Strike V3

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Make no mistake !

They are blocking a Supertanker on way into the mediterranean sea, that is a big mistake, the Brits want to show friendly to the USA, they want to show them that they are good friends with the USA. It is a Supertanker from Iran, so what s the problem then, again oily smeary politics.

    Stockmarcets show and get the lessons, now they pay the price. Some sanction and block other nations business over years and decades around 3 corners, they are old enemies. It is the third parties blocking and sanctioning of other nations, getting strong and powerfull, around the corner. And not only strong nations getting stronger it is also business and marcets which get the dust and ashes of chaos, some call it tariffs, others cashflow, for some it is golden handshakes while children get kept in camps in the dust and rumble as once the strong native nations after the lifestock, the million buffaloes got killed and put on stockpiles togather, today some pictures show that attitude of camps like Abu Graib where it was not buffaloes put prisoners. Nazis on advance, what you think.

    But blocking a Supertanker with 2 mio barrels is not a good idea, the same with boats loaded with migrants.

    There was an earthquake in California, not many news on that, why that. Does it show the weakness of some marcets, does it stocks and marcets a downturn now as some politicans, nuts or not, want to get on way .. want to get reelected, reelection wanted, but how do they show great and whatever.

    With ugly camps at its southern borders, with children in the dust, in the rumble and dirt, under tent planes against the heat. They do camps and prisons since years beside the glimmering skylines with skyscrapper cities. There was Abu Graib, Guantanamo yet out there at forbidden shores, many more camps and prisons, waiting to get the bastards from the show and streets of rape, rage, greed and money.

    They looked as fine business, who were acting in the name of "greed is good" over years. But how many factories are there of the apple in the USA, only that one in the lonestar-state (Texas) for making only that one of a Netbook model. That is poor, that shows weakness but profits over years which got blown so.

    Stromboli in Italy is spitting ashes and lava, a strong eruption which could do holiday biz a strike by the ashses in the skies. Maybe soon last minute fliers need to cancel trips to south because Srtromboli is showing dark. The way to Europe or the way to Egypt, and many are on way get blocked from entering harbours years after Europe and the US did the save harbour for their data fellows, the data followers on socalled social networks. These data of missions got a save harbour, for sure, no questuion on that. Thy love "save" data but save people in camps in the USA, no that shows ugly and not save transmission over the mediterranean sea for reaching Europe.

    The data of the faceboot got sold then during hot and special phase for another preelection analysis, was it 85 mio peoples data and a Sugarheads red nose and red head later during hearing.

    They better fight the conditions in some of the lands where the many migrants come from, or flee from wars, that can also be something for business, but blocking a supertanker for the good smile of the good old uncle Sam who tries to get reelected. Chaos could become bigger in this months.

    There are many camps out there from Lybia over the USA with children, once in Australia for Aboriginees (got robbed for katholic imprisonments from their parents), by the Boomerang also very sophisticated and original natives, unique so to say. Camps is one of their way, either for migrants, refugees on route, or children seperated form parents, some who know them better also name it concentration camps, and Guantanamo seems yet to be the Nr1 liberal and liberties, a Behauviorists ugly model since Bush II, but now it is the chaos man.

    In other lands a normal job, like a doctor can not do it any more, since years they roam to Hungary for dentists from Vienna. Some doctors equipped with costly mashines and stuff, nice assistants but the doctor the dentist can not do the job. He starting to make a whole a little bigger but not finishing the procedure with filling, what is that then, wait for the muslim migrants, they will help you then doc of idiot.

    Then finally the dentist in Cylon can do it and did it well, in Sri Lanka, a friendly island, and if also chaotic by traffic, the dentist their can do it for 10 euro, so think about it. You could save some money during holidays and return with even more shining teeth.

    You do not flee then or try the passage to Europe and I got to know, not many from there try Europe for dentists. Others try a doc two times a year maximum, and then if all works well, ohh god in this times of idiot in neoliberal 3 class medicare marcets, feel lucky if it worked.

    In some lands since centuries it seems a big thing a dentist job, but not only that also trains which stop half way on 100km without connection. Make no mistake, but face the decisions and konsequences.

    Others varnish, harden, repair and iron their boat, to get the passages done, either on rivers in the mountains or along coasts. The boat is there and if there is no harbours, no problem. Wildwaters do not need harbours !

    Marcets are tumbling and for some good reasons. No alignmment, no engagenment, no investment !

