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Chaos and Order


Chaos and Order

Before there was Chaos
then there came order,
That had many folders and Ordner,
from that order and folders business got tried
It was a big bubble before
later that bubble took off as a baloon
Later it got named the web of things
after so much got tried on the social network hype and NGOs

    The other big bubble, dangerouse on economies was banking
it was during the year eight as like seen through dirty glasses
which got badly cleaned

    Again there was chaos, but less than before
woods and bushland were burning over weeks and months
the main change was on climate,
Kangoroos and Koalas had to flee the fires,
many thousands got killed
weather was changing, sunny sometimes cloudy and misty
icebergs came and dissappeared, also ships which hit on them
clouds of grasshoppers passed over and left nothing but empty lands

    People got informed on climate change and
had to run from wildfires and volcanoes
Hurricane season not yet over this year,
in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribe, Japan and the Pacifics,
also southeast Africa coast exponated to these monsters

    The earth is turning as for ages
but do not let the peole have a blind eye
on what will come here and there
the equipment is there to do predictions
It will be powerfull, also devastating regionally
and should not be underestimated

    Chaos left for order
if progress in marcets of apps will be by mobiles is the big questionmark
climate change will not be countered effectively by electrobikes and rollers a minor case
it should be countered by tough and rigid measures

    Order will come by old and new friends,
mutual sounds like nonesense
The opposite can be trained on computers not reduced to the size of mobiles
Rubbish and dustbins should get emptied and shredded
some of it can get used again
to avoid the anger and danger of poisend grounds
that is not basics on pocketscreens

    The more you stand and move solid the better
but when the waters come you have to know and run.
When waters rise swift and fast
you can loose your life with the one you wanted to save
and both are lost

    When the waters come overnight,
next day use your boat like a knight

    The morning has clearing and the chance for the new
Ignorance fails by itself

    Take action and get use of a fraction
of whats left after fires and storms

    Life is to grow it depends how you sow

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