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Sitcop 5 - the Battle Moves On

The year of the Swan in Europe started without a vacuum cleaner over roughly one month in quite a house, uneccaptable ! Now the 3d sim for some 2 simple mobiles in try useage after the one good mobile (in eu marcets it gets called pension mobiles and there is not really much between the socalled smart mobs and the from Cylon got pickpocketeered, uneccaptable.

But the real problem is the white racist cops, the master once when young got into some coincidences with that cops, with a small packbag along some bundesstrasse (concrete plates) after reaching some big lakes shore from waterside at Doebrich, then a Funsen, the boss of the campsite, wanted the data of the bather and small packbag carrier even allready at that time before another cop needed to check the small packbag later after the canoetour onlake and the campsites annoying funsenact the same day. That was rediculouse, she wanted some numbers, indeed idiotic allready then, it wass 2015.

The funsen got nothing but the totally wrong number in her campsite office and the police cop later nothing but some moist swimgear from the big empty green grass at the lakes shores grabbed from a packbag.

But the real problem is the white racist cops on a duty or some shooting patrols, thats the real problem. Because when the white racist cops shoot or sit for kill on black people, thats not only stupid looking on many screens but also nothing but idiotic by the way of soem executers streetfight in legal official uniforms and equipment. The decade long unequal fight for justice and the fight is for long not balanced.

After the years some had teh idea of the fuzz of unlawfull killings and the more, maybe of the semiconducotrs and paralegal murders, or the name to face the the strong black people and the half legal cops in uniforms. So if that gets to study the enemy and fight teh enemy, what will be left then. Nomore police in Minnepolice !

Nomore police in Minneapolice !

If you think of the police force there and the yearlong shootings and then the corona coming on broad scale, thats the terms of stock brokers, broad band, broad scale, the broad fronts, then the front systems cold heat each others sides up to the nogo and nomore distancing. Then when some president knows nothing but to blow some more heat into the allready heated up front systems, which is the white racist cops on yearlong fgrontrun and since months now the covid 19 broad front, then the next front would be the preelection front runnings, and that after many revolts, demonstrations, rumors and not only killed and shot people by white cops but also many more by the hidden killer corona.

New developments point in the direction that some police could start from cero in the Wild West, it could be termed also the Fruehe Wild West, the Hohe Wilder Westen und der Spaete Wilde Westen with some interim phases as now the goal of no police in some regions, because of their bad behauvior before. The interim phases with a Hilfssheriffs here and there in some cities.

Justice could get uncovered from the dust, rumble and gravel, if the luck is with them there in the late Wild West (Spaeter Wilder Westen)

something 4 flatscreen nerds

New conflict zones in neolibs marcets , but there is more of potential conflict with the white racist cops .... and the Nazis. Here the regional conflict zones proffers, cause Parkraumbewirtschaftung is not the target and not the goal. Its the year 2020, the year of the Swan in Europe.

And a very clear messageso, so to say a Taferl !

Our Korrespondents

Oegedei who sends data and infos on modernity since 2008 beside breeding bunnies

Grande Fidele Massimo Leader whose legions of doctors get sent also to EU lands in these times

Khan Tengri who is renting boats beside publishing information
Subcom Galiano who speaks 5+ languages fluently, his books are worldwide welcome as his achievments

Excerts on marcets wired developments

PS There is no engagement with child fuckers ! It took them 10 years to get the Lolita fliers to court. And why, bacause soem could not speak, could not speak about that idiots coincidences or planned ingaging, the engagements of guys who flew young women to an island .... 10 years is quite a time to get that done by court, if not so then in jail.

PPS: There is no need to do more of biz or visit cards, the old ones were good enough, the relevanth data can be found via disclaimer or impressum, some may look as stickers in some region, saliver will not do the job of stickers, maybe to get the corona out of way. Disclaimer and impressum is the same in two languages. Leibesvisitatinen (visit cards) do not count and pay if that happens on routine unwanted overnight, fearfull bunch of idiots will pay for unwanted nightal visits. Count on that before you read some lips !

3d PS: It is proven that helicoters can fly, for some that was too risky, even during nightal combat. Daytime combat seems to be allready very very risky, but it can get tried over years. The helicopter cases do not count for the gr meisters overall "Quadratur des Flugzeuges" theory. Aquarias over 100 ltrs need to stand strong and solid, that has a calming and tranquilizing effect, specially during a mio flatscreen times and covid. Also that is proven.

