Indian birds seen

They love the skies as me, the love to rise as me !
(alphabetically by orders with locations)

Barbet Great (Dharamkot mar.016 near veranda)
Bee Eater Bluetailed - (Thekkady dec.015)
Buzzard Whiteeyed (Naudanda, Nepal 014)
Crows Largebilled (Dharamkot 2006- 016)
Crows House (Goa 2000-016)

Eagle Black - (Ellora feb.013)
Eagle Bonellis - (Vagator feb.014)
Eagle Crested Hawk - (Rishikesh once 4 short mar.015)
Eagle Crested Snake - (Chaukori 2006)
Eagle Greater Spotted - (Dharamkot Eagle range 16.03.016, in gallery )
Eagle Short Toed Snake - (Kausani 014-015)
Eagle Tawny - (Kathgodam dec.015, Kausani 04.12.013 passing overhead)
Eagle Whitebellied Sea - (Goa 014-016, Vengurla feb.014, WBS with kite)

Egret Little - (Chapora lake, Goa 015)
Egret Great - (Siolim fields, Goa 015- 016)

Falcon Rednecked - (a couple, Ellora dec.014 !!)
Flycatcher Asien Paradise - (Kosi valley 014-016, Chapora near room feb.015)
Flycatcher Tickells Blue - (Chapora at gardens birdsbath mar.014)
Flycatcher Verditer - (over Dharamkot spring 014- 016)
Forktail Spotted - (Kosi river 014-015)

Harrier Marsh - (near Siolim mar.015, Rohrweihe)
Hawk Crested Goshawk - (Dharamkot Eagle range 16.03.016, Habicht var.)
Hawk Sparrow - (Pushkar nov.015, Sperber)
Heron Purple - (north Goa feb-mar.015)
Heron cattle - (Kathmandu 06, see egrets)

Hobby Oriental - (Dharamkot apr.015 small group during sunset, Merlin)
Hoopoe (Dharamkot mar.016, Ellora 013-014 pc , Kasar Devi 2006, Hampi, Mö 2002-014, bred in garden ! Wiedehopf)
Hornbill Indian Grey - (Rishikesh 013- 015 between jhulas, Goa monsoon 06, Ellora)
Hornbill Great Indian - (Rishikesh apr.014)
Junglefowl Grey - (Chapora hill feb.015)

Kingfisher Common - (Chapora Laguna 013-015)
Kingfisher Crested - (Rishikesh 014- 015, Kosi river 014- 015, Saryu river 2006)
Kingfisher Oriental Dwarf - (Chapora Laguna 013-015)
Kingfisher Pied - (Rishikesh 013-015, Goa 2000-013)
Kingfisher White Throated - (Ellora 013-015, Kosi river 014-015)
Kite Black Shoulderd - (Anjuna feb.015 near Pelzi, Ellora dec.014)

Magpies Yellowbilld - (Kosi valley 00-016, Dharamkot region HP)
Magpies Redbilld - (Kosi valley 00-016, Dharamkot region HP)
Martin Plain - (? Munnar dec 015, dark colored)
Martin Dusky Craig - (Rishikesh oct.015)
Munia Blackheaded (Anjuna Chapora 016)
Nutcracker Spotted - (Kalga parv. valley may 017)

Oriole Golden Eurasien - (northgoan hills 06-015, Munnar mornings by sound)
Oriole Blackhooded - (Munnar dec.015 by sound ?)

Owl Collared Scops - (Kausani 014-015, by voice)
Owl Dusky Eagle - (Ellora dec 014 !!)
Owl Eurasien Eagle- (Chapora hill aug.016 by sound, spring 015 feathers, Uhu)
Owlet Djungle - (Rishikesh 013-015, at hotel garden)
Owlet Spotted - (Kosi valley 13.04.014)

Partridge Black - (Black Francolin, Naudanda 03.04.014, Nepal)
Peacock - (Goan hills 2000-015, Rishikesh oct.015, Pushkar 98, Pfau)
Pheasant Kalij - (Kausani oct-nov 015, once near Almora 014)
Pheasant Koklass - (Kasar Devi nov.015)
Prinia Grey Breasted - (Maduketty lake dec.015)

Roller Indien - (Goa 2000-015, Pushkar 2010, Varanasi 2006, Blauracke)
Shikra (Chapora feb 014, Ellora dec.014)
Spurfowl Red - (Anjuna hill feb.014)

Sunbird Purplerumped- (Goa, male near Joe Banana, sometimes at scooter mirrors)
Sunbird Lotens- (Goa south Anjuna, can be mixed with purple rumped)
Sunbird Purple- (Rishikesh 014-016, from guest house balkony)

Stilt Blackwinged (Pushkar oct.015)
Stork Asian Openbills- (Goa, near Pernem 014-016)
Stork Wooly Necked- (Ellora dec.015)

Redstart Plumbeous Water - (Kosi river 013-015, Rishikesh 014-015)
Redstart Whitecapped Water - (Rishikesh 013-015 at beaches !!)

Vulture Bearded - (Dhauladar range 00- 016, 06 from Mc LeodG. reste, Parvati valley 06-15)
Vulture King - (pc Kosi valley nov.015)
Vulture White Rumped - (Kosi valley nov.015 pc)
Woodpecker Lesser Goldenbacked - (Maduketti lake dec.015 -aalso Flameback)

(list uncomplete)

Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl at Chapora hill, usually sounding during Monsoon time (last heared 2006) but is always there, feathers found 2015.

Eagle Owl feathers
Chaopora hill feb.016

Dusky Eagle Owl

watched and sounded togather with over days dec.014 at Ellora story at Outstanding nature page, Ellore infos here

Spotted Owlett

Anjuna hill 01.03.016
also a few Porcupine quills

Kind of wired that a very small Owl gets cought and feathers showed no special marks but maybe plugged by man, squarelike hole in ground aside. Indians can t handle Ullus in general.

Mottled Wood Owl sounded night of 22.feb sAnjuna (Goa)
Collared Scops Owl sounds nov-dec near Kausani (Uttarkhand)

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