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check the big picture of modern parades

Do not know what is better; bees pollinating almonds from trucks in California or Killerbees on way ....

That number of popes is small, only 2 of whom got said they were church teachers, by the book Opus Diaboli, but the number of killings in Brazil or Mexico (2017 mex, everyday 70 killings ...) and the number of killed in Phillipeens .... that is the monster of what Subcom Moises is writing, Agua and Las Nubes too mucho grandehhh ..!

Neues Modelabel

Kim Kardashian, die Geile, hat ihr neus Modelabel Kimono genannt (bis unlaengst) Auch ich ueberlege eine neue Kreation, mein neues Modelabel namens LEDERHOSE. Ich denke dass die Leute sich in den dort aber ueber das "Lederhose label" (marke) freuen werden, da bin ich mir sicher, Servus Kim.

Neulich Sepp

Neulich hat mir Sepp von seinem Sohn erzaehlt, der wollte einen Mund wie Rambo (movie) sich machen lassen ..., wie vieler seiner Mitschuelerinnen, eben Nase, Ohren oder Wangen sich plastisch nachbessern lassen.

    Ich meinte darauf, dass ein Rambomund nie ein Problem sei, auchnicht Nasen, Wangen u Ohren der Ungluecklichen. Es geht ja auch ohne bei Eis im Wasserfall nicht weit vom Helikopter zu haengen.

    Den Rambomund kann man ueben, auch sonst jede menge Stil im Ausdruck, jeder kann heute ein Star werden.

Chants for next presidental obstacle

Some president said to the 4 astonishing beautifull women of the Politbuero of the USA that they should go back. That sounds irresponsible, finally democracy got them chosen and carefully, if not handpicked people and joinees of the US Politbuero there.

    Many get asked where they are from and many then can say, "hey buddy I am from the bus stand", the huge bus station there or another rlwy station, isn t it. Truckers would say, I am from the truckers parking lot.

    Others came via few 1000 Ox wagons over the plains, even as the queen not long ago forbade them to do so, to rush-more over the Appalachees (that is a NOapplication). So lets say "Go back to Ox wagon", go back to next bus station and not get driven in the vehicles of the mega virtual company itself for another .. some job.

    So go back to the fort, there somewhere with a sign, some words on the hardship of the ox wagoneers, and the mud and ghost towns. Others may say go back to ghost town or some office (ms-job), go back to goldrush.

    Many are thinking now of the next good phrase for the US preelection time, which is now or soon later, whenever getting on way.

    Some can chant then "Go back", or "Lock em down (social network accountees) also not bad "Lock his account ..!" (irresponsible farright extremists outpoor) or "Turn the wall".

    Lets be curiouse on the next phrases for mass chantings ...

    Another phrase could be "Into the monster (presidental cars with some protection)" or "Play golf !... ", "Go to Golf, move to the Gulf ..."

    Another good phrase for mass chanting could be "BIRDS OVER TWITTER, Birds over twitter", or "Nomore trade, ...Nomore trade or "Nomore tariffs, Nomore tariffs", or but in worst case szenario if nothing works maybe "More guns, more guns ... or "Lets witchunt, lets do witchhunt". Nobody knows really what could help, or "To the moon, to the moon".

    Most simple would sound .. "Great great...." in between teh pauses of some speakers, translation on web is waiting for further challenges, a next appli so to say.

    Finally soemthing will get done, who knows which ballot box will be next, if it is not then the virtual fake, the cosmetics of something to get selected or voted, an obstacle or something, something haptic but not cyropractical, something with an X somewhere to get put, but who knows that before and after the chants for ... something great...

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