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The Big Conspiracy

Everybody knows that guy, his name is Bill, he was the gatekeeper for long. Last days on newspapers and on TV they said there was a conspiracy, also on radio, on air, something got published on a conspiracy.

They met again in Swiz, and there was another guy from the neos mass delivery and supplycompany, they did some profits in the while, nowbody knows how much and nobody knows how much it was by the actual president from the USA, if it was with or without taxes, revenues or profits, if it was by socalles marcet value or kursziel.

Anyway these guys ,met, the others name was Timothy and the other one Ophra Wimfrey, it got saied on Tv that they had a meeting and latyer on one of them called Mrs La Gard, the ex from the IWF, for the right move at the right time, the right speech so to say, for a bid of stimulation for the marcets.

Ophra Wimpfrey from the TV show got told to call that number in Austria, a small country in the west, after the Ibiza couch sitting case. She got told to call that number, it was the new number of one of her friends, what a surprise then.

She told her friend on phone in that small sountry, hidden behind the 7 Berge to tell the guys to go for that telephone, yes the next days, to steal it from that guy, even as it was during a worldwide pandemic, that did not count. The friends of Ophras friends stole that mobile then, as they got told to do.

It was quite a surprising good one, bought in Cylon, also named Sri Lanka, produced in China, and that was the problem. Many phones gpot socalled samrt phones and most then tiny television screens, good fun for the generation of androids.

During that times practically all telephone calls got taped, recorded, and saved for the intelligence agencies as all that fuzz got the mark classified, hot or special hot, all school pupils knew that. It was a minor story then.

It was an old story for long allready, the phone recordings. But specially for the savety in western CEOs homes and alike, that got all recorded, simple people had no idea of it, only leakers like Mr Assange, Mr Snowden and his ex from Hawai and Mrs Reality winner from that facebook flatscreen group who also got jailed finally. She leaked a hot document by her strumpfhose, a hot case but soon foirgotten as well, the Assange case was bigger, but very hot the Jim Dotcom case, cases before the grasshoppers came.

Then there was the case of another conspiracy at a school in Malawi, Ophra got notice of that and the school in malawi got never built. Another story went that the conspiracy in Niger was that big that along its coast where the river Niger is joining the sea soem petrol sdtations got built, another conspiracy got told of Grece and another big one of some operated CEOs in Argentine, it was 5 CEOs there story told and that all that 5 CEOs wanted a school for arts built in the border region to Chile, which was quite far away from the capitel of Argentine.

Ophra had another act in a US studio and told, beside the many conspiracy theories that her new chai (tea), as matter of fact, a product from the USA itself was on way to production with her label. The people who met at Jackson (, Davoz and St Moritz (both Swiz) once in a while were all satisfied with the news told by Ophra on her chai.

In the while Kim let everybody know (by a huge megaplatform, one of the last ones after years of rumors, of her new kickinga nd kinky mode label, but that was allready for long conquered and proprieted by the people and culure hertige monument keepers ogf Japan. So the CEOs who met for the really big conspiracy, also with the window and doorkeeper Bill, got a little upset by the lost profits of Kim, even as her goodfriend Paris had another good lovely dinner the same day later on.

The CEOs met ere and there and could not calculate the grasshoppers, there were no options on that, no numbers and indices. They thought a lelephone call would do here and there.

Also Jeb and Tom, Ivrocka and Sullivan joined that meetings sometimes, often in Swiz, as they were all part of big biz. Swiz was organized and clean, the pope knew that and the movie actors from Bollywood India for years allready. Swizerland was always good for a secretive meeting or some leisure time.

The rumors of the swiz banking secrets was for long silenced, it was more a case for courts allready, court cases between big banks from the US and Swiz.

Big cases on tax fraud and shifting money over oceans and the like, also islands got involved, it was the neos world leaders special ambitions since years.

But unspecial for most people, all knew the secrets of the gatekeepers and secret hotel meetings of these CEOs, it was the times when they prepared for their new rocket from the homeland of commercial chambers itself. But allready totally in private hands, the rocket got launched from a territory but the owner, the property, the rocket and building facility, the rocket factory was all in private hands, it was only two or 6 hands with maximum 60 fingers or so.

Some innocent bystanders and cheers, who knew that guys, the neos CEOs and philantrops since years, came to see the hotels or watch the VIPs and their behauvings during the pauses beside their meetings. They were much impressed of the many stories they got on the news on these guys, on their love mates, islands, yachts, private factories, destilleries and hunting grounds, also some golf courts at their homelands here and there. They got all the stories on them on million cellphones. It was much more than soemthing about sleeping cells or something like that, no it was mio small tiny screens, it was awake marcet cell phones.

But the people had absolute no idea that these 10 to 15 guys, the hidden worldleaders of mega platforms and some factories could not count grasshopper, these numbers were too big. And they had no idea that they could not takeover or pay or rate the many grasshopper swarms of that times. It was unrateable, the stock indices di not fit to that numbers.

The same was the case with the many wildfires over years, usually during summers, and the mega bushfires of Australia end of 2019 which burnt then for 5 months. The capital of Australia got covered in dust over weeks, the Paradise village was gone allready. Nobody could calculate the value of the heavy smoke and many burnt to death animals. It was again unrateable.

Then they had a new idea at one of the meetings, it was about Ophras new tea, the Ophra chai in nice tiny tea bags but that was not that profitable as the biz and profits with mobiles or the new tried Kimono fetzen edition by Kim. Kim was not part of the pentagon star leaders, it was just 5 or 7 who tried some new settings and cellphones and the optimization by that, guess for what, more profits. Kim was not part of the conspiracy story, she staied a good celebrity and the best friend of Paris.

