Werner beinhart

He is a good man, yes and he is also a good psychologist. We know each other since years, as many psychologists know each other over years, that is normal, but specialy for stars. He is taking action at the right time, at the right place and he knows when to hit, and where to hit, as me ! We are made of the same wood, yes it is wood, but partly wet wood sometimes, thats is bad, very bad.

    He is an MC as me, he is a partly political person and he is playing music, hard beats in discos, also the cave once and the Felsenkeller, he is a great man, as me. They want some bucks from him. Friends offered to pay from him, in a rich and costly, yes a very costly and Mozart balls doing city, we both know and knew it coming. He got to a cell, he was never a sleeping cell as some or many Nazis here and there. And we know you vcan hardly escape it, that is quite normal during times of biz and personal decision making, but sometimes it is time to make personal decisions.

    He is meditating since years and that is good, now I read that his cell has only 12" celsius. That is a shame, get him out from there. I know justice is always lone at home. Justice plays some CD players sometimes, ome i tunes here and then This man took action, Werner knows where to swim and bath, over years, he ruled the city and organised good events over years from a woodhut.

    Also many women know him and many creative volks. He was engaging, he is and enterpreneur and MC. With the Movida festivals and the boats there for the youngsters, he took action as a DJ, his name is well known within the inner circles.

    But he knows as well, as many do in a highly volatile surrounding, a stock conservative environment, in a boring biotop, you can not escape the cell, the cells done by some sleepers. We know each other since years, craetive people, dancing volks and tribes from Goa, India and the meditators.

    He is also engaging in Yoga, as many, yes millions around the globe. He is a mutlitasker and a good psychologist, Werner took and will take action, mabe not too much any more in a highly risky and volatile environment as the city of Salzburg but he knows many ways and many enterpreneurs know that.

    Werner is beinhart, a beater and local star so to say, also ravers know him. We take action and will always as well do it in the future, in a highly risky and volatile environment. Some play football others do the manager job for football, other are berating some politicans or even founding new parties instead of a factory or beraten a star from somewhere as their good pschologist.

    He is a great man and he should fast get out of that odd cell. The guys are there, and when we come we hit. The Yogis and the ones who meditate, Also local Buddhists know him well, the ones from biz and the ones around 47 degree north, the ones from the hills of Goa to the shores of the Ganga, the powerfull, we know them all well and even to the deserts of Burning man. He knows them and I do.

    Free Werner, liberty for him. Get out of the way when we come and hit, we are the stars and we also spit (sometimes) we do not use our pee for shampooing the hair, no that is unfair, and specially in a highly volatile city and environment like Salzburg city.

    A highly risky and volatile biotop, from the salzburg festivals and its jobs and money to the weisskittel Nazis, from Trapptrapp to Sound of music, still a good move, behind the holy blood institute. It is all there, a highly risky environment, but some quit a flat after 4 year there, allready during times of the use of mobiles and apps, and even PC times allready, so to say it was during the new millenium allready. But not for no reason some laft after 4 years in a flat.

    Yoga is good and meditation es better, get him out of that cell.

    We hit and we do hits we do them hard and nice, then there is something to remember, if that is possible at all so. In some region wet wood fits them more and a stolen concrete spring cut off. But please don t pay that shit, let somebody pay for that small incidents and stories, we make personal decisions, and hit, as long as you can take hits and stars. I know it is hard to escape justice, that is really a big job, yes that is hard nowadays.

    We do not want others to pay for us, no please not, we heat our stoves ourselfes, we have connections, but we are very independent self reliable workers, count on that. We do biz ourself and specially in the new times the new age or an appli.

    We cut the wood and cook, we do telefone calls and some emails, here and there, before we finish biz, from Goa over Kosi to Mexico. Read our lips and mark our words.

part of IT: PS: and do not forget Schadens secretary, not a director jumping from a bridge, also not taxi drivers doing the same, but then at hospital we oppose the helping hands, it is all there in a highly risky environment

You can read IT to somebody, hearing free .... lauschfrei