Whitebellied Seaeagle studies - Weissbaeuchige Seeadler

two times at left with a Parhia kite,
in center Ibisse, on top Whitebellieds performing
Can be watched during days and sunsets in Goa northern coastal areas and further north and south, all the way to Sri Lanka.
Since 2015 also nesting in Goas N

    Food: specialised seasnake hunter,

    Call: a repeated high pitched call over some half minutes, repeated, a bid like goose but more fluent, also calling during flights, near nest and during courtship display

    Distribution range: coastal areas from midcentral westindian costs to Indonesia and Australia also Sri Lanka, moves sometimes inland max 70km on patrol

    Habits: When on patrol a straight V shaped flier (camouflage), like some km out on sea for a catch during sunsets, then dropping sharply.
    When in gusty hot winds sometimes dancing, doing curves in verticale ... over Lotos swamps, most impressing ! Also togather performing near nesting site during sunsets mostly.

    When with a snake then sometimes doing smooth curve over rocks or small harbours and showing catch For experienced birdwatchers most exciting ultimate sky searaptor


Whitebellied you make me high,
as I watch you, move in the sky
You fly and dance over the Lotos
during I take you into focus

    Whitebellied you dance in magic
also making the seagulls nuts
as you drop by surprise
over the beaches ghats

    You move in the skies and dance on the rise
there is no borders there is not limits

    background pic: Polonnaruwa lakeside area Sri Lanka (ancient kings town)
Similar: can be mixed with the Greyheaded Fisheagle, which is slightly bigger but has different habits and wing shape, at the Primates camp they call the Greyheaded one Lake eagle

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