The masters findings and clues

Megaimpact by Megadimensions

The master has found something interesting which he does not want to leave undisclosed as he never heared about it before.

    The dimensions are quite big but can be seen by many people easily (no cellphones) who are capable to get in reach of a map.

    Nowadays the open seawater area is of about 800-900 km in diameter, normal seawater level is about 3000 to 4000 m watercolumn but not at its center which gets called the Yamato basin and is only about 300 and 400m of waterlevel in center of the impact of the new discovered Megameteorits impact site !! I got only once a notice of also glasslike stones and schlacke and melted stone in some area of today Japan which got effected by the huge impact of that once, guess many 100 of million years ago, Megameteorit. The size of the megameteor itself should have been about 50 to 80km, but minimum 30km in diameter, of the oine in Mexico and today Yucatan its saied its size was 60km (by FAZ as source, somewhen nov.019 edition)

    The coastline there today shows a round cyrcle, and the route of the Megameteor before impact could have been from north or south in shallow angel, even carving out ravines and steep cliffs before melting with the earths outer crust.

    Seawater should then have closed in and cooled the total area, as watercolumn shows big and could have been the similar at that time.

    That should have been really big, bigger than all the money daily shifted here and there by stock exchanges. The deep sewater should have doen a bid of also cooling buffer laer after impact, with tsunamis and earth quakes folowing. The master got in sight of another map and by that in sight of the huge cyrclelike today coastline between N Korea and Japan, he was then diving for the Yamato basin covered by seawater which gave him then the clues on that really big meteoritical hit on the planet somemio years ago.

    It was another megahit with more or less, and propbably more devastating effects than with the one at todays impact area at Yucatan Mexico which is overall a more shallow surface area compared with the region of Japan and the Koreas. The master looked at the surrounding mountain ranges, islands and mt.ridges which can point to the meteorits route. The hypothesis says that the route of impact copuld have been from north or south in quite a shallow angel coming from north leaving carved out ravines, ridges, islands and gaps.

    The hypothesis says that the impact should have happened some many 100ds of mio years ago but got a bid more buffered than the one at Yucatan Mexico as seawater level, water column was much higher so 3 to 4 km (3000- 4000m) which should have done the total impact and melting with the earth crust a later cooling by the seawater influx.

    The cyrcleformed coastline of the today Sea of Japan (between N Korea and Japan) gives clues to a really big meteorits impact and melting with the planet which trhen also force d huge physical reactions as by Tsunamis adn earth quakes and on the climate some weeks, months and years later by the following fallout of the impact.

    As all theoris, clues, findings, hints and reasonable perspectives of theare big either political, cryptically, futuricall fictional, scientific or by the real and great it is always good to go through, or study them, trieing to get out ist essence, hints, clues and messages as many of his findings are related to todays reality, modern scenarios with effect on the future and the partly good of that future, and the worlds further proper, smooth, healthy and solid turns and many more of therse turns to come from big to small and vice versa.

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