Shifting consulats

In case you apply for a visa or any paper for a country, lets say in southern Europe, take care. It can happen that some of these papers are important.

Once upon a time in Pokhara Nepal, it happened that during the time applieing for indian visa, and you need to concentrate then for the right fillin on the web paper, to give the right data. That during that specific time in some of the webstations in Pokhara Nepal that while you apply for vias some of the sticks get stolen or any paper there, if not a passport itself.

But it was not a heavy crime case because close to the PCs in the webstation itself you can find then the stick or some papers, in the dustbin of the webstation itself.

And Pokhara changed since the first time there. Honestly it got more close to a Wildwest town along a nice stretch of lake. Also with Lotos but the Whitebellied is missing there. The spacy lofty restaurants are gone from Pokhara lakeside, it got changed for rooms and the fireplaces in these restaurants got not found again some years later there, once spacy lofty restaurants with good food, also some meat, good potatoes and salads. It got shifted to a wildwest looking small lakeside town soemwhere in the Midwest of the Wild West.

In the capitel Kathmandu itself the location of embassies are well known and can be found on maps till today. The once old location of the US embassie, looking like a small Roman temple somewhere in the cenntral lawn got shifted to another outside location north of teh capitals peripherey. And last time being to Nepal Kathmandu the embassie posted a message on a local newspaper (KTM Nepal) looking for electrican stuff and something like a suncollector, a solar panel.

The US embassy of Kathmandu Nepal got shiftet to an outer location, and the once old stile looking Roman temple became a Technical Engineering Institute, something like the MIT of Nepal, on the capitals central grasslawn. The cattle egrets could still be found also in the capital during the Cattle egrets season.
Proconsul and Superuser Oegedei

Megapowers Diplomacy

It got well known over the last couple of months that the hyperwowers di[plomacy got some changes, if it will be of regime changing effects is not yet known.

    It was measures by the US governmentals on russian embassies in California USA, some days ago also the chinese embassie of Houston Texas got forced to close. After the chinses people were of big help in constryucting teh railways once over the plains, what is teh prolem with modern diplomcy.

Also GB hints in the direction by the heavy player Huwei and that GB wants all digital devices to get Huweifree till 2017. So till then, and I guess some of us will experience that time, if ... till then there is some time left in GB as well.

    But astonishingly sametime is that heavy striker jet (F 15) disturbed an iranian civic yet in the mideast territories, if not over Iranian soil itself. That hints in disturbing direction as the meister is allready on flight controll, but to other shores. That is clear. All this disturbances in the chinese southern seas, and the diplomatic Roshaden (chess has its origin in Iran Persia) since little years from California on russian embassies, and all that even as the US combatants got heavy problems by fighting the covid pandemia, during day and nights, who knows what strong messages will get sent next on civic jets.

    The meister, as he predicted earlier will not and never support Kanye West for running mate presidency in the USA. Joe Biden or Mrs Harries seem to fit the job next time better, but believe me the people, hardhit by covid in the US know that themself. It will be another one.

    Till then people should have a close eye on further disturbances, aside the covid cases, which are not of a minor global disaster. In relation to that also AC conditioned facilities, beside the diplomatic ones, also in the southern US states and restaurants elesewhere have to get the diploma for covid fitting measures. It can be stickers by lonely planet or some states Beuaftragte therefor.

    Till now it is not yet clear if Corona is more dangerouse in planes, even with best of AC measures in 3 minutes or if it is fighter jets close to iranmian civic planes. The Boeing max stories seems to become exponged. Diplomacy for heavy ridden canoes in wildwater 2- 4 rapids is not needed, only some agreements on lifejackets for younger optional guests in that case.

    The request for closure of Vertretungen, consulates and embassies will be watched, also parallel to the preelection frontrunning in the USA.

Shocking revelations

In personal surroundings it took them 1.5 months to install the second move detector facing the garden front, after heavy losses of binnies got counted over 1 month 2020 alone. The electricans wanted, were 3 called on phone, but the failed over 1,5 months.

Second disturbing finding was that in some house blocks in the village with up to 5 floors, some of them without elevators, that people have no central heating there and need to carry heating stuff as wood, brickets or coal up to their flats or how they call that. The meister found out, that such settings advance homosexuality, cause you d really need 2-3 homo friends who could help you with carrieing the heating stuff over 3 floors, maybe taxfree and as angemeldete hilfsarbeiter, 15 times during one winter, just imagine that of a challange. What does it advance ?

No packbag no telefone

    How shall I tell the bunnies that there is no packbags over 60 ltrs in this region, not far from 3000 ders and close 3 000 ders. How shall I explain to them that a packbag over 60 ltr is not anything to be delivered from the web.