Barbiecew row

I got notice that the friend of that president in the USA raped or abused about 40 women, that is a big number, but not the years he got for doing that and Mar a Lago is an estate somewhere in the USA, I ve nothing to do with them, I will also not read about them that ugly and nasty cases, all gothics.

    I have other friends, good friends very good connectuions and I wil use them either against failing doctors who might mix me with a women who wants plastik chirurgie or witrh some bunnies. I can handle my bunies na dthey know me, we are very good, strong friends, they have a big mansion a castle so to say, nobody but some idiots tried them, some alpine zombies and they will pay for that the last 5 bunnies all died. you idiots.

    I will not publish some statistic either from Goa or Brasil and not from Mexico, either from some police men who could have seen me in swim pants, no problem. I succeeded in about 60 % of all street police squats in the streets of Goa last time, even with a fishnet on a scooter (Honda active which can do 80 plu km/h). I know all the small and hidden ways there. They had no chance to get me.

    And I will not publich some cases of some estates like Mar a Lago where they did not know who went in and out, before the time of presidency or a skyscrapper tried in Moskwa (Moskau). Some of these skyscrapppers look gothic, pure gothic dark and evel. I ve nothingto do with that. My priorities are different to the ones of Miss Klum and showing realities on TV or whoever keeps it for whatever reality TV or something, and I ve nothing to do with the ambitions of the Weinsteins or Dominic Strauss kahns, and there wil not be any statistics of can do or can not do ....

    I am more on the side of Antivirus agents like Mc Affee or Mr Mike Thyson who had always shown up with security, but you can not always have security around you, it is not possible, bit soem women need to learn soon or later who is close to them, and who d better stay away from ... hav no idea. And if some women soon or later got to know Mr Thyson (maybe by TV only, save and good enough, also teh web may do), in however circumstances, they should know with whom and where they try funny games or the try of miss Hot.

    And if some telematics (opt neighbours) or Eineseicha (von hineinseuchen, also neighbours) or another hunter on try plays stupid again near the garden (neighbours of qualehunters foramt....), they will face the products, and if they try to block some 1 therabite 2 times harddisks via remote controll or wifi, thats hows more like zombies in fear of fuertzher strikes and hits, that is then related to cracking, if tehy ve ever any idea what cracking is instead of ahcking or spying.

    I do my thing and if in swim pants in a topopen canoe somewhere, and if they want to know it I can easily become their dentist, after the failor of another plastic surgery pupppet somewhere out there. If all beside the dentist himself show good, the costly mashines, the assistants but not the dentist himself, better not try sensitive dentists who quit after 5 minutes.

    There was always security with Mr Mike Thyson, whoever does not understand that is blind dumb and dull, if it was 40 women or 20 with Weinstein for some reasons they meet in some Mar a Lagos, Mansions or studios, I ve nothing to do with it.

    I know good hotels, the best in the world form Brazil over Maroc to India and Kambodia. I take coffee up there at 2000m alt and a Pizza here and there at same altitude either in HP or Sri Lanka.

    In this times when the user data, the data of the 85 mio data imputees gets sold from a sugar mountainb from Mr sugarpeak, for another strange result before votes, do not be surprised then, some see the world there, some try it here, others get notice of Viccies secrets, some watch TV, others try a postcard yet, after years of rubbing on smart-phones for instant send and dissapear, just the smartphone was costly and the data sold later on then of millions. Some will send you pictures, sms or even some messages, if it was not fake notices from a lawyer not far from a surprised president (cause of the lawyers notes), others observe and strike when the time is ready.

    Mr Thyson had always security, wasn t it and Mr 50 cents has a very fast car, and a garage with some house, and not for no reason !

winEtwo 32 123

Telefones from 2-4 digits for sell

I will not elaborate on stock marcets, but it can show interesting to some where these stock exchanges popped and can be found nowadays.

    It is not more than telefone numbers to some, if you know what you get by telefones, if it was a 2 digit phone or a 3 to evrn 4 digit phone, then they name it smart phone when it was for the price of 3-4 digits. 4 diogit phones are codstly socalled smart phones which connect users, the exploiters of data marcets. Then you know what the marcetrs want from you, the most of button attention, if there are some left, the most of button atention for you data input by a 3-4 digit telefone.

    In other sharp rising marcets and huge subcontinents they have all 10 digit tel numbers, but never ask where is that, even as some pepper could grow there.

