BlockBuster - Super movie

One for Three

The man from the mountains came to the villages in the flat-lands to get knifes and arrow-heads and to see how the pale-faces and villagers act..., he got knifes and arrow-heads by the patrons in the villages, but 3 villagers got very aggressive during that time about the man from da mountains who came to their villages, where he sat on his veranda and smoked his pipe (kalumet) in the village what upset some nearby pale-faces, shocked a balcony-cam in another guest-house and didnt stay the night with a gay in the pampa near the village, so one pale-face from EU.bures did the job for the agressive villagers and hit the ManftMountains 5 times in his face after breakfast in a village reste, public without cam but good audience, because he got told by his women who was tripping with him that the man from the mountains touched her in some village before ... (standard ol western 2,5hrs, no Italo western)

Camgirl for Balcony cam

  • brit english: .... one of the greatest heroes of modern arts and movie industries produced his latest very inspiring, amusing and for new age appropriate film,
    cheers - applause ! (C. Chaplin)

  • Arnold english: i got a nuw role in the masters laatest blockbusta (45 hrs), got a 5 sentence act which did me a maarble caake from maama after the moovie got shoot and a kiss during shooting from Pamelo beside the set campers, .... this wos verhy exceiting and good fon .... ! (inwastement 1 crore-tolares, output 10 crore
    side costs 69 lakh .... )

Quale Hunting Offensive

Dick Janey (ex vice presidnt of the USA) shot during Quale Hunting Offensive (small bird hunting) another patriot in da face !!! Konsequences - NONE
trailer: 1 hrs (some phrases and shots)
    Latest Abu-Graib-Prison, Camp-Gizmo (Guantanamo) or other pics n videos are outstanding and waiting for analysis, konsequences etc ! (same with Falluja/Iraq)
New Oscar kategory

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