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Comerco - mercenaries digi

Books and biz

Brazil is a huge country
along the coast there are big cities but you dont find bookshops there.
India has a million books, books on holy men, books by masters and gurus, books on life, new books on biz and success, storyy books and science books, but in Brazil, which is quite a young country, you dont find good schools and bookshops.
In Colombia FARC is having its own schools and teachers,
same is the case in Mexico with the EZLN but in Mexico the have some good universities as well.

In the Americas biz is done on the backs of simple people,
when people get educated it is not that easy any more for biz and its profits
and in the once backyard of uncle bigbiz
it is only one ignorant church, the katholic church
which only accepts its own stories told and doesnt like people reading other stories.
That is why there are hardly any bookshops in Brazil.
In India you find a million books.

World wars

I agree with Subcom Marcos
there was the 1st and second world wars by means of wapons
weapons of mass destruction (chemical, a bombs ) wepaons of genocide (cyclon B)
    The 3d world war was the cold war between the west and the east and
the 4th world war
which is done by biz and banks,
which take over, rate, spy, corrupt or sue each other.
But beside that 4th world war there are many countries
which have no stock exchange, no big share the like,
no smart cities, no hegemonistic or imperialistic goals,
no huge illusion keeping industry
and no modern surveilled and automated smart cities
for the take over of new territories by big biz imperialists.

Chosen to get smart

When some get chosen remotly because they are biz friendly
then some cities get chosen to become smart cities later
as Mumbai with many cams as in London maybe,
smart and automated cities for happy big biz and its profits to be advanced
but dont ask by which loss.

Unsmart books

Strange in the Americas they don t have many bookstores
guess its unsmart for big biz and a church
(amazon is a plot on book houses).

Chaos and biz

In Westasia between Russia and Europe and
every second country like from Egypt, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran,
Afghanistan, Pakistan and the way to India,
it got massy, partly wars and problems alike, also split,
not much trade but another way,
big biz hit back, it got massy so,
but just imagine if the US´ next one gets a chaos president,
make no mistake.


On BBC Africa is mostly poor
my goodfriend told me different
and if Africa is poor on channel BBC or CNN, why is that so,
is it different in Missisippi state, Rosebud, Cheyenne river or Oklahoma,
whats about doing homework instead of smart cities somewhere !

Smart cities

The british Pound sterling is very strong
and London is one of the smartes cities in the world
many cams, much biz and big profits.

Washington DC is the most dangeroiuse city in the US
it needs to become a smart city fast
save and stimulating its people and biz to becoem smart soon
biz and profits need smart.

Dumb 4 biz

Big biz needs dull and dumb people,
thats why many turn stupid, not by themself
but by the system of Dick, Donald, Mac and Bill.

Big biz works

Big biz works by show, stories, false and fake,
illusion keeping, Hypocrisy, war mongering,
shopping people, stories of mini nukes, rogue and terror but
don t see its own camps and creatures same time.
Thats conservatives modern way of doing big biz.

Doing biz with

If you do biz with psychopaths
you will not do biz with me.
If you do biz with fashists, Nazis and child abusers,
you will not do biz with me !

Maybe good biz

If you want to do biz, do good biz
with somthing good, worth the biz,
with something healthy,
something of help and
a bid of sense for good biz if possible.

Stars and cars

Krishnamurti quit the job as the world saver brought up.
Osho tried in the US with many followers and cars
but the establishment did not like him there.
He was so influential and powerfull,
now they vote most influential and most powerfull people on earth somteimes
or of that hemisphere here and there,
do they lack something ?
He was very influential, not like common stars,
but had to leave the US then
on reasons of immigration mistake they claimed.
But India is always ready and he returned
because system of biz, stars and cars
did not like him there.

Happy kapitalist -

The kapitalists don t like happy people
happy people need not much !
then the kapitalist don t make profits !
So the kapitalist and katholics make unhappy people
thatfor unhappy people feel to shop and compensate their frustration
and do the kapitalists profits so.

If they could

The kapitalist if he could, would sell all !
All as costly as possible (that does profits)
and that s the opposite way of the ultimate powers
    But before the kap. would sell all for the highest price
he would try to do one big company (only)
take over others, hostile or vy any means possible,
to get a monopoly and be able to dictate the prices.

