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The Small Penguins of the North

Excert on the missing link between Alken birds, Razorbills, Murres and- Penguins.

    The great master got a new perspective on the living and breeding birds of the icy northern hemisphere, the ALKEN family and its arctic waters and biotops from where only a few also roam south, mostly during winters but most stay in the far north as they are specialized icewater (seas) and suparctic shorline inhabiting birds.

    The missing link is only giving hints to the humans and birdwatchers, mostly from Great Britain, northern parts of Germany and Dutch, which indicates classsifications but missing status (endangered, rare, close to extinction etc) by many of the new books on birds.

    The case here now tells us that these bird families (Alken, - Trottellummen, Dicks.lummen- Thickbilled murre, Razorbills-Tordalks, Atlantic puffin- Papageientaucher, Gryllteiste- Black guillemot, Little auk- Krabbentaucher) can be seen as the counterparts, the contrast to Penguins in the worlds southern hemisphere, but there missing more of landmass and coastline and pressure by land hunters (breeding time) compared to the north.

    Where they developed and reached as Penguins long ago the cliffs, icefields, rocks from icy waters, also with the pressure by mammae raptors as Sea Lions, Sea Leopards or Orcas, but the master says the pressure by these raptors was not that big as in contrary in the northern hemisphere, where there are long mixed coastlines, the gulf stream, mixed huge seawater bodies and currents bringing immense amounts of waterfood, fish, crusteans and others for these birds in the north, while getting the attention by maemme raptors which are Polar bears, Ice foxes, raptor birds as Skuas and Jaegers (Raubmoewen) which also feed on the Alken birds kids.

    The only searaptor so far which lives in both hemispheres, arctic and antarctic waters, should be the Orca whale (Killerwal, Canada to Argentine and further) onland the Ice foxes but they can not reach steep cliffs and did not manage to reach the very cold Antarctica in contrast to shorlines and formations in the north.

    Another similarity is the colour of both groups of birds, all with usually white breasts and bodies and dark to black wings, wings need power special taking maneuvers and construction what forces black colour which is keeping the construction warm, also in icy waters and storms. These birds are not really good flyers, more divers and swimmers and nesting on cliffs and steep shores what is the same with penguins which do not fly at all. It looks that they just fly to cover some distance from shores and rocks to get down in icy seawaters, there embeded in myriads of seafood for them. Not that elegant looking like Seagulls and Terns which cover immense stretches of coastline over little weeks.

    Penguins can not and where not forced to fly, the Alks in north all fly what forces to overall much less body size and weight.

    Conquering the skies can not be done by heavy weighters as are some penguins and wings work for them as strong paddles and fins in seawaters but unpossible for flying. The missing link could be somewhere get found between north and southern arctic waters and shores.

    Both groups of birds live, feed and breed mostly in huge groups, roam on open seas over days and breed along steep and rocky, sharp cliffs, savety providing areas during breeding time.

    These biotops are similar to the ones for Penguins in the southern hemisphere as from Fireland, Patagonia, South Africa, the Antarctica, islands, Falklands and archipelagos.

    So these Alken birds, not the best of flyers, but also interesting by habits, feeding and breeding can be seen as the little Penguins of the north, which made the gap from rocky sharp cliffs to the seas on wing, fast straight, not very agile on wing but good to crawl cliffs and rocks, float, hunt and swim on icecold waters, waves and storms. (june 2o19 copyright@H.Schuetz)

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