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Maroc - Kif - Oumeniden

During late afternoon time at upper riverbed the Feldeggsfalke (Falco biarmicus, Lanner), seems to be a grown up one (23.12)

    Alpine dippers (Wasseramseln) and White egrets (Seidenreiher) roaming the vallies stream in spring mood. Clear indicators for stone Geoden with christalls inside, between the sea layers and smooth granite roocks, but no stoned Corals as at the cuban north coast yet.
    CEO was also estimating some containers with carpets, lights, ceramics or stone dolche and more magnificant maroccan products. The vallies ground is like an open air aquarium for him.

    The afternoon seen from street the Singhabicht (Melierax metabates) one of the furiouse, fast and most agile hunters. Suddenly 3 doves in the skies and the hawk going for them, but dissapeared behind the housefront within seconds in dive (10 sec, 21.Dec), near Valle de Oureka.

    Further in the christall and Geolocical area clear indicators for stone Geoden with christalls inside at the valley and the mountain range there (Oukamiden), further granite and all kind of ageold sea layers in the valley. Also astonishing products done from the marble, stoned shells organismas as marble springs, fountains and the more, partly 1,2 m of hight.
    Never seen before. So the 2-way dutyfree area at aerport surprised me later on before leaving and I was wondering how they do the taxes on the marble fountains, pots, cans, ash treys for export. Something for Sultan of Brunei.

    The grosse Meister reached a top peak at the sunny side of the valley and got in sight of about 150 to 300 Alpendohlen or the Atlas Dohlen. Allready the morning from room but also a big span. gibraltesische Maccaque, also Berberaffe (monkey), big male which was attentively watching the vallies cats and food rests to be grabbed. The half day hike was great maybe up to 2100m, the line of the mediterranean Stone Oaks (also Steineichen) in marvellouse granite partly with stoned alges and sea layers at valley grounds, also quarz and glimma schiefer layers the upper ranges. Up there in the early spring sun some gundermannlike Enzian (or Schwalbenschanz 1,2m) getting out between the gravel (Dec o17)

The gr meister is waiting for the Klapperstoerche (White storks) on route, but less the Klapperschlangen (Rattle snakes) on way. (no cam no pics ! Dec.o17)

    The Zwergadler was watching as the cats caught the small fish in the vallies rivers.

    Do you believe it or not, I ve seen some assasins ... on Tv with a colt and smoking ....
little later the Quale hunters episode !! (Assasinen was modic word during Bush II)

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