4th PS: Aquarias need a good focus and knowledge on the fish respective other aquaria inhabitants like snails or amphibias, the potential type of specialized aquarium or the heated Gesellschaftsbecken.
Aquaterrarias are even more complicated and the time and money needed for special equipment shall be taken into account.

5th PS: Also profits with bred aquaria fish is easily to be accounted in case the fishtank keeper staies in relevanth region, if not profits can be dropped. Knowledge therefor has to be learnt. Experience is a good teacher.

6d: The next fish on the lifehunt are in the mediterranean region including Turky, that means some Killifish, the hundsfish is on dark red list and shall survive in the 1 leftover small woodstream in AT or in Hungary also with some protection zones for European Swampturtles.

7th PS: Rocktes fly anywhere, if that drops profits is unknown till today. Nasas workforce is allready in big numbers in indian hands.

8th PS: Federball: is a sportsway that can do in medium sized gardens and can be watched also from windows then. It will not do balls over the wall or disturb close neighbours like with footebole or cycling at the 4th.floor.roma (not yet a website). Golf is a nogo, Pool or Billard in contrary and the tables thatfor got seen also in Parvaty vallies topend locations, in woodhuts, and the more in concrete buildings !!!
Sticks for that can be selfmade. Golfrackets as a nogo need some mixed components or hardwood at the sticks end, but nogos do not count, that needs golfcarts.
pics are bigger than shown on site, fish move swiftly ....

News on planes (pic) before the US soldiers takeoff from Germany, and recomended the Mr. Muenz.html interview on

Muelltonenn zum Tracking !?

Schauen sie damls als der Adolf an den Salzberg uebersiedelt wurde mussten alle Bauern dann wegziehen, sie mussten ihre Hoefe verlassen und d Bauernhoefe wurden gesprengt, Das ist doch klar, damit der Adolf mit dseiner Schaeferhuendin spaziern gehen konnte.
Doch dann musste auch der Adolf wie einige vor und nach ihm seinem Leben ein Ende setzten, das war doch ganz normal damals fuer die Nazis an forderster Linie, schliesslich gab es millionen Gruende dafuer. Goering, Rommel (wurde auch einmal von Opa angepatzt), Adolf, die gesamte Goebbels Familie, auch viel spaeter dann der Joerg, haben ihrem Leben ein Ende gemacht, das ist klar, nachdem was passiert war.

Dann wurde spaeter auch das Haus von Adolf am Salzberg gesprengt, klare Sache, doch vorher mussten alle Bauern umgesiedelt werden, sie wurden zwangsmigriert, schliesslich wurde aber das Haus am Salzberg gesprengt, da war Adolf schon tot, auch seine Schaeferhuendin.

Es gibt aber heute Gegenden, manche sagen Alpenfestung oder minimierte Alpenfestung, nichtso weit von Minimundus, oder auch verdichtete Flachbau Festung wo man in Muelltonnen einen Chip eingebaut hat, das muss man sich einmal vorstellen, das Tracking des Restmuell. Ja das gibt es, microchips in Muelltonnen, das gibt es aber im ganzen Gasteinertal nicht, kann ich mir nciht vorstellen, dort sowas modernes. Und auf dieser Muelltonnen stehen Doppelnamen als die vom Mieter und die vom Vermieter, ja das muessen sie sich einmal vorstellen, so eine extrem moderne und gezielte Abfallwirtschaft.

Unser Korrespondent Oegedei, Informiert zur Moderne, seit 2008
Vergessen sie mal dabei die Fakesoftware bei tausenden Autos, die koennte man auch tracken, tracen, also nachverfolgen , das waere doch eueberhaupt kein Problem, gibt es sicher schon in den freiesten Laendern der ganzen welt, dort mit den Fakenews und der Software zum Abschalten bei Autos.

Auf diesen Mueltonnen stehen sogar Doppelnamen, extrem modern, also 2 Namen, und der mikrochip zum Tracking, also zum Verfolgen des Muells, des Dreck und Mist, wissen sie. Die Muelltonen gehoeren ja wem, wem das weiss ich nicht, fragen sie mich nicht, weil es stehen ja 2 Namen darauf, die vom Mieter u Vermieter, auch ganz modern. Die Eigentumsverhaeltnisse sind nicht ganz klar, tatsaechlich, stellen sie sich das vor !

