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The three days spent on the island of Hvar were quite nice, visiting the magic bay which caused nice flashbacks of the 80s and 90s with the many kids and families during summer holidays once.

    At this time the pension was all full but the bay good inviting for a swim and jumps from the mole. The nights I spent in the pinewoods in tent in the back of the bay. The last night at a campsite at Jelsa, which is one of the three main small towns of the island. The port for yachts and sailing ships is set in a bay of whcih two sides get used for the ships, some of them had two wheels, which is strange for that much effort to help some skippers with the sight over the cabins and deck.

    It made me think of a new patent. By that the two wheels in the sice of a truck wheel get used later for transport overland of the yachts with kippmast, but the two wheels which should get used later for the transport of the ships would not fit for normal use onboat. Anyway the transport of yachts overland by truacks like for crossing Italy from one side to other with a kippmast would be a challenge.

    In a blinking escort convoy .. during nights then maybe, the two wheels used from deck to get used somewhere underneath as wires for the passage on street ... just the different ways of usage do not fit both needs.

Meeting the old fishermans family was good, along doing nice hikes in the woods, up and down from the bay to the village which takes about 40 minuntes, passing cypress trees and pinewoods embeded in the good smell of the island and sound by the zikades.

    Jelsa was less crowded at the time than Hvar town but both towns inviting for nice walks, exploring and enjoying summer days.

    I left Hvar by ferry to Split around noon time and took the bus at late night to Ljubljana, the busride was good in a supermodern coach wich reminded a bid to an elegant spaceships interieur design with artifical leader and light effect.

    Jumping off the bus early morning in Ljubljana (it happened that I quit a bus in India onway ...) and leaving the railway station was great for enjoying the first morning walk to the city, yet calm. Equipped with a new packbag after 23 years it was hardly felt and 16 kg is easy as long the heat is not striking along some odd streets.

    The early morning mood in the city was fresh and unstressy, the days first cyclists onway and much space. The inner city is all trafficfree zone, no cars, what makes it really the more attractive. No dust, noise and dirt, but easy going volks, families, tourists, cyclists, horny men and women, service crafts in many nice also stilish restaurants and pubs, mostly set along the river, getting crossed by nice bridges.

    The total inner city is set around a big half island which gets formed by the river doing the big curve there, in center the green hill with woods and the castle. The many restaurants, shops and pubs along the river are mostly nice set in green, some very stilish in special ambiente or done in arts. On the opposite site from the big veg and fruit marcet you find the long line of pubs and gastgaerten, mostly used by students and young volks duirng long summer nights.

Even as some of the houses look like in need for renovation, many others are kept in good condition, newly rennovated or done and designed by the hand of artists. The mix is great, does good atmospheres and invites for a longer stay.

Also the modern CCTV cam settings can be found at some places, what is more of a minor misshap to get calculated if you want to eat or consume .... under cams, most places have none.

    Overall the city is great, the name Ljubljo means Love in slowenish and that is not for no reason. It is mostly set to fit as a good mix and plan for medium sized cities of the future. Green, tranquil, artistic, stilish, inviting for more, a mix which got hardly seen anywhere else before.

Done by a good concept and city planning, which does not mean that there is no traffic or rush in other parts, it has broad fency streets and all to the grey and odds in not the deepest vallies between highrising blocks.

    This city needs more of attention and time to discover and enjoy it.

It was a great time and the journy will get traced back here and then, new places got found, eyes open on the developments of the Balkans !

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