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On Mr Snowdens book

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I got the book of you by my dad yesterday and I am very happy about that, alos amused, I like your comparison of the NSA and CIA and what the one fails totally in as you describe it.

    I guess that you are the inventor of the worlds cloud systems, the many backups and option tools for the multies data collecting systems, if I did not get it wrong by your book.

    The book gives good insights how the modern data collecting and spy systems work. The many parties in Genf can be missd for sure and it reminds me to I guess N. Chomskies book, which also describes in some parts some meetings or parties along some swiss skiing ressorts not far from runways, but more for firma planes than for big citizen jets. These parties in Genf then can be missed. They do the popes protection for decades.

    I had two parties over last 4 years, but little guests, so to say birds only and me. As the birds are in front and on way for 2 months allready south, I am looking to follow them again. They are alwas faster Mr Snowden. The cables in deep oceans or top sat conections (GPS) do not bother me too much.

    And the birds who feed or hunt at night are not that many. The owls and owlets who hunt at nights never come with dogs. That is another point with modern birds.

    Mr Snowdens book can be recomended, it hits and touches different aspects and has also a quite personal touch.

    And on some spy agencies either in the old land where Snowden came after work or the new one, they all have different methods, some fear data, others fear poisen, others fear snakes, others fear no snakes, even not the proud Raj naag the Kings cobra of teh cylonese djungles.

    Mass exodus of data in modern times can be minimized by not even starting some platforming or flatscreening, specially then when allready, big politicans become caricaturs (comics) by their own behauving and political agitation.

    And for the guys and fellows in the US itself, caricaturs in some US eastcoast daily newsmags are not that painfull, it is just about whats the main issue of that caricaturs, the comics and if that (even) newsmags can be reached .. overall from mid or southeast Europe also, at least ??

    Do not underestimate the neos realtop quality in political comics, some become supercomical in these days, preelaction time will show more, and try to restrain from breast touching during first oval-office zeremonies with cold blooded hand .... where was the hand.

    And that is not part of a witchhunt then. Witchunt is only phrases of the past, modern politics is Tiramisu.

    I can only recomend for the european marcet that they also keep up engaging with Huawei, i can not imagine them with 5G standards but without parts of Huawei in Europe as empirically, by some socalled service provider on phones, mobiles or tiny flatscreens, some of these telecom firmals can not even serve with sms. And that is a big failor, specially as the chinese filter is running strong and the chinese mobile purchased in Cylon could also easily take SMS in mid Europe.
    So far Mr Snowden, same time same station, no parties in Genf. Online onleach .... regards

    PS: By the way I ve to admit that making 2 to 3 books out of a great website is a good thing in these times, because its effect and output would be a total different one, the stile and persistance, the good look in newold bookshelfes, without daily, hourly updates, but some pics, of course handpicked for that stile of a product.

    Maybe there s not yet enough much stuff out there to transform the data into oldschool stile, into something which can be easily taken on beach, into the woods or on top of cliffs. Something which can be read and seen from there, and not by million tiny rediculouse flatscreens, so to say marcet handhelds.


Neues Modelabel

Kim Kardashian, die Geile, hat ihr neus Modelabel Kimono genannt (bis unlaengst) Auch ich ueberlege eine neue Kreation, mein neues Modelabel namens LEDERHOSE. Ich denke dass die Leute sich in den dort aber ueber das "Lederhose label" (marke) freuen werden, da bin ich mir sicher, Servus Kim.

Smartphone presidents on phone

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helo hello, yes it s me again.
Listen hunt that guy down, hunt him down or ... wait no
find something about him, do that job for me.
You ve heared of me, please
find the bad stuff and write it down, then put it into into your pocket (!),
if you are a lawyer or not, that does not count, hunt him down or find some bad stuff about him, he is a bad competitor and nobody can win against me, not on phone and not in the office, hey what, wait ...

    No, then forget about me, you have the goddamn fuckin right to forget me then,
no its not yet the time yet,
more competitors, what, what more what ....
    (balance was over and the one mans mobile,
after balance recharge on smartphones again)

    Yeah on that competitor, yeah great,
I got chosen last time and it is me nextr time, it is always me and I told you by what I take the world ... hey listen, where he got hey .... (10 sc pause) Get that guy, his smeary sun and all the info you can find about him, my competitor out.

    Yeah fax it here listen, fax it to the oval .. yes the office. Get him out of there, (dead or alive a command from the next in the situation room ... ) he has to be extradited to homeland,
yeah to here, take care of that or I .. will call you again.
Wherever that sun of my competitor is, fax me the data of his failors,
yes you d better fax it fast to the office.

    He needs to return and his sun, yeah his sun or what was it,
the bad biz they are bad expats, no wait they are bizmen ...... what.
They did biz in your country and you know what
it was bad biz, it was smeary oily biz,
bad bad baaad, it was biz on petrol,

    Make pressure to get them out from there even as there might be oil,
or what was it- petrol, what was its name .... tornister.

    Do that job for me, yeah then you get weapons,
what mm projectile you want, rifles, assault or the mega our newmega, ok.

    He is a competitor, then you get my weapons, sure.
yeah sure, count on me upz .....

    (the office got shut, a comic got print, then the office blown,
congress stuff got meals by a local Hiphop superstar the following weeks later and the spying devices could not get found in that office, from where the call happened)

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