Another big really big issue of conspiracy at that times was cars, the story went that a big CEO from a foreign car company in Japan got freed by big conspirators, who took him out of Japan mainland by plane.

It took them some big boxes, and rolies as all new from western airports at that time, and good planning respective conspiracy to get the worldfamouse CEO of cars out of Japan. It was a big and fabulouse planned ride and most of all other car industries got happy by that conspiracy story for cars.

The conspiracy meetings went on, but then one of the CEOs aeroplanes got into a grasshopper swarm flieing, 30 x 60 square km big, the plane crashed by the grasshoppers swarm, it could not get out of the swarm, the CEO in the plane got killed by the crash. Not much later after hidden heavy negotiations the CEO got replaced by another CEO.

Bike on the rocks

On the new airport at Istanbul the boss want to say tat is a great airport, it fullfuills all expectations of a new international megahub for palnes and passengers, it is a small city so to say. It will be of the future and coming generations on air, it is very usefull and the rating is very good. It got a fascinating supermashine a great meeting hall for a variety of vehicles.

Further the cases in the US which relate to decadelong racism and white supremaci or something is very bad and shows the differencies of the many minorities and also black peoples forces and powers even long after the indian wars. Some suburbs and outer cities seem to have become ghost towns (TV dokus), but that is nothing new in the USA since the goldrush and other rushy times.

The "I can t breath" case of the killing of Mr Floyd by cops in teh USA is indeed ugly and shows also the unequality of the fight and the fighters, their equipment and options therefor, the options for the daily streetactions. Justice has to get advanced and the fight therefor will be long and hard as always, as in the past so in the future.

Our yearlong correspondent from the modern times also knows that the lot is also with many journalists all around the globe, and specially now during the corona virus times and also before as some websites from western publishers from american shores in english did not open for European volks over quite a while, there is little excuses for that, as these sites overall do not look special on the web. So how many followers or readers will they loose since the reaeders digest and sputnik times.

Corona can also be seen in relation to the case of Mr Floyds killing by cops of the USA, the I can not breath is a synonym for many 1000 peoples longues effected. The virus hit globally and also more organs got the strikes, but overall it got not to a Multiorgan-versagen. America is not only the USA and the gap between the US and Europe seems to widen.

Some AC equipped restaurants and ships, also army ships, busses and trains here and there can be of risk to infect the customers on journey. Testing seems to be essential, also along some holiday destinations and well known meeting points close to tourist shores and bays. Unusual temperature during stay in heat, hot shores or rocky coastal areas could hint on the virus. Another factor seems to be the intensity over hours and density of virus clouds over relevanth time.

Self observation and the bodies reaction in uncomon areas are not everybodies well known task. Extreme surroundings or foreign looking guys and girls, unknown habits or behauvior can also be of a bid disturbance for some, but mostly for greenhorns on the rocks.

RAGE AGAINST THE MASHINE is forbidden in the USA ...... a music group (guess neutralized since a while....)
Some more lone selfie-time can be better than heavy ballermann scenarios, take care of cliffs for selfies, stay flatscreen doing selfies. Balcony climbing shows allready very stupid developments, stay flatscreen, avoid risky balconies over the 1 st floor.

The adventurers canoe got well prepaired till know, it moves nice smooth and swiftly now, also in category 4 rapids. But croatian coasts are waiting for more action, also with a sail in focus. To reach the hight of Split or Makarska will be of victory in sight in that way. The proper spritzdecke is yet missing but that should also not be of a a big challange till then.

Major disturbances could only be heavy waves or strong winds like Scirrokko or Bhora. Some bystanders along can get a ride or glide by sail over minor distances only, tickets therefor will not get sold, paddling will do big profits onway.

On the other vehicle it can be reported that after 2,5 montrhs it got a bid down by speed to 60km h max speed what hints to bad actors, that shows subversion and annoiances. In Goa and other regions of India that bikes kept going longer on full speed range. And the funny thing beside the aquarium filter from China and the stolen mobile from Cylon is that teh bike itself gto produce doin Haryana, or license by Honda Haryana India. Bharatpur Thanx, great great great ! Haryana bikefactory - kutsh kutsh hota hei ------ !!!!! No question on that.

The Hey and Sawmill transporter for Bunnies says "All the best to India", corona seems to be a lacking of the richmen volks, also after years of BSE (crazy fed cows) or toxic takeovers with glyphosat or biz as usual. Of the bike it can be saied it could be the first and last one bought here,
most qouted

Taxing the Big 5



The world and Nazis 2

in mid Europe by the yearlong correspondent from India and other foreign regions. There is some hope left on the bike, but that is really all. The russian Nachtwoelfe seem to have had more of luck.

Another vehicle, only taking 4 ltr in 2 weeks, in regard to biodrive. It s not just a luck story afer 2,5 month ownership. 60 km/h is a bid unspecial, also on legal base driving and it did it faster, just imagine that dream of speed during rocket, satellite and flatcreen times, all that connections and then ..... a bike in a valley.

Anmerkung zu Welsen: Of the fish family the Welse it can be saied that they have no Schuppen ----!!! thats a special sign of that family. Some of them have Knochenpanzer etc and Corydoras are lovely. Fiederbartwelse are also astonishing in their Ablaich habits. Here on special fish

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