Biwak - camp II

Hey ash and dust (with container)

There is a problem, the vacuum cleaner of the hosue is not working any more,
it is running hot, its motor.
It is not possible to use it any more.

I do nt like your dust and that stupid cars moving around
with the duster mark on it, I dont like your ash, dust and staub. (Asche staub und Matsch)

I use the vacuum cleaner nearly on a daily base,
the basis of your dust, so to say. (to get rid of your basis.poli)
I do not like duster cars, I destroy them, like the ronnies in the US during the 80s.
your dust is too cheap for me.

Somebody took the key of the werkstadt (also garage), the key of the mens tool room.
I think you are mad, 2o18 seems to become a special year.
I like to work in the garden you nutheads (as Russel Means Lakota).
I need to take the tools from the mens tool room.

From now on I do not vote any more in that land, somewhere in a hillbilly region.
In that country it makes no sense.
Your way of participation of yearlong marmelade crawling,
also spring robbering (beton 30 years), dusting houses,
funny to mad hausierer staub u asche spielchen.
You heyhut hausierende madheads, stay in your heyhuts,
and stay there where there is even a container beside the hausierers heyhut.
I do not need your dust, saegemehl and not duster cars.
face and get your products, it will not be marmelade.

I cycle, I use superfast trains, Rajdhani - Shatabdi over 2000 km
I am happy for the refugees and foreigners when they come.
They tell different stories, they enrich odd lands of dust, ash ans suli-leiten.

I keep the Sulileiten running , also without the Werkstadt key and the vacuum cleaner.

I like foreigners and refugees, also party tourists, guests maybe.
I will not force them to get to a party they have never seen and will never see.
I am with the foreigners, the refugees.

I do not vote any more in that land where I have no access to my Werkstadt.
I party and in lands, where some Gemeinden majors need to get forced to take 10 to 15 foreigners
they will need to get forced to accept proper web access (15 years standards)
as it got paied, ticket counters, public telefone cells, post affices, with stamps and a value, marks and brands of a standard.

when you take the werkstadt keys,
think of 10 mio autofahrer of whom you took their keys
They are lost, it is over then, GPS is finished, Freisprechanlage over,
Economy 4 is alltime dead, when you take the keys of 10 mio autofahrer life is over.

Multi culti

Some dont know multiculti and have fear of it, ... cause what they do not understand, they do not like and do not see it coming. But it is coming, it is there, in each car many buttons, also the Freisprechanlage, some empty seats,

    It is a company with many workers, the factory, Multiculti is alive , a firma with a tools room, a cycle repair room, a Firma with some workers, also female lobbyistas and affiliats, the mother corp and its Zweigstellen, the monster mother corporation and its branches, or a firma with an office, 2 or 3 seats, Multiculti is alive.

    It is a village like form Hironymus Bosch, it is colorfull pullovers, some mobiles maybe, yet working (who knows) Multiculti is much and many, it is Native Americans with websites, it is Mexicans in little cars, multiculti is alive it is Pelikans and Terns, seagulls and ducks.

    It is goats, cows and chicken also pork here and there, it has horses and Pferdefluesterer (horse whistlers) But be carefull not to get in the wrong box with the wrong stallion, to cuttle or brush him, that can be very dangerouse, yes even deadly. It has also many lakh (hundred thousand) chicken in Bodenhaltung. it can be Golddotter Eier (strange) it is a big marcets with many goodies, Multiculti is alive.

    Multiculti has many products, firmas and many companies. it can be also huge Firma conglomerats, like Nestle, Unilever or Lidl north and south. Multiculti is big, also big money, sometimes peak money, then again cyclic shrinking money and curves.
    Multiculti is Berlusconi, Murdoch and Scettino, also Mr Soros or Buffet, It is Multiculti by ears and coins (big bucks).

