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Nature observations   Kyrgyztan

Tien Shan - Kyrgyztan    

During 5 days of camping 2 times Wiesenweihen (harriers), many big and small doves, Ringeltauben, Tuerken, Turteltauben, Blackbilled eurasien magpies (Elstern)

    And once their sharp predator the Saker falcon, heavy strong moves, usually under the body horizontale, impressing. Not far from the calling froglakes and the aerport. Also a few times smaller falcons, guess Roetel falcons, quite long tail and more straight flight than kestrels.
    The only wild mammals seen, the Pamir Squirrels near the shores of Yssik Kul and some alarm sounds during the Eagles highrise near Bokonbajewo. Only the lucky man sees the Snow Leopard.

As he was jumping around not far from a big village southwest of Yssik Kul, over the light orange granite rocks nicely washed over millenias, at the northern dry ravines, where the ravens are deep rolling and calling, he observed an eagle, guess a Golden eagle which are quite comon in Tien Shan, some marmots calling same time, while the eagle doing his turns, gliding high into the sky. No head, very short tail during flight.
    On way back over fields, a couple of nice fat maroon ducks, overall light maroon colour (light redbrown) with paler head, male bigger, during flight outer black wings and inner white shoulders. Guess on way to breeding territories, lost its name. (nocam nopics)

    A pair of falcons, not far from the crow colonies, not yet clear if it was a long tailed Kestrel or a Roetelfalke in good mood, also calling, and in straight Ruettelflug. The next day a bussard from road and a falcon like above.
    The afternoon on way back from the coast and relaxing there a big Pamir squirrel, looking quite old to the master, like the old monkies near Dharamkot. The squirrel big with long fur, red ears (Ohrbuscheln) but overall grey, the tail not too bushy.
    Some Saatkraehen (crows) around and engaging into nesting. Only the lucky man sees the Snow Leopard. (10.4.o18)

A 2nd Pamir squirrel, younger and nice looking, redbrown head and grey long fur, watch distance 6m, going for walnuts not far from the coast .... best aquaria soil sand, solely granite without calcium (13.4.o18)
    Saatcrows in full preparation for colony breeding.

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