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The New shares by Wrigged votes

When we watch the new fronts during last election times for president in the USA, we get a new taste about how futures election scenarios will look like, in the new economy, the virtual and software nations, the lands which do billions of profits by that.

    It was maybe not the most costly and money burning election campaign, but with some new parts for the election deal, new sides showing its engagement and ambitions. The now president elect, knew at that time allready that the votes were wrigged, he is usually always straight, always clear by his words at the time speaking.

    There were foreign powers engaging, another superpowers lawyer, the son and daughter of the now president, the social media frontline was sold preempt, got taken over, for the right election result, the most wanted outcome.

    There were software specialists, hackers engaging, there was the takeover and buy of million users data preempt. It was all there in the mixing bowl for the futures new president, who told as well preempt by what he would take the world, no question about that.

    But that is not really new, that is old stuff, very very old stuff, since there are men and women out there, normllay not runnig for president. The new thing about it was that he declared very clearly as becoming president, as quite an exhibitionist, and not only rethorically and not literally, he did it and will do it, no matter how old that strategy is and was, for whomever on the planet.

    The new thing about that election was the hidden, more or less, the new secret and virtual undercover agents, hackers, software applicants, foreign lawyers, lobbyists, the software front during election times, an dthe front of social network users. And that front is quite huge, a broad front so to say in terms of stocks.
    And it got tried properely, it got sold in millions, the users data preempt for the most wanted, the right outcome of the votes.

    They do not like surprises, that is one of their main problems.

    Some left that front before (false-book), specially as they do not like to see that, stay on board network members (social or not, hatespeech or not), stay part of our networks, be a proper fullfiller of the role as ...... part of neoliberal marceteers and play the role there.

    That is what they like to see. Many of them really like to watch you there, and do not foget, they will make it as simple for you as possible, part of neos game.

    Some do emailing yet, also as candidat for president, That is a problem for some, not good, its the wrong place, the wrong network, nothing to be sold there by emailing. Nothing to be sold there for the right election outcome. That front is tiny tiny and far too private (emails), and can hardly be watched by the neoliberal watchdogs and digital software heroes.

    And just imagine, getting called a weaky in these times, being a weaky as presidental candidate in the USA during election times.

    I think that is not possible, nobody whoever runs for president in the USA can be called a weaky. and if he-she is using emails, and then the wrong server even, beside all the new powers engaging, the real hot, important and horny guys, from lawyers, hackers, software and apple specialists (marcets digital applicants), the son and the daughter of the tough candidate.

    Then the millions of user data. I mean that is something, that is hot and that is new and in neoliberal marcets, and specially during election times, that is part of the new game. It was not leaks, not a million backdoors or loopholes, not tabbed phones, no it was simply sold user data in milions. Somhow like the hottest picture of hottest celebrity ass on earth sold for latest Praline edition for good money.

    They make it simple for you, on each single telephone, they also call it mobiles, tiny fantasy screens, funny, easy to watch and enjoy toys, costly toys, profits and new president generating toys (by sold user data).

    But no triggers any more, even as the new guys on power like nipples and triggers, the funny part of it aside. But how they gonna take the world then when the triggers and nipples are gone from the well serving data toys and screens (G. Orwell).

    Lets see what they see .... many like it flat and shiny, the finger nail polishers, they love these shining attention spending screens, most simple. Lets see for how long, when the data of shining screens and toys got sold forever.

    It was a really open, a neoliberal voting scenario. Some of them are still digging in the leftovers of the votes. More or less supported at home, in the US, another hard fighht another front so to say left from the one before.

    It got so confusing with all that new sides engaging. So now is closing time after all that years doing software and updates, doing and fabricating genuine stuff, from backups over system recovery points to the cloud finally.

    The end and final product, the end of space in the softwares universe, the final space for your data out there, beside the really easy going most simple social network stuff and all the simple public "1 minute rubbish" coming along.
    The parallel digital universe and its orbit is the space of cloud, please put your data there, to make it save, while you move anywhere leave it there, they will take care of it, promised, promised digital space, another server ! Leave it there, not on your mashine, for the marcets broad front wachdogs, the companies and megacorpses out there.
    If you want to keep your data somewhere, whatfor on the computer really, join the space of heavens, the orbit of cloud for them, beside being a good public 1 minute network user every 5 miutes.

    You have a netbook, whatfor the cloud then, you have a mobile whatfor the netbook then, you have senses, whatfor the tiny flatscreen then.

    The votes got done, the votes got wrigged, the votes got new powers joining, neoliberal and showing strength, and for a reason !

    They knew it and many knew it, new parties running and selling new fronts, the digital one, since years allready, for the wanted outcome by the megasell of voters preempt, of users data preempt.

    Whafor all that profits by mobiles sold, when they can also sell the users data itself !

    Neoliberal marcets can show wired and strange to the new masters in power, they do not like that TV channel and not this one, not that waekies and softies there, teh y do not like these dealers and streetpeople here, not that lands with dark and coloured people there do unlike that bad uncompeteable products, do unlike this and that currency, it got unfair, do not like that steel and aluminium, do unlike that many softdrink cans, they do not like it.
    But if you like them or not that is not the question, and that was never the question, not now and not later, you just need to learn that.

    As long as they like each other, that is pretty enough for them, an dif half cabinett is blown allready, for the really tough and strong guys it is enough to have some other tough guys around and guess whom more. That is ok and enough for them in their neoliberal macets, some tough guys around and a strong message here and then, that is enough, the rest is evel digital stuff, most micro, fake and neo.

    After the votes got so many new side joining, really engagig neoliberal they got sick of it. It got time now for the new strong men to close their house, to really make it save and shut it close, the home marcet, the pickup and the garage, every srew and every iron hammer will get checked, the ycan do that, they will show it.

    The new strong men, the new presidents, the really hot and horny guys, they do not like smart phones, they do not like smart cities, not smart and mini nukes, they like it big and they like to show it. They like it shining, golden door handles, and golden colts and bullets if they could, they like it as conservative p__ies like it, no difference, you just need to understand it, it is part of neo marcets, they just show it different.

    The new guys on power really show you their way, if you like it or not, it is real men and women, no question, since ages. But now after all that neoliberal digiting they need to make a big story out of it.
    It got too much and they do not understand it, that is their fear by it, all that smart simple rubbish, easy to sell, far too easy, easy to make profits by it, easy to fake and false it, far too easy. So whatfor all that rubbish, fot another faked vote, guess.

    So after all got so massy, after all that years in foreign nations, it got time for them to shut it, to close the house from outer powers really, after that millions of computers and its software got brought on way by micro micro smarties and softies and its many updates therefor, and wherever out there, now it gets time to close the house the homemarcet and the backyard.

    Nobody should be surprised really, the fronts are many and last votes showed that clearly, The tough, fit, horny and strong will not survive by software, and not by the sell of its users data, and if it did billions of profits, irrelevanth, it is like that since ages.

    During house renovation you can not have so many volks engaging in it same time, neoliberal marcets got complicated, so many engaging in foreign lands, generating profits and cultural change there by many means.

    Afterall thet many new sides were engaging in last votes, after so many smart toys, profits and cities got hammered out of the grounds, the new strong men will show you how their house, garage and backyard gets a proper gate, door and lock (may.o18)

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