Big money is corrupting
big cheers and audience can make
loose balance and clear sight

Want take over ?!

If they take your jobbing tools
if they give you injection as mad psychos, idiots and
child abusers over centuries,
hit back mid to long term
till they learn to do better,
or get the ultimate powers
or get along with their own wired products,
if want and if can
can they cook, but fast shop n micro,
do they have joice but a mall and one grain by monsto
now its small pot gardening time in western metropols
can they speak any language but the wired ones (audit nlp ...)
can they accept anything but their madhouse (Alpenfestung)
psychopats are irrelevant !

Want psycho ?

Katholic psychopats over time passing are irrelevant
its just the question
if you believe their stories or not, most is lies,
look their acting towards nature -
not much left
look their keeping with kids -
often abused, beaten and demaged
look their acts with simple working people -
once slaves, farmers exploited, children abused
look their rituals -
wired and mostly off the ground
look their outcome on nature -
mostly emptied of creatures and robbed of lifes.

Alle Achtung -

Kurt ich las heute Marguerite Duras -
"Ganze Tage unter Bäumen" und dann dort das -
Alphabet. Gesamtverzeichnis der Suhrkamp Taschenbücher
und muss sagen, Kurt das waren Zeiten,
alle Achtung -
Hesse, Handke, Brecht, Adorno, Bernhard, Artmann, Beckett, frisch, Gandhi, Horvath, Vargas Llosa, Weill, Duras ...
also Kurt ich muss sagen -
Das waren Zeiten - alle Achtung !


When your marcets are free, free to be shared, free to be consumed, enjoyed and refreshed, mac, big and donald, why then is TTIPS so secret and kept hidden ? Not free, unopen and transparent, not free to be shared and seen, freedom of info.
TTIPS gets kept in darkness, hedged and put
to chambers of misteries and secrets and
you get maybe later on embeded to that !
    ( ...Gettime.dll destroysurface.dll (msfoxifire)
and keep on dreaming freedoms you dreamers.

When there is much to hide,
much to be risked, lost or property to be kept before going philantrop,
they keep it hidden,
in their socalled free and liberal marcets and
once more time trieing to do a special deal

- too powerfull

You know WTO is an organisation of countries
trading and exchanging,
its not companies but countries which share.

But you do not get to know on TTIPS,
thats another case, its about companies, big companies.
They dont like governments and laws,
they want to do without rules, they want to be free.
So some search for islands 4 headquarter or taxfree islands,
but somehow they want to cross the Big Pond (Atlantic),
somehow they feel attracted by their
big companies money, potential and powers.
So thats really big and powerfull,
too big to be kept open and free,
so they keep it all
undisclosed and in dark

- hot stake of marcet

Their marcets get tried to share each other once more time,
they call emself free ...
but TTIPS is totally unfree,
nobody welcomed to share, pay or get informed on it preempt ...
Only later when its done you are allowed to pay, share or complain...
No freedom of info in and out on TTIPS now.
Its just too hot to be allowed to get out/free,
to be consumed, enjoyed and refreshed.
Its a hot stake 4 two free marcets
somewhere deep down in the Atlantic.

- much to be risked ?

I read on TTIPS and its strange.
They want all data of passangers preempt, face recognition and telefon numbers, transparent offices, glasss costumers and naked scanners,
save harbours and all data they can get possible by NSA medusa but
on the other hand, while doing TTIPS
all gets hidden, undercover and kept in dark
till decisiones get done, then after they can share, consume and complain.

Its companies and corporations which do these system,
(dark and rogue chambers and think-tanks), and
thats why they keep it in the dark with TTIPS.
Some talk countries like India and China small,
strange perspective.
I know indian products and they themself know them very well.
Some first class common products for long,
they dont make much fuzz about it or a marcet.

When you are or have it
you dont need to fuzz on it.