    It is Davos end of january and security meeting mid of February, multiculti has many faces and products. Multiculti gets feared by the ones who do monoculture or monocyclic stupid acts in some regions, who run the front for monopolare weltordnung or the multi Multiculti Order, some like chaos others not. But know the gods do not wuerfeln (Einstein)

    Multiculti can be like multitasking during winters, heating wood or cooking, also dust wishing and wet floor rubbing, also cycling to some village full of cars and flaechendeckend car and weidevieh bewirtschaftet. Multiculti can be like many individual entities beside each other, with many many solar panels on the roofs in a 60km long valley during winters, all very individual equipped and all making their personal decisions on a daily base.

    From constructing a huge Klaeranlage with 1,5 km distance to a village in waagrechte (winterpfropfen) beside the screeming service in the cofee und the Heilpraktiker (heilpraktikant). It can be the Fusspflege Saloon beside the Kosmetik one and massage around a house, not far from the Multi culti helicopter landing lawn.

    That is all part of modern Multiculti, if the Post office is there or not, that is irrelevanth to modern Multiculti, it seems today, even as they demonstrated before closure of the same.
Multi culti can be 7 policemen with 3 cars, wanting to get into one house (without richterl. papers !! paper from Mr justice) all part of modern Multiculti ??

    Multiculti has many idiotic neighbours and good friends, it is an old small dark woman in her old wrigged car driving around and getting important by doing lectures to the next Hausierer who chained his garbage bags to the gate, not to take it inside again, it is old women who shampoo their hair with their urin, it is lauwarme guys who shave each other in a local sauna, please next time get some vaccinations before, in that heat and romace of schwulis somewhere near selbander hillbillies.
    The Hausierer got a big container from a huge shipping company like Maersk, to put it near his beautifully decorated heyhut. Multiculti has many friends and neighbours.

    Also some 15 mio schilling Tiefbau Baumeister (grosser baumeister oder moertel) who put bewegliche Werbung in the fields, along streets and rails on small taferl (only two caps letters)
    It has Wunschkennzeichen Autofahrer (the wish 4a car number plate, wechseltaferl) and cold blooded hands grasping for pleasure and sins. Multiculti is magic and even more magic in Mystisthan

    Multiculti has many "me two" (many "ich auch") and followers, in whatever reign, but when it needs more than 3 steps to get a sims out of the new mobile, it gets destroied properly then two days later (as once with a small siem)

    Even as it was a self standing Sam B2100 Baustellenhandy with gummiarmierung. That me two gets exterminated then, it did not exist for long. But that seesm to be only a minor problem in Multiculti, that they can not do products any more which served as 100 year old standards (telefon) once.
    It has to get proved for teens and elders, (max 3 steps to a sims) but the most costly, if not preciouse firmas in the world can not fit to simple tools any more, more to big buttons, shimeringa nd glimmering, shining in deliciouse.

    It got form the runde Waehlscheibe to the colourfull and sprinkling sparkling Flatscreen. so to say from the Waehlscheibe to the Flachmann over the years. (ptolemaeisch or kopernikanisch, runde Waehlscheibe oder kantig Flachmann).

    It can be Jobs, Buffet, Soros, Ballmer or Gates. Multiculti is multi and big. Multiculti has many faces from Einstein, Livingstone to Darwin over Lorenz to Pestalozzi also Huascaran north and south !

Simply technical

Cars with automatic gear system look funny to us but wired and even more strange are the monkey tests in labors in the US by VW and its affiliats.

    For us cycles are good enough, also aeroplanes here and then. But each time when getting the old cycle out of the central haeting room instead from the gardenside to the gate and from the central haeting room via the bathroom into the migration area, we get little nuts and not surprised in Mystisthan.
    Cycles are precious and if we need to check each time, before getting on it, the ventiles, we get angry and will face them with our actions and hits, as once in the future.

    We split, cut down and value companies by our own standards. From Aerbus, also Boing, its interioer on check, short after check in and boarding. And if they want to scan a shopped goodie from duty free with boarding pass, what the hell they ant by that thing of a scanned goodie.

    We also check other vehicles and planes, not the ones from Davos joining small entities, who get there once a year. We do longer on the mid term run.
    Emprically we have experienced also some light and cabin effects in sie-mens done rail coaches which did not amuse and looked really a bid mystic to us.

