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Do not get killed for Showbiz
I feel sorry for the K Popstars (south korean) who died since 2017, that is a shame. Now a young women of 28 years.

    Thats the result of the zombie contracters in showbiz, It is not the question how many hours they entertain on row onstage, if it is 20 hours on row till they loose consciouseness, or sing 6 hours in row, or train 50 hours in one week.
    That is all part of modern showbiz and the bad contracters.

    Depression is another thing and can be reduced, but for sure not with killing contracts for showbiz.

    It is about how these young volks of showbiz stay fit, and if doctors get that done. (in the master hemisphere of showbiz every 2nd star has a psychologist, but Rappers, and thats not the hometrainer) And if the contracters get that included, mental health. Some perform in Japan with fake meat or fly over the Atlantic for 1- 2 nights very good paied for that 1-2 nights.

    Others fight for good worldclimate and need to follow in 5 weeks (2 turns) overall, to get the schedule done by sailing boats (yachts) for another worldclimate congress (Madrid), on a small sailing ship, two times over the Atlantic, by her standards.

    And winterstorms are not uneasy by on way back over tha Atlantic, a challenge she wants to take and that is not part of showbiz or pollution certificate (do not mix with pollination) biz with contracts.

    And there is other big things which could be calculated in modern programms and graphics, also part of kicking animation films, like the findings on MEGAIMPACT between japanese and korean shores, here more. Movies on that could do astonishing revenues. But better you d forget about robotic showbiz over 20 hours.

    Dating should not be part of contracts, that is part of personal stuff and keeping with that. You can get tips by the parents, and that is also beside contracts.

The presidents dog
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That combat operation with a dog, if it was a german Shepered or some other bad breed has to be left open. That operation, if it was sucessfull after the hunted down leader allready got declared dead four times before, who knows that as the total ISIS overun over last 5 years from o14 looked quite misty but a new way of warfare with also recruiting by web and socalled social platforms. Also accounting that women and whole families joined the fight and travelled there for their war experiences or joining a new islamic state.

When a dog gets brought by helicopters to the combat zone and later much is left open in mist, it was another night operation but with a medal for the dog later and some more hidden and kept secret combatants of the delta squat, they had to face restistance and finally they blew all up thatfor nobody would recognize anything or would make a place of worship out of it, either with or without the big help of a dog.

Similar to Muamar Gaddhafi and some westeners helping to hunt him down into a tunnel, not leaving much more than rumble and dust beside the biz of people trafficking.

The US combatants had to dig in the gravel and earth to find the right limbs and leftovers after the target blew himself up, then they had to do a DNA test. It seems these combatants have a multirole, also got health and medical training, or at least a DNA testing certificate (4 an operation of course...), but maybe not with the right title they earn for that testing then, and if the dog was sniffing outside or inside the compartment good for storming and then into the tunnel as they want to make some believe, the dog was there for sure because it got the only medal a bid like a headscarf around the neck, the only price, finally publicly for the big megaudience on ... flatscreens.

But the other combatants on only two legs, the DNA testers, the shovellers and blowups, who knows if they were there, if anybody has seen them. It was a night OP, hidden in the dark and by the stories they told, quite misty. Why only the dog got that medal, nobody knows that, it can not get more absurd, it would be too risky for the others.

Also Guantanamo would be good for storming at night, also, of course with the help of another dog good then for a medal. Also yearlong dogshit-collectors could get medals, beside the many cars here or there beside some roads. That would be far less dangerouse thenfor a few more stripes or stars here and there.

And just imagine, after the overall and final blowup to make it really look not more than rumble and dust, after the secret night warriors came with their admired dog. They had to make a telefone call then, (was it back to IT) just imagine beside all the million cellphone users today, finally the call to situation room, something like ... yes boss we did it the dog was great, the dog did another great job boss.

A place for remember, a sign or leftovers for reminding, fans or a windy woodsign like for massacres of the US Indian wars as at any street somewhere out there would be far too much nowadays during ... flatscreen.

