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Congratulations to China, the people of China and the 100 years birthday of the Kommunist party. Many people did not reach half the century by their age yet, other get close to it.


The shiow was great today on TV and in respectice CGTN, got deeply moved and washed away by exitement.

    I ve seen the harbour at Hambantota - Sri Lanka, I got the story of the new bridge from croatian mainland to a big island, it gets done by China. I ve seen the new economic zone under construction not far from Pollonaruwa - Sri Lanka. It seems to be of success and prosperouse for the people in these countries.


There are stories by the people and stories from iron work and labour, from superfast trains and magic lands, some of the stories get shared, some get missed, the morning was nice and in happiness by the great show and review of the Epic Journey.

    Many journies giot absolved and done under all kind of circumstances, hard for some to imagine, I got the show and it was great as mixed as on a travel route and and it many magic locations.

    China move on and proceed as in the past so in the future. The morning was nice and the bunnies happy when me was happy.


What can some austronauts see from the orbit, it is the worlds biggest construction since ages, the chinese wall by a lenghth of 1 150 km (A). That is a number which can be imagined when you fly in Europe or to mideast. Trains in India can cover 2200 km in two days.

Fireworks and crackers are another old invention of the chinese explorers and enterpreneurs, also the Moertel for the wall which name is Klebreis- Moertel, fascinating for such an impressing huge construction.

    That makes the gaps in the wall bright and shining. Congratulations to China.


The trains are waiting to get entered, the shores are waiting to get visited, the lands are grasping for the deed of its people, thank you for the great show and morning.

    When getting older some studied the I Ging, The Book of Changings (1998) Thank you also for that book, as got lost over some while by studing it and had some interesting effects on me at that times, it is a great book and work over history yet actual. When I went through it it was the times of wild and coming changes, so in the future.


Thanks also for some restaurants onway, good duckmeals and rice
it is good food, just partly hard to get along with the sticks.

    Congratulations to a Big Land and its people,
from the one who got to experience the art, music and dance at one of Europes biggest classical stages.

    The article about The Epic Journey got found first as part of the article in LETTRE MAGAZINE by the name "Reform der Peking Oper" .... also another one named "Logfiles der Unrterwelt" (both from the LI 129 edition 2020) and more. Good to get studied, in Europas Kulturzetiung LETTRE INTERNATIONAL.

Some days later during the Kommunist parties 100 years birthday it was then on TV - impressing on TV.

A Front system     Canoe II

(A) : the correction got done by a huge Worl Atlas, there are gaps and missing parts on that map, but the correction got done
by scale estimations and collected wall parts from map.
And remember there is also a Jengis Khan wall northeast of Ulan Baator in Mongolia !

PS: a dad is voting kommunist party since years
PPS: there was also a huge ship once seen at Palma Mallorca harbour, its name was Epic Europe