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New Ratings - mixed
Chlor chicken
- BB
In chlorine (amrerican bleach) bath swept chicken, bad effect on consumer bodies defense system, Abwehrkraefte, and whitening skin beside.
Chemical bottled waters
- B
In some huge megacities and mediterranean tourist regions, beside the little bottle smoothy trend, mineral waters with Phosphorus, Fluoride and Sulfate got found ... a case for death penalty.

detox, botox, face lift, silikon boobs they do themself on request, but poison bottles by chance from marcets is different case.

Some poisen food and call then for money, not much difference.
Croatsk cottages
- B
mostly since the 80s on islands of Dalmatia, but what s the sense if there is not nice simple guest houses or hotels along the all inclusive cottages there on islands. Cooking in bungalow after shopping in marcet with rent car
Eating by Cam CCTV
- B
A bid like a soft porno .... must be special doing videos of people eating in restaurants, and specially in more simple countries ... from Kyrgysthan to Bangkok and Mumbai
Light switches.kg
the normal hight of light switches at walls in all guest houses is knee hight (60cm, seating hight) the reason behind for that s a wired mistery to me. sometime plugs aside. Bending down for light ....
Lenkrad.kg (auto)
- BB
Of all cars checked the Lenkrad (auto balance) is of 50% on left or right side. Cardriving license cars got never seen, wired unstandard. Many new cabs or vans are modern and well equipped, balance and windows (broken) are different case. In other land.us they drive slow and automatic, but with full radio pushing, in EU often fully equipped but failed cause of faked pollution software in new ones.
Mineral waters
- B
with fluoride and sulfate it gets bad then in small bottlis form Croatia over Kyrgiyzthan to Thayland Doing long hikes and hitch hikes along coastal roads and old trails, croatia. Radenska and Roemerquelle was good once , 80s
Mobiles buttons
It has buttons which show numbers, what was once essential, BASIC, for telefones, before everything changed by pretenders for show of smart cities and marcets.

Digits and numbers can have significance during times, (since stocks and Truemmerfrauen) In "meToo scenario" do not use wrong elevator in wrong bank. ( waehlscheibe mob )
Mobiles flatscreen.lcd
- B
Mostly cotsly rubbish, buttons have digits and numbers, that is something - BASICS !
In "meToo scenario" use skype or throw it away !

Usually auto connect to internet, easy 4 marcet profilers and real time watchdogs.nsa. Give anybody a flatscreen mob and tell to vote that specific number, CAN DO ? ( spiegel mob )

You don t know any more if it is something to call, a fotocamera or a multibutton toy, more done for profits of mutirole marecteers. Do better not ask for its med term products and marcets fallout. Megameltdown flatscreen

Great town ... nothing s left over to be seen under sharp skeptic eyes but falcons and doves. All kind of different parts from muslim quarters, office districts, parks and family homes rising along hillsides, also blocks.
Terminal lands
- B
Nepal, Japan Where the exchange rate for $ and € is a three digit number, in Nepal no coins, massy aerport, no english newspapers, - Kopfbahnhof.
35 lands
- B
Anonymous uncovered documents (2014) in which is spoken of 35 countries which get messed up, guess for profits.

Linux-OS, windows-OS, banking nd the more
by lands and marcets: EU India Maroc Nepal USA / companies medias systems old rating and facts and figures


- Best note
- Good note
- Little good
- Bad
- Very bad

- Addiction producing product
- Genetically mod/manipulated
- Right to info act (freedm of info in usa..)
- Education
- Overdosed either too much of chlor, hormons, fat, sugar, antibiotics ...

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TIP for partly Prepaied Service
If you got some good service on the row and did partly prepaied payment
but there is an amount left open for that service and
you want avoid them to hunt you down, around half the world,
and you want to avoid them burning you out of your huts and caves.

A: Get the numbers, get the data
put it on a blank paper with your handwriting and your signature.
Get it faxed (fax case scenario) to your bank accountee and it has to be done.
You do not need to show a fist, a thumb or two fingers, as stock brokers, hedgers, and big sellers do. The way with fax is comission free, and that is the hot point !

B: Another way is to take the missing sum from an ATM,
little more for some extras in far away foreign lands
what is often of a problem cause exchange rates and local limits (6000km away)
can block and barr the whole procedure, and not all tumble around with golden credit cards.
    But you can try, then move to next money transfer stube (office),
which usually take hot commission, and get it sent to the relevant digit holding account. (atm case scenario, double comission)

C: in case you are travelling with traveller cheques (TC solution), get the relevanth missing sum exchanged for the cheques and tranfer per agency (comission free -) Weites Tal.

In case they faked your woodstove over weeks (chemical walze) always drahtbuerste the faked stove before heating ! In case the faked your new jacket or failed to get you a visa at arrival done but after the taxi rides for the visa fee lately, hit back, let them know your way. Let them know that it s not good to mass with you.

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Berlusconi just need to name the date ... R. Murdoch was tabbing phones ...   numbers n dates ....
Realtime flatscreen BASICS !

Paper marcets
Flight tickets (neo)
- B
Small NEOs contracts, (reservations and bills not), bookings different. Specially about it is at some AERPORTS, "Stand here, shoes and belts off, give picture ...." for that contract ! can be lucky when nothings gets lost and dont need to starve of food on way in budget aerlines.
Post cards
in general very personal codes, sometimes with signature, date and place, pic usually backside. From Cuba it worked, bravissimo.

Post cards (peru, ecuador)
- B
You know a flatscreen.mob is mostly simple, pushing buttons, instantly ... postcards need some effort, when you did it, just hope that they can deliver it today. (there are allready dhl, fedex, swissport etc helping the thing) - BASICS !!!

Got sent end 2017 to Europe, but not delivered to EU. 250 years standard
Maybe with FedEx it works.
Can indicate value, date and country and time to delivery, during age of mirror mobiling
Not all countries have stamps with showing value any more, flatscreen side-effect
Visa appli
- B
These embassies are huge, big houses with many floors, but empirically seen not anybody ever got a visum 4 Russia, but Snowden 1 year (!) for political asyl from the US, as an ex agent for data observation controll and intelligence there, where are its gates.

Some OFFICE with PC should be there for it.
futures options stocks
Parallel marcets to normal shops and street sellers, socalled stock marcets, (bully, beary)
Usually sold by banks, firmas, corporations and mega-conglomerats in paperform. (part of constructions opts, futrs, stocks) ... very risky ....

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