- frei und rechts

Europa macht vielerorts einen Rechtsruck,
das kommt daher weil AmericaUS das Jahrhundert gleich nach sich benannt hat
und sich manche auch gerne gleich embedden liessen.
Und sobald sie alle frei sind in ihrem Markt,
wählen sie vor lauter Freiheit rechts konservativ
(rechts aussen libero, Neoliberalo)

Die Freiheit der Märkte macht viele Europäer und AmerikanerUS so freizügig,
dass sie einiges gerne teilen.
Hier gemeinsam träumen, homo-heiraten, speed daten, gender-swingen, couch surfen, ausländern u homo-consumieren,
und dort ganz einfach rechts wählen
damit das Jahrhundert auch
echt sauber, unordentlich und rechts bleibt. (rightwing-rogue)

- camps, flowers and spring

The Flowerrevolutions and Arabian Spring,
after uncle Sams invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan
are far not as simple and rogue as Camp Gizmo, Abu Ghraib,
X-ray and

Now its gets hidden TTIPS for more
of a free marcets profits, advanced and prepaied.
When people are happy and free in their marcets or systems,
they vote right wing, fashists and conservative extremists.
Thats the sign of freedom, happiness and
share of free marcet refreshed.

Mixed stuff -

At millenium change the Austriacos were very much suspiciouse
of these new teck, the mobiles/ handies and
the period of Aufklärung passed them as in the Americas.
Women get much less money for same jobs
than men in that region ...

MS dont like the Web too much,
MS likes the office but not the Web!

So now its time of a billion little web devices,
reducing your performance but all is free (WiFi)
and in foreign regions all is cheap on little web devices
but not telephoning.

EU travel banking ... ?

Don t know why 3 travel bank in Munic east and one main branch austria dont want to exchange big indian notes ... (14 times 500)?

Snowden saied, I say

I think Snowden (expat exNSA) did a good job because he said,
"... something has to CHANGE IN THAT SYSTEM (US) .." and
they want him back without put to justice
becausae he worked 4 the USA, i think many worked for the USA
as they bought many OSwindows computers and they paied for it, and paied back 4 it and learned something but
the most IMPORTANT IS they did mirror profiling over some time ratio by the interface ...

Rage against the mashine

"Rage against the mashine" is forbidden in the USA,
guess beause of their MUlti media Agency,
its not HipHop, Aerobic or Breakdance

These Drones ar unique, fly mid range, and some aircraft carriers are so big, i d do it in drone format... mini nukes, dirty rogue fighters, illegal CIA ... couch surfing with speed dating, if not reality TV is a madhouse story.

Better mute TV (no sound) than mutual friendships,
I check 16 channels on one screen
(Delhi nov 2014, also part of TravelDiary )

Checking TV and Vector grafic

Checking TV (vector grafic) 16 channel HD check on one screen
is of excellent service, in MUTE-state,
suspect-channel-ckeck turn off mute for security (vector grafik)

If you pull 2 points at an index curve (stocks) it gets funny (vector grafik) - kapitalisten u katholiken raffen, raffen, raffen mehr als diverse .. for the spaniards my swimming pants. (also to find via specl infos_2 via Dir_1)

Games possible

I prefer Memori to Monopoly,
prefer Jazz to Back Gammon,
prefer Minigolf to golf,
Risiko and schifferl versenken same,
prefer Moorhen shooting to Dicks quale hunting,
I prefer Botsha to Bowling (horseshoe throwing...)
and Dart to Flipper ?

Anybody ever heared of google.US ?
(or uugle.arizona, uugle.texas ...)
or is it only huge data storages
somewhere out there outsourced !? check
(there is not one google-data-garage on Asian mainland but in Taiwan and one in ... )


Google gets the jobs done by services like G-maps, G-mail, G-chrome (Browser), G-streetcam (datacollecting n more), Youtube (videos), and
    the lobby of its jobs are the garages, means the big data-storages (not one single one in Asia mainland but one in Taiwan (planned ?) and one even in tiny ... and the
    alibi for its denial of serving some public authorities with spec. data is the one single outsourced central processor in, guess California ... silikoneans (silicium or rare earths ...... -)
    Data storages is the lobby of the algorithming and processing somewhere in the US, guess its the headquarter which can be found only by googl.tex not to be mixed by,
in not too far future on artificial island. Now hot planning and investing phase (more below as follows)

Dutyfree islands (studies)

The big silikonean firmas (companies) of the silicon valley in the USA want put new headquarters.
Why dont they set up new headquarters on islands like Ireland (easy tax zone), or Bermudas good for saving money, also easy tax zone) or Bahamas, Bikini, Mururoa or Haiti,
    Gili Airs, Cayman islands, or Cook, also Samos or Naxos, ... strange they are really unflexible but i think its a great idea and maybe the best solution to make 4 their livings on artificial islands, as allready in planning phase, good fitting
    for community feelings and inhabitant controll, also good as law free zone (no govs no laws), so fitting 4 all kind of crimes (- neo digi), also good for researching new forms of hum. living (big laboratory) and beauty studies on inhabitants and garbage output controll (recycling and fallout).

