Ganga songs - Goa - Kumaon

Rishikesh It s just too much of natures power coming down the mountains, nearly everyday i was roaming river banks, beaches n cliffs along of the
holy river Ganga and took a swim here n there, powers unmeasurablke and cant put to words ...

Some do Ganga dips and if you can read river currents as a raft guide like me you can dare to swim n dance in currents like a River Otter.
Some nice people to meet, verandas, shopes, Sadhus and river beaches, the gate to the high Himalayan Peaks, Kumaon and Panch Kedars, the five sources of the river Ganga. Bohut tieg for cycle yatra aur kutsh roaming yaa mazboot swims n rafts.

Ganga i miss you,
my tribute, you are a power i never want to miss in my life !

Kumaon-Kausani: Nearly everyday i hiked up the hills for sunsets, special light at that altitude and time of the year dry and stable (okt-nov), during spring fast n extreme changes (april)
During afternoons hill research for Botanic mixes specialamentshi, Rhododendron, Deodar (Himal. Cedars) and Larch n more growing togather, some meters further Eukalyptus, Kastanie (Maronen - Edelkastanien can be roasted and eaten i like very much, also good for french crepe creme de maron ... hhhmmm-) and specl himal.

Kumaon i miss you, ...
The mountains, the skies ohhh i want to sing a song ....

Goa you are wild, wild as me,
wild dancers n lovers, in the seas, in the skies, in the nights
i never want to miss your smooth hills during sunset from a cliff
during night dancing wild under palm trees
under the stars and heavens
Goa i miss you
i kiss your fresh misty mornings
after darkness in which the peacocks welcomed me
after rainy days while eagle owls screaming

Manifest - grosses Fest

India you are a miracle, a wonder, a mistery,
you are dirty, you are rough, you are clean, you are tough,
a culture thousandfold, you are a manifestation and i do a manifest

India you write the best stories in my life,
leave deep traces and powerfull marks,
you are carving deep, now i know it, i knew it and felt it,
but now i m little outside (3 months visa only) we are little split,
only in cm on the map, hardly by heart and only kilometers on ground
thats the emotional point, the longing after all that many deep carving experiences
we need to join, unite again, no doubt, defenitely, with open wings.

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Background of this page is Mt. Trishul (7200m) from Kausani/Uttarkhand/India 2014
Trishul (Dreizack) is as well the weapon of god Shiva
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