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Journey over ?!

People have to follow carefully the cases of Julian Asange and teh carmanager Goshn from Lebanon. The one got incarcerated in an Embassy in London over 13 years the other freed from jail in Japan after only 1 year. The one served with diarie and data on wars of the war mongerers the other was juggling with millions by car factories.

Anotrher carfactory by garmany got done in a northern province in China itself. The working conditions must be astonishingly good there for the profits of german carbuilders. The other benshmark company tesla does a carfactory in Germany itself.

If that is good enoiugh for serving with bad adta or profits will be open in the future. carbondio, bio and monoxid neutralisation is at high stakes the next years.

Standheizung was once special, the less at texan carlots where during summers babies get some problems left in the car at the parking lot. Cars are a factor in collateral demage to climate !

A turbine, engine like a Duese or kurbelwelle which gets loaded by wind and jets onroad, on roof (optional for batterie load over 40 km/h or on Bundesstrassen) je nachdem for which type could help keeping distance of coming behind drivers (rain andf gishts) and improve sophistication for batterie loading, standheizung, drink coolers, tiny cupholders or optional other tools or equipment. Not really for 5V digital helpers.

The windschacht in Mantaform, flachschacht, onroof or in case of the longway type als lange Kurbelwelle (lange duese) is also under estimation for the more sportive looking autos (Jet SUVs, Duesensuvs).

In case of the MantaWindschacht (Windschacht wie bei Riesenmantas) and the dahinterliegende querduese und windschaufel ist die untere haelfte der windschaufel im Dach integriert, obere haelfte offen. Aufgrund er grossen Wind Angriffsflaeche koennte die Einspeisung bei ueber 50 km/h enorm sein. Angedacht fuer normale mittelklasse windwaegen bis 4 Personenen in Leichtbauweise.

Bei Ersatzduesen in langform, also als kleines Mantelstromtriebwerk was nur in offenen Strassen szenarien geht, Land und freeways ... ist der Windschacht zur energieauswertung wahrscheinlich zu klein. Daher wirtd der Manta windschacht besser sein.

For deterrence also big loooking Propeller windfaenger in hight up to 50-60 cm can look special on cars roofs and a good case for keeping distance during speed scenarios, less in cities but special look there, ... and as optional rain and gisht diverter for behind coming cars.

Denkbar wie bei der hinteren Gasturbine bei Helikoptern bei Autos jedoch im querschnitt nach vorne schauend, fuer die Jetcars aber am Dach, die Turbine eingemantel doch der Windkanal ist zur bestmoeglichen jetauswertung wichtig daher in Mantaform der Windschacht, sonst eben mittlere mantelstromtriebwerke zur besten Jetauswertung. Alles moeglciht in lLeichtbauweise oder als Schniwgraeder auch in magnetischem kinetischem Matel.


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Vision     2014 AB-

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The SU 27 is ready on the tabel, it got construcetd and looks good, only a bid too small. The next jets will be bigger. The SU 27 modell

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A dark tower of the hardest worker
Sometime that 2 nd impeachment

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And further it has to be asked in regard to jobs, odd jobs and work.

Did the MS softies do (whatsies ...

Anybody more deadly out there ?

"I can not breath" and the (where cams do not do pictures ....)

We will be able to watch more years of coming trials and cases between the owners of intellectual property ( tissues

oficiell Nutzer genannt anchmal auch von usern --------- !

People have to be carefull that nobody of them gets incited for secration, hatespeech or powerfull acts and show. yours Nancy

Die Leute sollen aufpassen dass sie niemand zur Gewalt auf und anstachelt, entzuendet oder gar ein Kerze oder matchbox dazu verwendet. Molotowa

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