    When one of our last mobiles, freshly purchased, can not do a sims in 3 steps or less than 3 steps, that is teen and elders standards, and not for billions of profits globally by that flatscreens of products and its apples.
    It was a solid looking gummiarmiertes samsung B 2100, Baustellenhandy (40 euro) We destroy it and put it to the modern private Schaukasten of modernity, birds can watch it there.

    What the software in cars does to the motors is mystic to us. GPS can help here and there, also blinking right or left.
    Monkey test on gasing is evel and ugly, but many advance monkey mimicry since years, personal decision makers, from botox to cheek lifting.
We know the dates, not only the deliciouse ones on palm trees our CEO can climb, since years. Sadly climate in hillbilly lands does not fit date palms. We go for dates, schedules and targets, either in deep frozen hillbilly land or Tien Shan.

            21st_century_laundry     Beauty stonetable     Jacoozi cycle  

Volatile and risky biotops

Some of our guys got to jail, we would like to visit them if we wiould not be that busy with heating partly wet wood (from 4m cubic)

    We take into account freeing these guys, but not alike Oscar Perez in Venezuela, that can get risky. Thinking about freeing the imprisoned. what is about romance in fussfessel or peilsender in environments with postkatsenfirmen not far from new shores. Tracking or profiling in other hemispheres like with shopped oodies in a Duty free. Some go to jail on free will, to get a new meal instead of getting the same odd junk food over years.

    We hit back and 7 police men in Eigenregie in our house get problems,
without paper form judge during a warm summer day.
We are the high performers and fliers, and when there is Feuer am Dach of the wall-streeters and thumb-showers, we cut em down for new standards after investments done,
from neos Gutsherrn car corpses to mystic marmelade glass crawlers,
also serpentin stone tabel cutters, count on our hits and strikes, serpentin is preciouse.

    We do not advance Mystisthan, we restrain from voting so, and question if in Italy or Austria the inmates can put their votes, or anywhree at all beside hausmeisterInnen landen. In some hemisphere they do products from jails, others are not allowed to vote from jails, it can be 2-3 % of the total population. We do stockmarcet watch classes in the while.

Angriff u Gegenattacke

Our enemies are there and once in a while they even show ugly against the ORF, or overall also its stiftungsrat, which sounds strange to us. Then these guys once, struggling with a rifle in the woods somewhere,

    They need to call, out of personal decision making, the ORF and show bad notes and ugly signs also on the "Me too" hate platforms, and do bad notices against some single moderators. That is not our stile, we hit against them, not from the woods with a rifle, no. The more we show the enemies, also in public, but not as public political or other public persons, we do not need to hide for schmissen, ritzen oder so, competitions.

    The more they will learn to understand, they can try to controll the ORF by some telefone interventions, that is rediculouse since years, go to aula and make shriftenreihen, Opus diaboli (book) instead opus dei, a "Club 2 Sitin" would fit, and when telefone interventions do not help, maybe 5 new parties in 7 years or a neo bewegung leistungsbehaftet, or the economy list, or other mystic ambitions over a while, when we vote, we vote Pirates and alikes nowadays, that s appropriate and fits us well.

    Mark our words, read some lips, get on with sozial webforums, it is cosy and warm there, in the sozial webs. Forget speeches in front of 70 member units. We use the tools and weapons of our enemies, we do and did it since years. you will not press the last bucks out by another shopped mobile tried if it can not do the applis plucked.
    The more you may try keeping blocking us .... from an enterprise net, wood huts, the nite heyhuts with a container nearby (kleptomaniacs, also some stars can not get their fingers of in LA shops, that is normal).

Wood is good for fire when it is dry, Hire and fire is too fast for you secret ritzenmacher ambitions (schmissen macher), immer hinter verschlossenen tueren, only offices like to become transparent over the times, in many forms and variations.
    Your stupid telefone interventions since 10 years to some studios will not help, also not some hate speech on web forums, socalled social plattforms. Sepp Fo. does nice easy, sometimes turning here and there on way, Wegbeschreibungen.

    But one of the best acts since years on the front of the Telefone interventionistas was the wanze (listening device, auditing), good fun since years, im schmissenstadel and adjoined office. In such an office of a politican, Mr Strache, in these times.