Kapitalists mutual flight options

No flights from tiny golden rooftop capital (spain) to San Jose (costa rica) or Panama city, but via Dallas (us.tx), Punta Cana or Kolombia - dead end !! No flights from Gran Canaria to Africa ...

Invest-i-gator - english deutsch

Funding US (some help n advice)

Think about funding citizen journalism in the US with 50 mio $ (job for M. Moore and N. Klein as well)
Funding bookstores all over the US beyond Huckleberry Fin and T.S. (100 mio $, no booklets)
Social Networking and broad share via IT,
    (also part of special infos I/ WebDiary
and now Amazon is rotating/ sept014, put-ing some pressure on verlage/bookprinters)

Social netnerds (digi hypes)

Social is a bad word in the US, related to Socialism, and Networking in context of digital-com has more than just comunication, exchange, fun, animation and meanings of watching, can you virtualise ! In 4th to 7th background levels behind the screens of billions of Networkers, social digitters, you find (virtualise) offices of joint comercialistas, spies, profilers, profiteurs, state agencies, secret service agencies, data collectors, hidden observers, attached applicants applications

Too much of a hype (trendy modes) and big profits by this trend, checked em all, too much com-data collecting (tel-nr, user preferencies, 3d party email-account collectors (grasing), face recognition (relevant for latter involvements ...) etc etc, marginal final-delete-personal-data act-options
- OPT OUT (so sue, too much spying and profiling 4 more profits to get involved, fbook/linkedin ... - hype by numbers of people attached (registered or fake-account-ed)

... So best PUT fake data for your privacy, synonyms, art-names etc the kapitalists promote by ads, comercials, funny clips and stories, abstract, bold to surreal phantasia triggering comercials and invest billions for promotion. So why shouldn t you do not the same to attract the cheers, audience your followers and admirers, the real friends know you better anyway.

Bitcoin seminar(Goa march 2014)

Joined the Bitcoin Seminar
    The aussi didn t speak much of an english,
the rusk explanator was nice, spoke english
the HIGHLIGHT of the BCS was me saying after some questions n the more:
" ... i ve got a Bitcoin, wanna touch it ?"
the audience girls were mainly quiet or focused on the smart front speakers only, one of the audience girls was curiouse about the cyber_wallet_thing ...
i go for real coins, hard n sexy ... face or leav-e as with footebole

    Mining Bitcoins is very important, so the more storage/garages for putting PCs you have the more BITCOINS you will generate with the put software on the PCs and the more SMARTPHONES you have (maybe 5 only), will not work with chipless and appliless mobiles, the more Bitcoins you will generate via the put/installed software.
    Or just rent a garage, put PCs and relevant Bitcoin software, then exchange-trade a bid and you get BIG REVENUE - voila
    Dont tell the official rating_agencies and marcet_controll_officers n agenicies, banks etc They might mix monopols for instance with the most wanted game in US - monopoly !-)
(Goa 13.03.2014)

Free marcet

The free marcet and its many free companies
but specially this one big window popper (not to be mixed with hip hop-SM)
and specially this one big G browser (G-mail, G-map, G-point, G-chrome etc) and
its many many competitors,
its a big free marcet, good to be free
and free to chose the channels and
streams of info without interference on PC ! - ) or smarties devices
    (bluetooth or streaming etc -
jetzt sind sie aber ganz nakt
oder hier mehr on marcets psychos in deutsch
am TV kann das mit de interferencen ja ganz witzig sein mit de nebeneffekte ! - )

Transparent offices

When Michael Moore, the boss_hunter, enters companies property to interview the boss in his transparent office and gets blocked to interview the always very busy companies boss and
his (M.Moore) feelings get hurt by the always busy boss in his transparent office,
does he get compensated therefor ?
    I prefer boss_hunters to trend_hunters, to model_hunters, to job_hunters, to irresponsible quale_hunters (D.Janey) ... !
(also part of TrishulMG-79)

