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Juni 2014

...fb want my TEL-NR maybe the vodafone-ones, airtel, idea.... or my russian number, my EU nr ... hhmmm want to listen...hhmmm ??

WTF - what is it ?
A very powerful worldwide active org, most influential as
rated by bloomberg and oprah w..isn t it !?
B- C - D ??

Did a GUESTBOOK so in case you re curiouse - its very special,
my Guestboohk hates NLP,
my guestbook hates hate-spech,
my guestbok hates senseless fuzz.
But in case you get through the Nice-Language-Check and you might be tired of fbooking you will get FAMOUSE by my website HP here Guestbook
(all above from )

..i am ANALYZING last weeks encounters with nice guys n girls but they failed to give me proper email adrssss (ind and hotmail ones or the servers block my hublog.mail account ?).. so in case you re really curiouse n interested let me hjave THE GOOD-WORKING-emailadrss via my HP contact or mobile secret ind nummer ! CHECK !
(25. june)

Dont invite me for YA STUPID PC GAMES etc irrelevasnt for me !!! orcheck my fb-posts at www.hublog.at/14/focus.infos.html

..check ya bitcoin-mining-garages for profits and revenues or invent a new browser or pc-sys-OS

CERO TOLERANCE for ms_microdust on my laptop/desktop, and more of my fb posts here (15. june) www.hublog.at/14/focus/infos.html

You need a facebook, you know babies have a very good face recognition and when they look into the mirror it gets funny, in the US students get a facebook and on web some chicks look into mirror of their hot fb pages etc etc (ms didnt recognise my mouse/PC any more after 2months,stupid MS)

May 2014

..EITHER IN THAYLAND or EGYPT - unaccaptable !!!! get my royal stick idiots
(relating to the military coups...)
(posted to Al Jazeeras fb page)

COMAPNIEROOOOHHH my presents for you - FUNDING America
and very hot http://hublog.at/14/focus/infos.html too much !!!
(hard to compose source code !) ENJOY COMPANIERO !
(to Sub-Comandante EZLN Mexico 30.05)

The strong dont need to show strong !
the weak need to show strong and get a show of it (wrestling etc)
Only the ones with no story need to tell stories (all the time where to whomever ..., )
the ones with a good story know it and dont need to tell everybody,

Tiefe wasser sind ruhig u koennen auch gefaehrlich sein ....
ich schwimm ja gern in den Stromschnellen, nicht ganz russisches ballet

i like
found the pic by anonymousse-art-of-revltn fb page :-)

- Habe da meine seiten bereits sehr viel serverspace beanspruchen unabsichtlich n paar schoene bildchen geloescht bei der kuerzlich begonnenen server bereinigungsaktion
- And for all my fans n groupies my latest inventions(part of science)
http://hublog.at/14/science/sci_invent.html ! (or check Discoveries from links aside)
- Sitting here with ear protection since one hour to be able to concentrate on my manned drone acts as in backround full fuzz and chattng is happening....
i like (18.05.14)

April 2014

Posted to A. Merkels fb page -
U do sanctions I DO RATINGS -
http://hublog.at/14/focus/rating.html !!!

Nach Jahrzehnten der Couperei by US_america muss man wirklich aufpassen dass
es in der USA keinen GardenPlot gibt !!! evtl in Oklahoma, Arizona, oder Hawaai a pacific hard fought island !! check my Funding for America (part of special-infos-1)

Meine Empfehlung frau Merkel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUGgqN3R9ho - pope Gerhard P.
oder gleich zum besten des web www.hublog.at !

I found this short-text-page on americas-compensation system -
http://hublog.at/13/twitter/mails3.html#mmoore - enjoy (page TrishulMG)

...Its much more provokative to ship a US ship into foreign waters fully equipped with rockets etc and not applieing to internat. standards and conventions as in neighbouring countries shipping close to russian BEAR, you nutshell surfers, you 27 quit job marines after the Russian Show of Strength and targeted Demonstration of how to make your com systems flat ... hop downpage for specific info related fb posting (in german)
http://hublog.at/14/focus/infos.html and get rated
as in response to some on web found articles by some US magazines,
logged in via fb on their pages and PUT notice
i like (22.04.14)

The MISSION with the softdrink-makers and microsofties has to be accomplished, it s a very long and hard fought mission but i will win it ....

I am so proud on my NEW RATING page
while some do sanctions, will get some products in reward i guess.....!!

I am still waiting for offers by BIG companies for my SOZIAL NETWORK PROJECT Tribes (concept stands)... so shy...!

Are you ready for STALIN - ORGEL / soon comng via this page
www.hublog.at/11/aktuell.html in full-power production as there is no elecricity in the new room/hotel etc and many candles as well, around 16th april - get ready n enjoy !

Welcome to the mad world of top of the world.
Keyboard is a very strange one here 3-4 digits per trigger !
Single dots and Beistrich dont work but copy_n_paste always works, tricky Nepalese conversion keyboard but can t exchange russian Rubel here in full tourist Thamel-Nepal i am actually preparing STALIN ORGEL from my side !!!! enjoy later via this page wwww.hublog.at/11/aktuell.html
others article to their full support against mad kapitalism
http://www.nzz.ch/aktuell/international/auslandnachrichten/prorussische-kraefte-weiten-kontrolle-in-ost-ukraine-aus-1.18282991 - ENJOY !
i like (13.04 KTMandu Nepal)

I ve to say, this site got done under strange circumstances, (month sex, midyear 2014), docked my stick-usb (after having PUT to a local/ind. webstation always the same 2 PCs xp-w.... since 2 weeks), got many pics on part D: unwanted unrequested, and many files for dump/dustbin-win as i scanned with antivirus software sys_part C: so i m now on usual counter routine against the MICRO-dust with CCleaner, ProcessExplorer (controlling prcssess), AutoStart (eradicating SysWow ...), WiseRegCleaner (chin.prod deepScan) ... ! and do not align Desktop symbols to grid any more (pic), so only main desktop links and main tasks, goals n targets remain for now ... !! check pic for more !