Das ist doch ganz klar, die Leute wollen das, neben dem ganzen Hundekot Monstranzi neben den 1000 den Autos, das ist doch klar, modern eben, Plastiksackerl fuers Hundegaxi, die Leute wollen das, saubere Strassen sie verstehen. Nicht so wie damals im Winter in den 80ern der gelbe Schnee, heute eben modern.

Die Muelltonnen mit dem Chip kann man durchaus als osterreichisches Tesla Projekt bezeichnen, es gibt auch Schauspieler die den Dreck hinter ihrem Camper fachgerecht bei Null Mist entsorgen, in einer Biogasanlage, und der weiss warum !

Thomas Bernhard hatte einen grossen Vierkanter der noch zu seinen Lebzeiten ziemlich leer stand, ja so ist das. Die einen so die anderen so, der eine investiert der andere weniger. Der eine baut aus, der andere ueberlegt es sich noch. Gerade auch nach 10000 senden Toten und dem gestohlenen Handy daneben, manche verrueckten Bauersburschen in Gummistieferl haben wohl keine Ahnung was ein handy zur Seuchenzeit bedeuten kann, es hatte auch keine deutsche Sprache darauf, war also fuer diese Wahnsinnigen wertlos, fuer die Tonne mit chip bei denen !

Schauen sei, bei den Papieren fuers Auto, wenn man die macht darf man keine schweren Fehler machen, bei 3 schweren Fehlern bekommt man den Schein nicht. Und wenn man einen schweren Fehler macht, dann verliert man den Schein auch fuer etwa ein halbes oder gar ein ganzes Jahr, so ist das mit schweren Fehlern beim Verkehrmittel benuetzen.

Dort machen auch Bauersburschen und Maderl schon laenger schwere Fehler, und dabei verlieren sie nichts, wie es scheint, als das was sie noch nie besessen haben, ein Gehirn, den Verstand und das koennte sich aendern.

Nun Autofahrer machen solche Fehler andere solche, manche treffen diese Entscheidungen andere jene. Und bei all dem Mist und dem Versuch den unter Kontrolle zu bekommen darf man nicht vergessebn, dass mittlerweile neue Verkehrsflugzeuge noch lange vor der Halbwertszeit vom Himmel fallen, und die kosten, das sind nicht einfach Segelflieger oder kostenguenstige Drohnen.

Sorry there is no excuses, newtimes approach !

Comon people are revolting in the US, they are demonstrating against the police brutality in their streets and cities, and the president thinks to know which kind of extremists it is this time who is demonstrating and revolting in the cities there. It is mostly extremists, this time he said it is left wing extremist, but know it is always extremists when the normal and natural is lost.

It is different when school pupils equip themself with weapons and stage a school shooting, thats allready planned and quite targeted then. The rampages in this days is very much by effect.

But to get as a police officer some more black people in front of the rifle, at shooting range or just to get the black people of the USA down on floor and to knee and kill them so, that is disgusting, thats seems to happen just by chance, on rutine, anywhere in the USA on a daily base.

Then sametime they have the sweet talk of the .... hurting my feelings, fake speech, split tongues and lies the same time on the megaplatforms, often run by the USA. With all that free speech fuzz and maybe even under the banner of freedom to information, then it gets freedom to lies and fake, freedo 4 extremism, fakenwes and rubbish on the megaplatforms, as a big bubbling and boiling pot, the new megaplatforms mixingbowl (not be mixed with the Super bowl)

Then it gets to the sell of the same data, if it is of any relevance then, but before the free elections for sure, after all the sweettalk and daily lies, fake and the big SHARE on that.

But then they show you their rocket, since 2011 the first one by the neo enterpreneurs from the USA, the selfdone rocket shooters, the selfdone car producers, they got a spaship sent to the ISS, beside all the revolts, rumors and shootings in their streets.

Our yearlong correspondent from outback
But it is quite the same streetfights all over the Americas, from Brazil over Colombia to Mexico and the USA, Only Canada and Cuba seem to be very different, more save and more moving by a comon sense and more balanced.

Where the neoliberal kapitalist is doing his hidden jobs and deals since years the streets need to fight then in the streets, becaues for the people in teh streets and small homes and house it gets more tight and tough since years by the beoliberal selfdone business men and their targets and goals.

The more the greedy kapitalist right the rules and laws, and also the unwritten rules and laws, the more it will effect the comon people and their fight for survival in the cities and streets.

Sametime it looks that everybody has a share, like by million smartphones good enough to get the call of the marcet (a cookie), good enough to keep them in the illusion to have some connection, some share, some importance, but for the big companies that is just millions of cookies and billion of data.

