Critical mass

The last days there was this security meeting in Munic, the capital of southern germany. In the near and mid east there is many arms and fingers grasping, interfering and meddling. From Egypt, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Turky and Iran. Also the well known international powers of the security council have their say and are engaging there.

    They provokate each other by air strikes, drones, fake and false news, supressed web access, rude and brute actions on the ground. Allready a few civil and military aercrafts got crashed this year allready. Only till mid of the 2nd month of the year o18. These heavy aer vehicvles crashed with many cashualties, also an helicopter in Mexico.

    You can see it as a model, or test of real ugly scenario of future conflicts, But do not underestimate the many nations of the mid east and its big allies on the ground and many parties in the back or front engaging. They send military advisers, send weapons, overrun and occupy total regions, slaughtered and killed many people last year. It is a big mass, do not let them allow to make it a bigger mass.

    See some presidents, see their cases and products, see their real ambitions, either of the present or the past, either on the ground by their handling of the medias, accusations of the same or from fakenews comentators to jailed journalists for not being strong enough to take their findings and words.

    Some block the web, comon sense, basics, platforms and webforums, the alphabetistas, gglass, helmets with cams and street viewers. Others use it targeted, very targeted, recruiting by the web as well, also females here and there, the fighting kafthans so to say. They use it very targeted for fishing and taking new soldiers, taking new female fighters even, modern warfare by the web.
    Others twitter while their school pupiles get shot at home, learn nothing but to go for targets and fighting for goals, and that is doing much to their home infights, not to mention their engaging in foreign countries affairs since decades. Mandela was travelling much befor he gto to jail 25 years. There are many parties (!), lands, troops and weapons, and its people engaging so,
    The point is that they should not risk the critical mess to turn. there is a lot of different weapons and tools involved, from mortars, jets, drones, the recruitment web, soldiers, fem fighters, blocked and jailed journalists, supported or unsupported politicans on all sides.
    Do not allow them to blow it all up, modern wars of proxy are dangerouse and can get out of hand. Don t allow them to to turn the critical mass, they might not see it and that is how it comes, during times of virtual agitators and recruiters. You lose the ground under your feet, when the grounds under your feet is lost in cars, you need basics and alphabet holdings.
        Cicero, Nero (yet un-tatooed) and Caesar

Turky Germany 1 - 0
    regional league
Since years, yes since decades foreign workes make money in Germany, and many turkish people come to Germany for long, there is amny ex Turks, expat people from Turky there. But now under the new turkish Sultan and president, in munic the most bavarian city of southern germany, the city where they did security talks but now, the soldiers of the new turkish Sultan beat them up and attacked them over years, some tried also a plot, often during summers then. They got attacked over years, ex turks, brave journaists of turkish origin, in and out of turkie, wicked and naughty politicans.
    That is unturkish so to say, that is unturkish, the imprisonment of turkish writers and jopurnailsts shall sop, freedom of speech and books of turkish people. They worked for long in Germany, for long in turky, freedom for the turk people. They are often migrants, and since decades, why to sanction and boycott the lot of turkish writers and journalists.
    They did biz, they sent money, they even transfered money, since the hippie times the late 70s that is possible, tehy traded turkish goods and crafts, cofee and values, why to boycott them.
    It is two heads of the eagle, as long as its not the bold one, it is men and women, it is the moon and the earth. It is the pipe, the tobacco, the Kalumet and the Shisha, the preciouse water container and the smokers. There is Antalia, Ankara and Istanbul also Hamburg, Munic and Frankfurt, It can not only be the Sultan and his soldiers.
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Virtual preelection times - the new stile

There was the emails of Hillary C. and the wrong server she used, a big problem for the homeland. there was that russian lawyer, the sun of the president, the daughter of the president, and the virtual meddling, not hate speech, not fake news. No it was a VIRTUAL OPINION THING. vote messages, advertising maybe, who knows,
    But in Syria there are military advisers, in Iraq there are green zones, also in Kabul city green zones. Sombody did virtual advertising during the Us preelection times. In Puerto Rico they dont like their advisers, in Japan only partly soem in huge cars taken from aerport,
    There was an ads campaign in the US, also in India, also in Ecuador, Mexico and Colombia there weree foreign professional election campaigners, agencies, studios and think tankers.
    It was very well paied media campaigns, well paied agnecies and studios which do election campaigns, TV spots and advertising in foreign lands, far away in totally unknown lands since years, for well doing two or three politicans, their lobbyists and affiliats somewhere else. So during 2o16 there was preelection time in the US, the sun and daughter of the actual presidnet, aslo there well known, of course, a russian lawyer, some emails.
    Not Bollywood agency doing their TV spots and ads for the president, no it was russian virtual artists, engaging for their candidat. It was not in Iraq, not in Syria or Turky, not in Phillipeens, Honduras or Jugoslawia, it was virtual artists in the US itself. And that is the new arts, the new stile, the cyber front during election times in the homeland itself.
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