He (M Moore) is a real patriot because he hunts the irresponsible bosses from transparent officinas to Jackson Hole (US.outback.wy)
I send em to all day school

for Russia

I red in an that Russia has no proper high tek products to counter and compete with western manufactüre
So whats about the Su 29 which can perform the Cobra
during F22 pilots (US) suffer of short breathing in their cockpits.
Whats about the best Antivirus software Kaspersky
and whats about russian veg sellers who can afford to pay flight tickets to worlds biggest Aerline Aeroflot for selling veg all around central Asia
What about the US Destroier (ship) which dared to get close to russian shores (Black sea), fully equipped with rockets, and of which its sophisticeted high tek of war com (on board to launch and more ...) got switched off (blown) by a russian plane, which performed 12 times over the US destroier what made 27 US marines to quit service afterwards ....

They ve no problems to compete and counter the western digis, rockies, teckies an the more

Insider jobs

In case you want to hit-back, smash and grind some comps and corps,
    observe their bad products n outcome (fat n ugly people by bad food, botox-chicks, hacked PCs, data collecting smart-phones etc) then document these bad jobs by your websites for instance or little schools in remote areas .... (AAA)
    You can as well check their infos by some socalled foundation-websites (Billy n Melinda etc), check KEY INFORMATION sites as ...clients...products..applications..privacy-policy..grants..etc or you just job as a SUB (-marine) in their orgs (NSA, CIA ...Guenther Wallraff in Germany etc) or ask nice questions to their fellow indoctrinated clients and hosts or you
    SEND NICE LINKS to their websites as part of social-networks as are fb, twitter etc by applauding their products, smart people, big money, nice cheers, clients n followers in short
but the LINK YOU SEND IS SPECIAL (not by email with rubbish n virus.... no offical artista n artesanato.virtuale), thats the way to trap simple cheers and dump the big n proud product producers dumb (- check their sites)
    Then you write a book (as author forbid the tablet-act) get the story put on websites, probably do a movie (Mannings, Assange, Snowden...) and get the "Best truth act" price by some strange standard n poors illusion ind. clients or just tell the medias as the real one that the movie got rubbish buy illusion industries clients....!

AAA - centrl Americas, could be there allready (aug.2014)

They dont like wires-cables and chains on cycles etc
so they use Wire-d Fires (WiFi) .... not my biz !

On IT sys

Access - - passwords

Once they tried the socalled trustworthy computing act, in case you can not access your email-accounts by the PCs in foreign regions webstations nowadays just send a notice/ mail to your relatives or trustworthy friends at home with your user-name and password for sign in, mail-forward or delete acts, (same works with sms from mobile username n passoword message...) or let some alternative mail-account grase the non accassable account.
    In short - if mail-accounts (or socl-networking-login etc) in foreign regions get unaccassable because of stupified log-in security measures, but not by smart-mobile, just do the reconnect act with home PC (friends n family) mentioned above !
stand alone - Wtf - Web diary

IT sys

IT is a system specialamente
IT does not mean communication, it means that the data collectors get a good job done by IT, its data performers, manufacturers, miners, advertisers and profilers, get their job done via some com_goodies, applis and smart_mobs (smart phones).
Ooohhh its a smart-mob not a street-mob or rogue-mob ... oohhh
(also part of TrishulMG-73)

mobiles - handies

In case mobile gets corrupted (around 9.11 ?)
like akku/batterie isn t able to get recharged any more, just empty other mobile which has quite same akku, recharge there and then
take to best performing mobile - voila -

Good mobile settings
- Confirm SIM action - YES !
- Most save n good cost-effect balance - SMS !
- Storage location of contacts - mobile (no sim)

Banking caixa n more

Means banking by cash-automat via card (ATM etc - inTheBoxBanking ... invented by the US in the 70s), sometimes it got 500.- but triggered 300.- (Maroc july 014) and in India rarely infos by the automats paper on komission fee (RTI act right to info act ...).
    So i d just activate more accounts by different banks and countries (married, unmarried, x-visa or else how) for security and in case as in they steal one card activate next one, check back with friends who have access and they d transfer some bucks to next account etc etc
    Banks do allready dark pooling, Hedge funds dont like Argentine (i like -), the stocks act psycho and i am giving hints n tips 4 your proper profits, revenue and bitcoin mining !
Stock traders, investmBanks etc trade billions in seconds so why not doing the same, split or share accounts, outsource unrentableBanks etc etc
Be flexible and volatile - ex-change ! (ex-pats, xxx-large etc etc)

zu amazon

amazon interessiert mich nur insofern es d Verlage u Autoren nicht knebelt u ich wiedermal so ne tolle Nikon für meine Reisepics bekomme ...

