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When the grass is shaking in the djungle the Kingcobra is not far !

Wenn das Gras im Dschungel zittert ist es die Koenigscobra !

    The queen of the snakes, Raj naag (hindi), getting up to 8 meters long, she knows her poisen, eating other snakes, taking the monkies in focus over 200m from top, fascinating, moving slow, halting ... better not provokate her.

    It was a good day HUbus 5.06 2o18, In the woods of the King cobra check pics (attached)

    Ola friends, in english

    There is some interesting differences between the people of different believes. Here on the island they are Buddhists, mostly friendly and warm, hugging cosing couples on the beach, also at nights here and there, it is not a big show and szene like in Thayland. In Kerala where are many Hindus and Katholics they are far more distanced to each other, women and men sit in busses often seperated there in some regions, here they sit close togather ! They are not bodyhostile (leibfeindlich) have no problems here with the physics and engaging in it, in difference to hindu and katholics.

    Buddhists are very friendly to each other and also by engaging physically, it is no problem to them. I like that and its quite interesting to see the differences. just so much for now.

    Das ist hochinteressant hier auf der Insel, hier leben groesstenteils Buddhisten, die sind nicht leibfeindlcih, das ist mir gleich aufgefallen, Paerchen am strand und auch abends in den strassen, kuschelige paerchen, auch in den Bussen sitzen sie nebeneinander maenner u frauen, in Kerala sitzen maenner u frauen getrennt (hindu u katholen), hier gemischt nebeneinander weil die meisten Buddhisten sind. Die sind nicht lebfeindlich, die Hindus viel serieoser und distanzierter zu den frauen, die Katholen leibfeindlich und ueber jahrhuderte mit abartigen spielchen beschaeftigt. ....

    Hope you are fine, saude Hubus max

    Ola friends and family,
    The heat is striking, even local people carry umbrellas for shade, when there are clouds on sky it is good.

    I am eating on a banana leaf in a cley pot, esse speisen auf einem bananen blatt in einer tonschuessel, nett dort kommen den ganzen tag die Leute der Umgebung hin um zu essen, unter grossem Dach, hoch und sauber darunter, daneben ein grosses Alubecken zum Haendewaschen, viele interessante Speisen, die Einheimischen essen mit den haenden.

    The women are so beautifull here .... too much, some of them wear long nice saris, very stilish, some of the men also Lungis but the young and old also jeans and leggings and the more, a good mix really.

    As this is buddhist region, Mahayana buddhism, the big vehicle, people are mostly friendly. Sometimes i think of my good old friends the buddhist monk from germany, 20 years older than me, somewhere on this friendly hot island he has his monastery and his cell.

    Another thing, I am the only guy on this island near the aequator who carries a big packbag, with long underwear and a wooljacket ... I am pissed cause of that, it was of good need in Kyrgisthan but here it s stupid, long warming underwear, women look hot and beautifull enough whatfor long underwear near the aequator, In Russia it is of need during winter but here .... I am getting sick with that stuff. Nobody likes it, not the most poor people would take it !!

    so have good times, stay tuned hot easy and .... go swim Hubus max.

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