    We do not advance, vote in and support Mystisthan.

        Nice shoreline     Serpentin Table     Party II     Bathtube cycle   (-streamed videos)

The new drone

The masters New drone (no pilot but in remote controll station ) project Rapa Nui.
Backwheels, fixed, need to be straight (adaptions MS).

The name of the first prototype flying will be "Videslav II", (no yellow lunch paks).
    Remark: send me pic, you are nominated for post in Aufsichtsrat (board of govs)

Wanted - DEAD or ALIVE

Nokia 100

Only calls, sims and torch LED

No smart mobs
No flatscreen 5 zoll diagonale
No 1st generation kabellos Haussi-erers handy
No 20 apllis from tree of Appalachen
No 5th generation Wegwerf oder Einweg-handy

No gummiarmiertes BAUSTELLEN HANDY

! only nice wringtones and less i-tunes !
Nehmen sie jetzt ihre Nachricht auf ! contact the inspectorat of weidevieh, auch schlachtvieh, Team impressum
Read our standards and licenses before further executions of purchase. Listen sie sich wo ein, contact via Impressum


Na da hat er was entdeckt der Waldlaufnazi, aufrgund eines Hinweises vom Spezi, aus der Gruppe der 70 inzest Waldnazigermanen soll in seinem Büro, die Nichte vom Sepp, Tratschnix, eine Wanze ihres Onkels, einem alten Bastler, installiert haben.
    Auch in all den 200 anderen Büros der abgespalteten Parteien, nachdem sie sich selbst nach 10 Jahren die Bretter vorm Kopf zersplittert,
    quasi Spanderl daraus gemacht haben.
In all diesen Büros sind auch Wanzen entdeckt, auch dort in Nevada im neuen Flachbunkerkasten (NSA) in der Steppe dort
    sind auch millionen Wanzen entdeckt worden, sehr viele Wanzen auf Bildschirmen, hinter dem riesengrosssen Parkplatz.

    Aufgrund des privaten Haubitzenschiessers Spezi Rex, wurden auch die Bretter aus manchem UNO Haupt quartier (Wien insel) herunter geschraubt weil sie dort ein random Wanzen searching veranlassten, aufgrund der Wanzen Reklamation von der Nichte der Tratschnix.
    Doch ja sogar im Kapitol dort, wie man aus einer hindustanischen Zeitung (Hind.Times abo) erfahren konnte, wo sich schon Risse bilden, unter der altbarokken Kuppel dort gibts es eine Stelle,
    sehr mystisch, wo man was höhrt oder nicht hoehrt.
Doch jetzt nach den millionen teuren auditings haben sie die vielen millionen Wanzen über eine einzige App des skript kiddie Bastler dort ausgeschaltet, vorbeugend quasi.

    Damit sie nicht mehr teure Politiker profile erstellen, auch einst befreundeter oder entfernt befreundeter Politiker erstellen konnten. Auch um des auditing nach Tesla, Liqui molly und Co nicht mehr zu genau in Erfahrung bringen zu können.

    Nachdem alle Wanzen tot waren, war es wieder ruhig an den Bauernstuben PCs und Tratschnix ging an ihre alte tel-Waehlscheibe. ( 4.03.2o18)

Flügelstutzer abc

Flügelstutzer können sich nicht selber d Haare schneiden
Flügelstutzer können sich nicht ohne Einwegrasierer rasieren
Flügelstutzer verwechseln wanzen mit handies und Smartphones mit Funkgeraeten (bravia EDGE ohhh18)
Flügelstutzer können weder Holz Hacken noch Spanderl Maachen.
Flügelstutzer fürchten sich in u (cisco.sys)
Flügelstutzer sitzen nebeneindender im Porsche für d krone in d Zeitung
Flügelstutzer wackeln unterirdisch zum Dienstauftrag (Hof burg 2oo3)
Flügelstutzer haben vorm Lagerfeuer Angst
Flügelstutzer tun beim Teller auch gleichzeitig Haende waschen
Flügelstutzer stricken ihren Kindern schulranzen u kommen nie zu Parties (geht nicht)
(anmerkung: Schmissengesichter u Flügerlstutzer sind das selbe, 4.3.o18)

2nd amand-ment
wer turmeric patentieren wollte und von intellektual propertie heuchelt
soll sich an die alphabet holding wenden.