PC - Personal Computer

Wenn dem vorletzten PC im Haus (20GB HDD cd case, cd brenner, 10 jahre excellente perfomance, xp) der geist abgedreht wurde, vielleicht mit am spritzerl hinten rein, ist alles aus ! Good web conectn, einwandfreie bilder etc u wenige leicht überschaubare prozesse u ned des gehopse (win7) für next generation HD wisch u flach-bildschirme (w8; alpenfestung sept 014) ...
    dem vorvorletzten PC wurde ja in der geist weggeklaut
am rückweg von Indien (aug 014) u daher holt mann ihn sich derzteit aus der flasche !!!
wodka smirnoff 3fach destilliert ! PC tips - coding tips - socl networking - Tribes networking

By the medias n more

Count ...

I heared on the local news (, sadly no world reciever)
that they start counting russian tanks and trucks.
    The kapitalists count something ...
how many caves they paied and bombed later in Afghanistan (Thora Bora)
How many paramilitaries they paied for kill in Latin America (over decades)
How many coups they supported and paied on elect lat American leaders
How many dicatators from Haiti to Cuba, over Chile o Argentine, from Indonesia to Phillipines, from South Africa to Brazil they supported
    you want to count ...?
How many bombs they dropped on Laos hidden from the world, you want to count !?
Check your little tiny numbers on sticky note papers, you want to count, i will help ya count
how many calorien they calculated for prisoners of war on way back to Europe from US after war was over, you want to count,
    maybe Buffaloes of the Great Plains killed during early wild west,
now its old wild west count on it.

In the cross wire I

The Kapitalist wants all big, big oil-fileds, big fields of cash crop mono, big states he can easily dictate the conditions (as for instance now Ukraine via IMF etc).
    He don t like small states and calls it also sectarian when people like to get autonomy, independent and their own state. Freedom the dicatate of crownies and royals as once during the times of search and rush-more for the American dream when the Queen of GB forbade em to cross further westwards from the Appallachien mountains border line.
    No nowadays they like to sew and cash vast regions with big oil or other fields to cash (cash crop) the many little holms which get told stories of democracy and pluralism (by the big monoculture fileds...) but when the people really want it autonomy, independency (there is somewhere a farm by an ex-prese., totally independent in Texas surrounded by bushes ...) they crownies and kapitalists tell em nite words, or even bambie stories at sometime, of democracy not of freedom, education and standards no the kapitalist like many tiny entities to cash, his cash crop best in big vast areas where there is oil fileds underneath, gold and seldom-earth mines to mine, big options in vast as vast can be regions where he make it hard for the tiny consumer to recharge his mobile, or get independent from the profit cashier, the big-consumer-exploiter.
    Therefor the mall gets as big as can be (also in some deserts actually...) to cash the in one big .. mall ...or under the heaven of 100 bio LEDs in Las Vegas
when peak oil is long over,
he wants all big by his greed but as many as possible little lost individual consumers (in Pickups ...) by the choices he dictates secretly behind transparent offices, backside of the Lobby,
maybe in Jackson Hole again.
    What is there between US east and west coast,
some rectangled states, flat-screened by google maps,
struggling country fellows properely embeded
by cash crop breeders without knowing it !?
(part of TrishulMG-grinder)

In the cross wire II

The kapitalist does not like Big Government, he likes himself big, if not fat, and not the competitor from the government. He likes tiny small and many many consumers in the Mall, the Cinema, Block Buster, Super Bowl, the huge Stadium and by states not small and independent not socalled sectarian (or scientologian), but big and depending on him (have a tea- or tupperwareparty with a hockey mum ?-) by his dictate (IMF) and rule of his fat spenders vallet and beloved way of share (cash put-ters) the stock.
    That s the exchange he likes most as long as he doesn t get mad by ... hhhmmm .... his mad marcet as he sometimes notes.
    BSE is a cow desease, when the cows get mad how do the consumers of these cows become ?
(part of TrishulMG-grinder)
4 Spain - support 4

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