The tribe which dances does not die

Preserve and learn your languaga, protect Paha Sapa and keep up legacy of Tatanka Yotanka, Machpya Luta and
Russel Means - viva - victori ! Kosi river

Vier Tugenden der Sioux-Lakota:
Ausdauer, Grosszügigkeit, Tapferkeit, Waisheit

Literature on Native Americans:
"Tahca Ushte" (Lame Deer - Richard Erdoes, Medizineman of the Sioux/ my brothers favorite)
"George Catlins" paintings (early 19th cent.)
"Bury my heart at Woonded Knee" (by Brown) "Atlas of the North American Indian" (by Carl Waldmann, facts n files, science, history, present situation...)

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