The Pandemic corona showed that the virtual exchange worked, it worked by remote screens and conferences, by watching each other on screens for the savety of the people who can afford to use that, often it was and is politicans. Skype was out there for long, but less sophistivcated and often just between daddy far away and the kids at home somewhere.

Now cities are burning in teh USA, and the next elections are not that far away, some may think corona is over and immediately they start on their drums, against China and Hongkong, same time their cities are burning at home.

Hongkong is important for the wets, it is a financial hub to China, for profits and deals, it was a crown colonie by the British, it changed then and got closed as acrown colonie, it was moving slowly and the way to integration towards China mainland. But the point is that it is a main hub for big huge deals and profits, a kind of gate to China and from Hongkong to the world, special passports, special deals and connections, big biz and profits for the dealmakers close and far away.

Now China is changing some settings, and that does a loud outcry for the friends of bussines with Hongkong, local and international. It is a huge city, a megacity and not a port somewhere in Africa or Somalia, or a sea for another gas pipeline, no Hingkong is different it is and was a big partner for deals, profits and success so to say, that makes the difference, the many dealmakers and bizmen do not want to see Hongkong swim away, not too close to China. They do not want to see Bejing (Peking) making the rules for Hongkong, which was for long so much fitting so many deals and profits. It is not any special economic zone somewhere in a djungle, no no, and that makes it so special.

But now after another white police cop killing a black man in teh USA, it is in a way blowing up in their faces. It is nothing about big bussines, it is more down to earth and that makes it so ugly, it is simple stupid white cops on their daily rutines, and that s the reason why it is that hot after only a few dais.

It is not about special laws or one country two systems, it is not about big money and profits, getting shifted and adjusted for the worlds new superpower, no it is simple cops killing simple black men, since years in teh cities and streets of the Wild West.

But they want to point to Hongkong and China, they want to show you their new rocket, they want to tell you something for the coming elections, getting a big story from far away, good enough to keep the enemy there, the fight out there somewhere, that makes better stories and results for presidental frontrunners. The new rocket would fit.

Corona did new laws and rules, Corona the heavy test for total nations and lands, also the nation friends of marcets like Europe, they should stick togather, and support each other, there is no other way for Europe, not many of choices if you see it in the big picture between the USA, China and also Russia and other rising main Powers.

It is not the question for Europe to chose between the USA or China, the old friends are well known, but can they still do togather, and does the US president want that or the nation, do the european countries like that, maybe also later after more neoliberals greed and deed also in Europe burning cities ? In France there were allready heavy revolts and rumours. It is better to keep up well with many lands, however diverse they are. The exchange can make the change, not the boycotts and hungers.

The more you can get along with a diversity of people and nations the better as a good signs. There are so many lands and people, so much magic in that lands, that it is better to keep the good and change the evel.

Odd police can get seen everywhere, on TV they look mostly good. But there is the point when security of total lands and nations is gone so astray and fragile, often as THE PRODUCT of the changes done in the name of greed and money that the turning points the points of no return get closer and closer. Some nazis may try do get the turnaround done from underground or yearlong subversion and plotting scenbarios, but the real heavy point of no return gets closer by the yearlong lies and fake, the sweet-talk of the neoliberal dealmakers and rulers, the sweettalk of the new CEOs in the name of their money and profits, thats the change which will get total lands to the point of no return, then it takes one killed black man by the socalled security, the police, and cities are burning.

Corona forced the angry people to stay at home, it forced them to leave the cities and streets in calm, what is coming now and the next weeks will point to interesting developments and how countries will manage, how not only the angry and dissapointed will show their frustrations but all the others will get along. Also in which way the changes and forces by the pandemic corona which got transformed into advices, rules and methods brought on way by the many nation makers, keepers, riggers and its politicans to save their citizens from the worst. Or if some unresponsible policemen will destroy it all again for the advance of new burning cities.

It will show special.

Minneapolis on looting path

The pictures of the burning cop station in Minneapolis, part of Minnesota, are a good reaction on the murder of Mr Floyd by a white police cop. It is a strong reaction and a brave reaction. The Wild West is for long not over and the people of Minnesota show strong, the boss of our organisation let you know that during neoliberals age of Multimedia and many cams here and there, and it is not for no reason that the police officers of Minnesota have to wear cams during cop job times. That is the reason because they kill dark people, Latinos and African Us people since years in teh streets of the USA.

