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Medias and the Tech - Transmission again

new calculations after failed investments for return .... got something like quarantine

Onway 24 - cars
Don t you get puzzled by that vehicles sometimes. That makes so many problems in bigtown cities streets.

And honestly in some hemispheres that got callback actions a 100 000 times after some problems with some specific types, new out from some factories.

And really in other lands when they want to put you to chail and hunt you down and it got to the 4th trial on row because of a car at the wrong time at the wrong place (priv. props), but you never sued them for a bad mobile or bad G-adressbar, or exageratted prices for that odd things, or a 80 million sold users data. On way to court then a cardoor dropped, it did not close onway, that car door.

Dont you get puzzled then. Or when you arived to Istanbul downtown at night and some old place got closed at that time, the other one got flattened and the third one was OK.

But there was a car at that time in Istanbul at midnight after landing, at the wrong time at the wrong place and suddenly its backlights fell down hanging there on odd small cables and it was a packbag which did a little anstupsen on that car.

What you think then, there must be a problem out there !? (Istanbul 25.dec 2020)

Onway 25 - Decision making
Arriving to the desert beach, not far from the tomb and not far from a castle, you had a nice walk in the sand dunes and did fishing in the river after a nice rock with kormorants got surrounded inwater. Returning to beach then, waiting for the boat as was agreed for the return way was missing. Then you ask some other boatman with 3 women onboard ... nothing happend, it was far too hot that day.

Then it got time for decision making you take the knife cut two ropes, take the fixed togather paddles and take the way back in that little small woodthing, nearly cutting and pushing the guts out of you as the paddles were fixed .... and think of a rambo or rocky movie, but it was a small wooden thing after some nice walk and swim around a rock.

It got time for decision making. (13. jan 2021 Aswan)

There is a friend out there, we know since primary school. I sent her to New York later during the late 90, she staied then 13 year in New York, she was a model and hot as me.

She has relatives in Sierra Leone and last times she wanted me to tell how women tick, how they speak, and lately I got that.

It took her only about 4 hours to tell me about them, in about 3 sessions, it was not the most special time we had togather, but I got that well how women tick and speak. We know since years and also her daughter knows me, as well as her total family. Once from Sierra Leone, and it is that she knows not only about women but also about herself, and that is good. I sent her once to New York but when you get children there it changes, then she came back to Europe, and I think also that was a great idea, because we would have not met again and maybe I d have never got to known about women by a black model what she is indeed, once from Sierra Leone.

You want me to translate that page, maybe into french or even US english, you want that translated, forget that. There are a 100 apps out there, as once the helper literature during the 70s. This page will not get translated into kreol, africaans or spanish, and also not into purtuguese. There are apps out there for such a lesson and headache.

Ask Crocodile Dundee for that of an complicated matter.

Another ceremony on Flatscreens

A caravan got seen, aprtly aside each oter. It was cars, all in black, dark, very dark and approaching the White house DC, they were seen for a while, all cars in dark. Not a parade really but dark cars.

In the mid the beast, unbeatable but by a virus, 150 more got infected and how many killed till now. Nobody knows that really.

It was a black convoy approaching
The second Impeachment got brought onway, 1st one was too weak. It is for the only US president over history till now who got that many times tried on impeachment till today, soem got tired on that in the while.

The other one is Netan-yahoo. Another president in office after the three in row from Peru who get set for chail terms. It got s long row of some ex power grasping men in top office positions.
The second Impeachment got brought onway. It is for the only US president over history till now who got that many of impeachments till today tried.

The other one is Netan-yahoo. Another president oin office after the the three in row from Peru who get set for chail terms. It got s long row of some ex power grasping men in top office positions.
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Mr Pelosi a speaker of some house and of two parties it is one party .... her office got confused, scrambled and rigged.

By the incitement and postings of the Ex president of the USA. They showed a few of these ex presidents on a TV channel and it got to fake new so far, because they are all EX ones by the actual status (stati), not in office, or running an office, or a plane, something oval or like a cartuche from a pharao.

There is only one running the now, the other ones were either mission inciters and WMD sarchers on loose grounds, the other gto part of main programs, surveillance and mega digiprogramms which got later good for selling that much of preelection userdata of the 85 million, accomplished ready for sell .... Any impeachments on that much of mega privacy breach, or even user datasell in mass scale act (data corruption).


now time for 2nd impeachment
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The capitol got stormed, on a hill, the hill of the hills,
during pandemic times, that mission got done by strong hand,
maybe cold blooded, maybe by the incitement of of a president and his own command to be strong, getta strong and the more, for that storm and offensive on the capitol hill.