Some people who watched the Android generation over a while and others close to cellphone useage and with support of a 1000 apps can also see coming night combatant operations with a Yeti or Gorilla getting out of helicopter, before next medal for a dog, because the special task soldiers have to be kept unseen, untransparent, undata and leaked specially with support by another dog or app.

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Yes it s a good place as long as dirt in streets is not getting more compared to 16 years ago. The city at the mouth of the great Amazonas river, the best the master has seen from aeroplane during getting down smoothly in huge curves on plane.

    The city is also well with mixed areas and the many long walls from aerport to downtown with km of graffities are not disturbing really but more ... you know at nights its not like, hey just around there at the toilet, backside. No it s not like that, even as the new designed and gated area close to the pier and marcet is well looking, but what are looks and phrases.

    And MST - Movimento sem terra is not there in Brazil for no reason and the burning djungles exorbitanto by some political gangs and related adjoined corporations with Odebrechts and alikes are giving bad clues beside rio Sangue in Tiradentes, southeast Brazil. The village itself is nice cosy and not bad.

    Another story could be Banco Brazil with the once a week papcartoon celebration during Lord of miracles which happens over 2 months some say while the nice robust Artensanatos are selling their jewels down the same street with Banco do Barzil in Belem.

    Where you need to get through 3 heavy secured glass doors till later up to 3d floor for some routine biz. The marcet at Belem is nice, also the atmosphere here and there heavy, suco de Avacache is great, nice talks here and there as long as not too many Banana spiders are getting out in between the bar-seats, only one once seen if it was a Ban. one.

Belem is good also beside the season, boats and harbour are great and riverrides up to Manaus in hamakas are also a special experience.

Cosmetic Selber Micherinnen
I can imagine times when women in the west with the generation x and Gen. Android and about 10 -20% of them will try to create and mix their own cosmetics.

When food tastes like nothing, cars can be driven into restaurants with the specific apps and many women became Vegans then, some of them will then also do and mix their own cosmetics, pealings, solutions and creams.

I know allready two of them in a not too big city, which is very famouse by Mozart and what they made out of him or some of his products. Anyway these women then will have to purchase the chemicals and ingredients for their own cream making, via huge mega corporations (good for marcets) or next drogerie specialist, some chemical dows, to get the right stuff on their skin which they will then have created and mixed by themself, because creamn testing by some shops or even specialists seems to be far too much and when time is left for Vegans, health sellers and feeders in betreutes Wohnen scenarios. Then with the right medical care equipment they can mix their creams and solutions themself.

I can also imagine a baukasten set for that, costly, from a chemical multi. Nothing comes over health and beauty, isnt it t it ? While others were testing stinky rivers in the 80s and 90s on its poisen they got. Modern times leave much open for creative mixing and creaming.

What u think, isn t that attractive then ?

Ein Dankeschoen - Kuhhetz
Montags vor einer Woche wurde aus einem Auto beobachtet wie Kuehe in das nahegelgene Dorf getrieben wurden (ca 6 Kuehe). Das sah sehr lustig aus, das schwerfaellige Fleckvieh, da da 3 Manda mit stoecken die Kuehe, ob sie entlaufen waren oder zu Trainingszwecken ins Dorf, nicht weit von der Bundestrasse, getrieben wurden, konnten wir nicht erkennen.

Auch letzten Freitag wurde selbige vom Garten beobachtet, und zwar am darunterlkiegenden Grund, von dem dessen verleumderscher Besitzer zuletzt meinet dass er die Wiesen auch schon gekauft haette. Auch dort wurden letzten Freitag die Kuehe, da dort kein Zaun ums Grundstueck geht, und in die vor Verleumdung und gespaltener Zungen strotzende Wiese, hineingetrieben.

Man darf dabei nicht vergessen, dass des Nachbars Grund samt Haus an jeder x beliebigen Stelle fuer Autos adaptiert wurde, mann kann auch hinten durchs Haus fahren, auch in die Raeucherkammer oder zum pseudokommunistischen Schrotthaufe (sollte wohl ein Kunstwerk sein, alter Jeep blech oder so zum Komposthaufen) auch um die geschnittenen Buesche gleich ins Auto wuchten zu koennen, wobei ihnen dort die gemahte Wiese eh lieber ist, und Asphalt sonso.