The reaction shows clear the strength of the citizens of Minneapolis and partly the USA, part of the Wild West extended now during advanvced times of Multimedia. There is another but much bigger, yes huge city in south China but the situations can not but compared, also the cities themself can not be compared, maybe times of eruptions happening, but cases are different. And in the huge southchinese metropol there was only one death over months, specially during times around corona virus spread, which forced many killed people over weeks worldwide.

Our yearlong correspondent from outback
So numbers show different, both are main ecomomic powers but such ugly pictures on TV, in the medias of an unequal fight, and it was not even that, it was a black man killed, murdered by a police man kneeing on his kneck in the USA. That shows bad if any rules, if there were any rules for long in the streets of the Wild West.

Put the cop to jail, take such ugly bad and evel cops out of the streets, these are dangerouse cops on some duty and ulgy during multimedia times. In other countries people could complain on such pictures and cases on TV, watching a bad nasty cop kneeing on a dark man and killing him so. The fight moves on either on the streets in the Wild West or neoliberalized Europe.

The question is about adequate means and kickbacks and adequate means of use of power. The reaction has also to be targeted, burning cop stations is a strong reaction and I guess the president and law writing politicans at the US eastern coast have little ideas of the laws of the streets in the West.

The looting can become bigger and hatred could get out of hand by neoliberals multimedia times with pictures of kill by knees. They have kill by bees and drive by shooting was something during Bush 2nd, it got school shootings and Eppsteins Lolita island, better get the worst out of future scenarios in the Wild West. The killing of JF Kennedy was bloodthursty and very targeted and some questions seem to be left open till today.

The Abstumpfung gets advanced and reactions will be strong, can cause burnings and lootings in the USA itself and not for no reason after such ugly pictures of strong men getting murdered by white cops sitting on them. That bunch of ugly coltusers in uniforms should get locked away.

The laws of the streets are very different to laws of marcets

The more they eat poisen the more thye will harvest ugly and unrest. Poisen pictures can produce lootings, streetfights and advance comon unrest

Corona- the heavy test on many fronts, lands, nations, marcets, firmas and companies, people, families and the Big Change to come at many frontlines

Europes neoafrican stile ?

I am not sure if Europe can see itself and understand itself,
Its many diversities, colors and lands,
its richness and lackings.
Vulcanic eruptions prepaired by its banking systems,
good looking for support of some corporation, companies and the fe-male politicans in back of that vulcanoes
could look like Europe becoming african marcet places.

Crazy Marcets

Our chief got provokated by the news that the US president is on preelection run and by that (strange run) he is estimating to drive chinese firmas and companies out of the socalled free marcet USA and the socalled free stock.ex -NYSE.

    That engagemants in focus of the actual running US president looks a bid wired if not ugly in the overall free marcets of the world. That could mean ugly and hard times in the again triggered Tradewar conflict. The firmas and companies are well known, which one is not under the flagship of a state or agency beside this page.

    And further that means that the mean marcets get countered by the chiefs new focus on tickets for flieing, and further that he will not fly in Boeing 737 Max jets. Further that means that Travel agents and agencies need to show that the Airlines who get the data put on the Air tickets need to as usual name the types of mashines in which future flights get done. That would spare and hit on B 737 max jets.

unser jahrelanger korrespondent aus dem Dschungel

    Ther chief has no fear of flieing but that jets get produced since the 80s (B 737) and the sensors with wired software and huge engines is not the thing which he wants to use en futuro ! He will stick to his commitments.

    Further during the new US preelection times and fakerun for free marcets during the partly US city burning times, Minneapolice, the chief will not accept to ged chlor chicken in far away lands by the restaurants. That happened and menues there like in Goa, which was usually chlorchicken free with 2 excemptions, the menues should mention that they do not use chlor chicken.

    In some restaurants menues in mid Europe they have the menue alphabets (do not mix with some alphabet corptns) with capitel letters explaining some stuff on health or poisenfree food. By the way - Huawei did a good job so far, as our well experienced chief can say.

    What worked well in the past should work well in the future.

    This page does not drop cookies, it does not spread covid 19, this page does not use any AC and no link triggers a virus spread, what could be the case in some usual email of one in 1000 spam mails. This pages are clean and clear, drop the free marcet destruction path.

    It took them 20 years to get Eppstein cases done .....
The wrong cops at the wrong time at the wrong place can stage city burnings, long after NERO !

part of IT - Innovation

.... looking free ...