Short after Nancy put notice of the Incitement for secration, followed by the procedure for 2nd Impeachment.

During times of that deadly small thing, a virus.
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GBs NHS got rigged long before, her name was Maggie, somebody named iron, her name was Maggie. She had no idea how many the losses later it would be by that bad virus.

Brexit got the exit from a socalled common marcet I guess they will manage, even and specially as it got a hard brexit, it took 4 years since the people of GB s referendum.

Cheers volks, less whisky but some good shot Tequila !
Economists say a civic planes only does profits when in sky, flieing and taking people to another location. Stopover got between 2-5 hours. Then later many 100 planes got stranded by the bad virus over weeks, many sectors got hit by the virus.

The richest nations on planet got stranded, hit on the ground, blocked and sanctioned so to say by that bad virus. Something new over times and history.

Another case was the B-max jets of that times. Had two crashes as new jets, even as got built since th 80s, and strange enough the Ryenair bought more than 50 of these strange civic jets. Business was ground hitting at that times.
During the times when mission controll was searching for WMD and the coalition of willing got done and sent somewhere they talked of torture, camps and frog suits.

The other thing got called Too big to fail during that times, but that also failed, remember ? It was real scenarios Enron and Leahman bros. It was two big scenarios, the one physical before on the two WTC towers, the second later on the Too big to fail thing.

It is not only a phrase of being strong ... the incitements and secrecies of an ex, the actual scenario is totally different.

It got the virus of mass destruction, the other things are W of mass distraction.
Digitech - G
When Google browser can not take the adress in its adress bar and makes and shows somethingelse of it what can it do than after 15 years ? A case for courts since the Obama programm years ??

When every folder gets a different unique look by wind 10 how do the megadata and mega software corporations then look on that PCs by that program OS (system OP software). Or even single.end users and information providers on marcets, how do the flatscreens swallow that data when each single folder gets a unique stilish look.

Then maybe 100 of links on one flatscreen desktop end screen, how do single normal smarty users and consumers get their own desktops under controll by such megashow of links and data on a single flatscreen.

The nerds out there and the specialists who might look the other way while the sys OS tries something else in back, Since "Too big to fail" failed, and greed is good got its way by the rescue efforts for Mr Goshn got cinemaripe, but in contrast the wardiary leaker got to jail forlong, with politicans that gets called house arrest or fussfessel befor the next try of impeachment in some other lands.

The Assange case against Goshn case

Digitech - H
It can hardly be imagined how simple single smartmob users get on with their private or paraunique desktops by the overload of unique looking folders and links on single screens since win 8 and 10. The more confusion and chaos it gets the more dizzy and confused may some get by the 150 options by a system which has automatic the main megacorpses digital links in its system and its start program.

Digital tech - I
It got clear that these are unique settings by all incorporated flatscreen comanies, and in specific as some nowadays do fusions with the alphabet mother corp. But just imagine then single desktop users links and each folder linked get a unique design. How could that get interpreted today, each box and folder looks unique and its look has to be set like by Loreal or Kering. Is it that system they like to get the single desktop users right.

In that case take care or bet 1000 dollar on reverse engineering, allready cars get called back a 100 000 times, as well a top manager rescued and max planes got hit on grounds.

Digitech - J
Or take the next option to download the straight and clear LINUX iso files, an outstanding good luck example of Operation software done in Europe. Get that CDs and forget all what looks like cosmetic suticases for each little single folder and link on single desktops.

Startpage before login looks fabulose that much of natures beauty... but all the rest needs proper outsourcing and uninstalling. The best would be re engineering in such cases, more specifics here would end up as "As much nonesense as possible" to screw the masses.
Grafik softwear - K
What happened to miss Photoshop, it seems that it got for each artspiece of work to be done a seperate small unique program as out of an cosmetic case. One for snipping one for colours one for cropping the next app for resize and the next for brightness to negative effects. Linux Gnu is all in one for example.

Know what I mean every single unique setting for PCs and Netbooks by the old monster win 8-10 as out of a jurassic park series on soapy flatscreens, as looking into ones cosmetic case with cases like for 1000 colors and folder settings and each of it has to be carefully worked on, isn t it ?

In the while 2 million people migrated to Europe and 11 mio live beside the justice system in the USA but for sure in freedom to strive for luck, cheap labour as part of support for that system beside the H2Bo visas.

Ther capitol got stormed and the commander in chief saied he or his corporate tower, golf and hotel empire will be back in some sort or form, but remember it will be without the estebalishment.
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