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When woods, animals, hillridges are burning, cathedrals and museums, the Breath of the Earth is at danger as well for a while ! // Brennt schon Alles ??

Clouds and a Burntdown Server

Important grafics on Cloud and a burntdown server

Horseweight during horseshoe put

Empiric studies of the Wild Times, schools and the virus, the fire around the Nawalny case

Travelling Turky and Egypt

Goodtimes over the Newyear 20-21 in two nations

Robotik on change - tricky thing

The beating on PR codes, system OS and the change for better

The New Collection

mit dem Aushang zum ausgezeichneten EU Demenzdorf

Political Correctness

Interview with presidental frontrunner

Antichaos 2

Warum kompliziert wenns einfach auch geht

Lockdowns are many

Variations on lockdowns and more
Scarab Daumenkinos Akesh ///                 Transparent affices again.....

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Daumenkinos Akesh // Feb. 2021