    So by a 3 digit telefone you get a profile, a follower here and there, maybe a banking something by teh appli of George or Mr Watson, soem never activate netbanking (the hack of a digit share) and a telefone stays a telefone either for the price of 2,3 or 4 digits, the cost for something socalled smart, and if you still find buttons, triggers that is soemthing then, during times of sofisticated Maria occultists with some hotspot here and there (if it was not a cctv lifecam)

When stocks show toxic

I will never elaborate on stock marcets, not ecven most newspapers can show that right, if they shwo a clue on that (prime is wired, like some digits prime minister) before and after neoliberals, and not for no reason ! Do they want you to understand some marcets with stocks, crazy some say. Better do not ask.

    FAZ is one of the rare medias (daily newsmag 4 relaxed read) which which shows a god segment from Tokyos softbanking over tesla (supported by 3 big banks... too big too...) to the one factory only in US apples one factory onestar states modern cashback flows (xing got NY shares...)

    It is not my thing, it was never and will never be, "read my lips" (applers nd appees) but I have some good clues, glues and hints on that.

    Some indices get no numbers shown and transfer and that is OK, very OK, often in the vicinity of some other marcets mega or however, like by FAZ unshown Turkie, Mexico and now and that is special also Swiss, there might be some problem with transparency or values, nobody knows that really. But now it also got swiss marcet, the vaticans guerads and from Hitler spared stock marcet if you want to see it as that.

    I can say from observing here and there, marcets get toxic, many food and climate consciouse people know that for long. You can also see it by rarely shown stocks and shares on TV channels scrollings (marquee in source coding) 2 to 6 digits stocks (only BerkshireH has 6 digits, most is from 2 to 3 for a paper, there are special channels and thats good as reality TV, emotional marcets numbers shown here and there in realtime (!!)

    But know what they show and what not, when you get that you know what clould be missing .... there in the kitchen aside, specially as it got big spacy over years with 6m of storage lines and cupboards where kids could start hating family cause the apartment is good enough for storing cycles and unused TV sets (recording possible ??) and the daily Nanny instead of parents at home.

    Then smart phones get very costly, to find mum and dad out there and in between 100 apps (apples, tomathoes) from nowhere. Then also schools can become the test for "sit far from each other" in neoliberals marcets (or ganztagesschule, the scharfe s got exterminated in german .... ) for exams.

    No fake titles, then all got born as they were, long before, a flat tablet for a present without buttons, befroe Rugby (no ball really) and Golf tornamnets got recordable by TV and stresstest for banks failed because another presidents tweet showed emotional incorrect by another rating agency which got checked through and stressed on the web itself (!) by the Kanute while stocks show bumpy and toxic on gravel roads of private investors take and payoff for holidays.


MeO Memo of Understanding

Some say China is blocking sites for Europeans or also even US americans who read and study chinese websites .... anyway
    If 2 english teachers (highschool) from Salzburg cities try to access 3 US newsmags on the web (LA times, NY times economist etc) of their choice !!! does it work or not ... sorry and sorry ... inconvenience .... And if Justine Biber can not play in China, whats the problem with that.

Ocean of rubbish - Mar a Lego

There are so many maniacs out there, real maniacs, some of them play Golf, usually the socalled most rich who can afford to pay the golf tournaments, soem say they are rich, some of them are cheerd and applauded maniacs, some are presidents others got trained since childhood for the green lawn tornaments, soem say they are manias, others have no idea about that socalled flatlawn sport.

    Then I made a decision, I started playing with Lego, because the one before me was black, dark, another Golf player, not be mixed with the once golf turbo gti, that is a car or something, let s see. Because the one before me was dark, black, I scrapped the contract, it got time to make enemies and if tehre is somebody before me who is dark, who looks from where, what did he say. Anyway during the Lego session I scratched the contract, nobody before me who is dark can do such a notice, looking like a contract.

    I decided it was not worth the paper, since the indian wars.

    I proceeded with Lego, thats relaxing me from all that million of fakenews beside my other ambitions. I tried to make a house, a skyscrapper, that failed, the court costs was too much on that, then I tried to make a contract, that also failed since the Indian wars, shit I thought, what can I build. I need to be prepaired before all falls apart.

    Then I tried skyscrappers, looked not that bad by Lego. It made me think of the old times before the millenium bug, before the fake news and hate speakers, actually it got hate posters and hate scriptors then, hate messengers so to say. (hass botschafter)

    But the castles of cartoon and hardpaper were quite solid for some years, there in my decoration room during decoration days, out of the teens newsmag Rennbahnexpress. Anyway Lego is more hard more stiff, so really huge skyscrapers can do for a while done with Lego. It made me think of all that plastic rubbish in the pacific, that is a big ocean really, but with all that plastic rubbish in the ocean, was it fake news, was it the the Tsunami or the million plastic wrapps on raw food.