... "take no presents from them",
old Joseph, Nez Perce

Wanted - Canoe

The agency is in search for a new boat, polyester (fieberglas) 3 seater max.
weight around 25-30kg, length 4,7 to 5,3m
All waters capable, top open boat, streetgear save and
can be used (no seastile canoe top closed)

Uebernahme anbote auf Verhandlunsbasis (min 70 euro)
Aktionsradius zur Ubernahme 200km, auch Zusteller.,   email or call the top gremium and
its affiliates Canoe stories

remarks: Two boats which was owned by the CEO, the propriedor of the two boats acanoe 3 seater and a kajak, but also many more boats got used as from Igoumeniza to Bari and to Venice, also ferries to Split a coastal harbour at the croatien coast. We love boats and adventures.

Mariella Discovery II (Havanna end.o17) looked a bid strange to us, even with a Kletterwand behind the big chimney. The CEO s Canoe got sunk or robbed open air during bright daylight, but you know Mystisthan, anyhow, 2oo5, a big loss, it got transported in a long valley behind a cycle, by the predefined CEO once, also at other rivers, not Limpop river and not Great Ruaha yet. Stanly pool possible, also rio Amur near the huge Leopard and Tiger territories. All possible, poka !

Heavy fast volatile

The 17th of february o16, there got a superfast Jet seen, even a supercruise jet, Indian aircraft over the CEOs beloved hill during bright daylight and many sweating then below, in the heat. By latest findings it was a SU-30, the CEO half naked in teh bushes and rugged and partly burnt hill, with some old walls, a bid of fortification, but all hot there 35 celsius in the sun, some did sandstrahl sonnenbaden at Morjim side, which is mostly healthy, beside the sandpipers on way.

    The supersonic Jet did a huge curve, but slow and very low mybe 200m over the great hill of Chappora and close to the laguna, don t get dropped by that speed (not even 100km/h) in the curve, that was teh striking part, the speed.
    It is costly jets and bid more of speed does not hurt much. Thanx volks the take of verticale after curve was great, striking, yes impressing Innovation.

Tent stick returned

Remark on missing tent stick, after having been on road in Peru high Alti Plano , the tent stick is back. The CEO is very happy about that of success, we can leave now anytime for new challenges.

Beautifull ruin by its name

Our CEO is always again surprised and astonished about that castle, once over dacedes it was a ritual place with a small chapel, very rarely used for ceremonies (only kapelle in use). It was a beautiful interesting place, special with a central broad stairway in teh ruin left once. But believe it or not over 20 years it dissapeared, the stones are gone, somewhere else, all gone, of that ruin by the name Oberfalkenstein and that ruin was not easy to be reached, only on a small narrow path in the mountains, it wsa the most beatifull ruin of which only its beautifull name is left now. From train some youngsters and school kids can see it, high up there in the mist during winters and listen to the stories of the mystic valley.
    It was a special place (also some mills here and there dissapeared at remote woodstreams, also as some offered once to renovate it, then also concrete selfdone springs, supplying house water over more than 30 years got cut off, a judge saied it was still ours .. but since quite a while everything got possible, get ya products)
    Nowadays modern trains with powerfull Taurus lokomotiven move there aside the place of the ruin, huge alpine train bridges and new tunnels, which got walked throug by the most toughest one or two men and a local hunter, not long after Fertigstellung. The ruin had a beautifull name, but it is gone, it got more mystic over the years.
    Interesting in contrary about the Petroglyphs in Tsholpon Ata, Kyrgyzthan at Yssik Kul, part of this gallery, is that the area there is fully fortified, even with some towers, protecting old stone carvings showing Ibex and more what is also not the case at many archeological places in Latin Americas, there are gated comunities with security at nights and townships, but no fortified ruins and archeological sites as in India also (Taj Mahal, Red Forts, Ellora).

part of IT

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