Doch der Kuhtrieb, ca 4 Kuehe an der Zahl, auch dort ueber die Gruende waren aeusserst erheiternd, danke fuer so tolle Einlagen samt Kuehen und Kuhtreibern. In den USA haben sie solches einst vom Pferd aus versucht ... die ihnen aber jahrzehnte vorher den Spaniern entkommen waren, gen Norden !

ISIS fighers and families get returned
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I ve read about the ISIS fighters and their families in some camps in northern Syria, in one camp it is about 12 000 of them of which 2000 were fighters, that Turky wants to fly them back, repatriat them.

That is indeed a good idea if not great at all, back to Denmark, back to Greenland, back to the USA, Germany and Austria, back to Spain and France ! The turkish repatriation programm which will then be taken over and will get adapted by the relevanth countries in the West and white and paleface West will take its citizens. The relevanth contracts will need to get done, so to say the right papers then take off and touch down. That is since years quite a normal routine, also as not too many get to know of that on routine, many prefer small flatscreens or office 2007.

In some local province of mid Europe the Maiors of some odd cities have even problems to take 5 or 10 migrants as long as they are not tourists, camperss, Kreuzfahrer oder Herrschaften aus dem Norden fuer 2 weeks or alike.

And by the way Mr Snowdens passport got just within hours declared irrelevanth, not valid, just not worth the paper, that can get tricky then when on way to Russia or Kabarovsk na Amur. Some people have to ask how easy that was and if it was worth the declaration or memo of understanding (MoM)

People should welcome the flyback or takeback programm and tasks by the turkish state. I can imagine then, there back in the northern and western hemispheric lands that these fighters or parts of their families will do need to learn Stubensingen, Dichten, poetry, typing oin an office mashine or something ..... also Autofahren or trieing any other license, as part of a repatriation programm or something alike, maybe writing danish, swedish, austriacish or a slang which could help fitting to that regions by either that or that paper as long as it is valid. Not to forget how easy it was to declare Mr Snowdens, the leakers passport not valid .... as with contracts as with the indian american wars once.

Rad oder Kinderwagen
Im uebrigen sollte man akzeptieren, dass wo in Ueberlandbussen eine Nische fuer Kinderwaegen ist auch 1-3 Fahrraeder, keine Mt monster bikes oder schwere Elektros aber doch Fahrraeder von normaler Groesse akzeptiert werden sollen. Dort wo es Platz fuer Kinderwaegen gibt, sollen sie auch Fahrraeder akzeptieren, klar oder. Das Rad kann ja ein paar Zerquetschte extra kosten.
    Gurten nicht vergessen zum Anhaengen, an der Stange, damit nichts umkippt !! Bei soviel modernem Fahrgestellen und Kippgelenk- bussen wohl ganz normal. (ohne schummelsoftware)


Vertrauen sie auf usere jahrelange Erfahrung im SAUBER MACHEN (Cleaning)
Niemehr Nazidreck
u kathol Asche. in Whg, Haus u Garten !!!

    Wir beseitigen seit Jahren erfolgreich Zecken, Milben, Parasiten,
Stiefeldreck, Hobelspahne, Eichelraspel, Saegemehl, Asche, Staub, Wanzen, "Schaben..."
Sachbeschaedigungen, Kleckser und Einschlaichspuren,
Stiefelmist, Jauche, Eisenstaub ... (kein Hundemist !)

Jahrelange Erfahrung machen uns zum Profi im Saubermachen in Whg, Haus u Garten ! Wir beseitigen alles (ausser Hundemist !) Niemehr Nazidreck

Team Katjusha

brainstormings on advance ... knights on horses, quito demos, border shags only in spanish, cosmetics chiclayo, comitan hail rain and icewinds till la union ...

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