    Because of the plastic rubbish in the Pacific, that Mega Ocean in which quite a lot of nice creatures swim and dive I forgot about the skylines and crashed it, anyway it did not look that special to me, it was just plastic.

    Later the same day I tried Mar a Lego which really got nice, with the many buddies, fellows and women getting in and out, in lego. I forgot everything and was happy with my Mar a Lego. But later I knew it needs to get cleaned, cleaned of all that rubbish, washed from the map, the ocean needed to get clean before all that palstic rubbish cought the many turtles, million of colorfull fish, sharks and whales.

    It was not a good idea to connect them with that rubbish, to catch them by that dirt, not many followed really on that Plastic strings and rubbish, but far too many got trapped and had no idea to get out again.

    It was a virtual mashine in the ocean of lego, Mar a Lego.

check the big picture of modern parades

Libra No - Freeddom to speech !

I give the advice and notice with immediate effect to leave the faceboot. Its intention to to do a virtual currency is an act of irresponsibility and has to be avoided for the goodluck of milion of data SPENDERS , fellows and their virtual friends.

    When you imagine all their daily data spending, pictures, images, pets, people, thumbs up and unlikes, not to mention the total controll before sell of the 20% bank accountees then, which will estimate around 300 mio optional bank accountees, beside the option for games, pic galleries, a shareholdcer value of the applicant providers and data spenders, all the friends and analysis agencies of these 200 mio bank accountees.

    The advice for today, don t do it, leave it, lock and close it, throw your smart phone and destroy your faceboot account !

top secret with immediate effect - master blaster

A great woman

The women who saved the refugees and migrants from drawning has my full respect, it is more important to save the peoples lifes, who took much effort to get the passage done over weeks and days, than to listen and pay attention to some politicans show, to get their smeary nasty politics done and on way. Disgusting when some newsmags or other medias nowadays comment on rightwing crimes and tag it with "new quality" phrase, so let people know then what is new in that crimes, what was the new quality. That is old stuff, since the slavekeepers, since the palefaces evel acts from the Appalachees to the Great Plains and further.

    Carola Rackete is a great woman, and she even took the risk of moving the boat with migrants into the harbour which got blocked by some politican and their guardia finanzia vessel. Not many have an idea whats going on on such boats and on the open seas before, and in the lands far away.

    Mrs Rackete I also have a boat, but it is only a 3 seater it got tested allready on wildwaters with brother and friends, but teh roughride i did alone (wwIII - IV). It s a brandnew boat and got allready, nobody knows me ... repaired and hardened. It looks good and is waiting for further action, welcome Mrs Rackete ! But know it is not that big my boat, but I like brave woman and bravehart characters.

    Respect Mrs Carola, the bravehearts are out there and the migrants also, rivers of all ways and summer time is good to go for it ! The Braveheart medal for her.

Remark: When the nazis went to go for Russia during the 2nd worldwar they destructed 1700 cities and flattened 70 000 villages, doch auch schon in Polen des 15. jahrhunderts im 13 jaehrigen Krieg fielen 1019 kirchen und 17 987 doerfer diesem zum Opfer. (source Opus Diaboli, Karlh. Deschner, page 28-30).
    Looking the wrong postings and hateposts over years can be in preparation for more evel movements

I do not know what is better; bees pollinating almonds from trucks in California or Killerebees on way ....

Chlorchicken will do the sunburns or solariums a big white, advanced white (not mix with Am bleach) so to say ... !

Monstrose numbers

By the book Opus Diaboli
    there were only 2 popes with the title of a Kirchenlehrer (church teacher, 1 of them was Gregor the 1st also Gregor the great .. who wrote even 4 books himself) that number is disturbing but also in these days Mr Bolsonaro, president of Brazil or Mr Duterte from the Phillipeens try their thing, and it got public that the actual president from Brazil wants to do a school reform, on the sex education, can you imagine, that in Brazil .... It is a huge country with some believers and many nice beaches and djungles but ...

That number of popes is small, only 2, but the number of killings in Brazil or Mexico (2017 mex, everyday 70 killings ...) and the number of killed in Phillipeens .... that is the monster of what Subcom Fildele Moises is writing.

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