto book is not my thing at that moment, is of corse also possible but first some positive MOIs on books and TRIBES maybe !!
    if not do you a selfi with telescope stick ...
website to books (make some difference SEOs)

In some small marcet
tel numbers look like bank accounts and
bank accounts like telephone numbers
during telephone books become bank accounts and
post offices turn shopping partners
while stamps lose face, color and value.

Smart spagetthi marcet
When you have got an applemac (netbook) by your own
it is quite virus save but the software can do much jobs
and it could be all on one apple then by the software
(from adobe, boot camp assistant, .... ms messenger, sticky,
team viewer, expose ... applepie)
you need to understand that

      When you have got a smart-phone
you can not do and produce much by that
but you can see the total-free-marcet by that
      all that magic by one little screen
many start dreaming and become a dreamers so
and that s pretty enough for most.

      On a smartphone you get all the magicans stuff
the heroes and movies, trailers and music,
the news, the word, the emails and search results
and you can also shop
all by that little magic flatscreen
you re automatic conected to the free marcet and its magicans
You can order stuff and consume
if it is progress in order or not has to be questioned
you can do banking by it and get smart somehow
but the banks, cyber suppliers, profilers and
share holders get smarter in the while !

      (consumist cell)
You become part of a marcet and
it makes and keeps you an active cell of it
and thats the main goal of it
unsleeping but dreaming you can become a consumist cell
by that device of dreams
      But if you want spagetthi
you need to go to a restaurant yet or prepare it yourself
the smartphone will not turn into a plate spagetthi !

Uber without H- and -t
(it s a strange parataxi squad ...)
Big white man
Pale-faces become more pale
when papers of stocks and share are gone
then Puritans become more pure
and the white man more white
(chlor chicken will be of help for accelerating the process and
many get them without knowing)

system property and strafe 1, -2 (props -eigenschaften)

Exercising democracy
The US and its big exercise in democracy
Mr Trump started his big exercise in making the nation great again
more white, more Le Pen, more pure and protectionisted.
      And in the while that small country
somewhere in the mid of Europe by the name Austria
tried over 8 months to get its vote for head of state done
It was very complicated and hard during that year (o16)
All that many Klebestreiferl on the Briefwahl envelopes which did not stick
the nazi groups and their hidden vote plotters
Democracy got a hardship for many and they felt ashame
but overall they did not vote via flatscreens
but by the very sturdy and solid voting boxes
which are far not that easily corruptable
like flatscreens with voting software or campaigners email accounts and
finally also in that little country the votes got done.

It was a big thing for a small country !

Exercise mass stimulation
Big spenders of big money and their big exercise during preelection time
targeting a marcet getting great, smart and profitable again.
      (some strange suggestions like on CNN during US preelection time were a bid wired
and the name Trump got repeated about all 40 seconds during main broadcasting times
one of the main strategies in directing masses during high noon

Strange enough, after the votes CNN reporters did not get through to the question and answer front of Mr Trump, they could not climb over that wall.

Apple and SM and their big exercise since years
of blowing the companies crore value
on the backs of consumers looking their windows on flatscreen

Relationships -
Strong relationships can not get destroied
(some can not believe that)

Our Ceo likes and keeps strong relationships
the week ones drop by themself
(another general law)

mutual ...
mutual relationships is a nogo for
our costumers, companieros, comrades, agency and CEO
    That is a failor !
mutual relationship is a failer, a failed relation !

An excemption is it with TV
watching TV in mute state is good
it keeps you and your fantasies wake
and the stories which get told to the TV trailers you do yourself
because the stories they tell are often lies
with documentaries its a bid different

You can also check
if the melodies and stories they tell fit to the pics you see
that is often a strange thing then

Mutual realationship is not possible
between the powers, the great, India and me !

Strong !
Relations can be kept strong !
as with companieros, comrades and friends ...
also with biz what is often the case
with family and kids
with the powers and nature !

Ultimate relationship
The most powerfull relation is by the Ultimate
When you try the edge and experience your limits
you may get the signs by the ultimate after a while
some will get jealouse, some this and that along the way,
some will try all, however tricky and modern to plot and corrupt on way
some may join, many drop as weak by modern automat systems and its many products
but nature and the ultimate will show the real
and success on way

The signs of the ultimate can be learned to be seen

There is much on the way
as there is much in this world
It is a magic place and
on a magic path you get the right signs

There is much which keeps the wonder
which is of art and magic
music and its masters
the dance and its power
the sound and noice
the winds and the voice
the calls of the birds
the power of words !

Strong relationships can not get destroied !

            Tien Shan - Himmelsberge, mar.017

Once a russian woman was passing
between the julas of Rishikesh
when "Granite !" got over her lips

stick and web
I bought a webstick for 1000c with sim
but the conection is only there without the usb-stick and the sim
seems to be a special setting and its OK ....
i checked the install files and it looks very simple to me
(only working on simple windows mashines)
New experience with "stick and web" in remote region
(Tien Shan mar.017)

Stick and carrot is from somewhere else

system property and strafe 1, -2 (props -eigenschaften)

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