How shall I explain the bunnies that there is no working telefone since about 1.5 month here, it got down to a better kitchen alarm, an Eieruhr, how shall I explain them after all that years with anwendungen (apps). Some drop from hills and slippery slopes, some drwan in waters even not that deep, most here go in seifenkisterl kajaks down the river.

Lienz is not any town, not unspecial but without packbags over 60 ltrs to get sold, it gets wired. And that is not to be mixed with the Luftnummern of Wirecard, ..... everybody can tell the stories of,.... yes we had a financial controller, yes there was somebody with a banking expertise of course for sure, (that was more of a lauwarme strumpfhose in a bank by 1 tel call ....) but packbags over 60 ltrs.

    How shall I explain the bunnies.- OPERATED
            Reality schweinpriesterkiller

In the USA people call volks from Argentine sometimes operated, but what does this tell us and can it be that OPs, operation systems beauty or plastic surgery OPs tell us something.

Stupidstrong Celebrities

Kanye West does not like Immunisations and vaccines, is it of bad knowledge, of fear of an vaccination, is it osf too much money and too little understanding. Is it of the fear to look weak and ugly to others. In many cases and specially now in these times OPs can make sense. When a bone gets broken, open or not open broken bones, that needs an OP then after.

Broken limbs need OPs, how does Kanye West keep with that. And that OPs are not to be mixed with immunisations.

Similar case we can see with the actual US president who was not too muchu pleased withy the nations health, Obamacare and chief virologist, immunistor and chief responsible main head of health in the USA. The president as a political strategist (agendas etc) and "want be next presdident even so" is going for the show of the absurd normality, as lacking the right sight and knowledge on the pandemia in the USA. 2% of the total population infected is not any number.

Mr Fauci should moveon as usual, but with the view on the reality that the pandemia does not allow "biz as usual" and he d know that anyway !! The pandemie shows some lackings and missunderstandings, and in specific with badly named corona parties etc - OPERATED

Sternenklare Nacht TV

In sternenklaren Naechten geht der TV am besten, und man muss garnichts zahlen ausser den Anschaffungskosten ... solange man keine senderspezifischen karten hat. Und man ist nicht nur GIS befreit,
ja man schaut quasi vogelfrei TV,
das ist ganz eine tolle Sache. Und am bseten geht das in sterneneklaren Naechten.
Sobald es in den Naechten aber regnet bekommt man nicht alle Sender wie gewohnt herein, mancher flimmert oder sieht auch aus wie eben gehackt, ein paar hacker Interferenzen, wie damals am Flughafen unterwegs, gehacktes TV. Fast ein impressionisten TV sender wenn sich etwa auch Braviafunker oder Abhoeherer miteinschalten wird es aber schaurig und ueber Jahre hoehrte man beim Telefinieren ein Echo.

Doch in sterneneklaren Nachten geht das Fernsehen jetzt am besten, wenn keine Regentropfen die astra schuessel nass machen - OPERATED

Dicke Lippe

Im TV kann man beobachten wie sich manche Celebrities, sogar dann noch immer die Lippen aufspritzen, was das soll, oder wohin dsas fuehren soll weiss man nicht so genau. Soll man auf Unersaettlichkeit oder Minderlippenkomplexe schliessen, die Wissenschaft tappt im Dunkeln ... doch auf jeden Fall - OPERATED

Pisacken per Fotoposting

Der bekannte Schauspieler Johnny Depp aus den USA steigt gerade wieder in der Beliebtheitsskala weil er eine Verleumdungsklage gegen NGN Newsgroup fuehrt. Manche Gattinnen, Zorn und Hassposter u andere im Web sich an relativ sicheren Racheallueren ergoetzen und gegenseitig dreckig anpatzen und doch relativ ungeschoren davon kommen koennen.

Es traf schon Vaeter, Soehne und Toechter, und manche Bedazimmeruebertragung aus damals aktuellem Anlass des bilateralen Gipfeltreffens machte aus einem ex Governeur wieder einen sich selbst deklassierenden Badezimmerstar - OPERATED

Irland die virtuelle Steueroase

Gerade werden Milliardensummen aus dem virtuellen Steueraradies Irland eingefordert, die grosse hardwarefokussiert Apfelverkostungs Firma aus der virtuellen Obstplantage (apple) muss sich um Milliarden Betraege umsehen, und bei Gewinnen ueber 500 mio euro wird das Taxing auch in Frankreich bei Cybermedusen faellig. - OPERATED


Luftbuchungen (air bookings) wie bei Wirecard ueber 1,9 mrd euro bekannt wurden, sind schon ein starkes Stueck, denn Gebaude stehen ja wo, oder die neue Firmenzentrale (auch Baustelle der neuen Zentrale) evtl als Sicherheiten. Die Verbalinjurie als Bstaetigung fuer den fiktiven Finanzinspektor ist eindeutig zu wenig. Besser noch Baustellen als Sicherheit samt Scheibtruhen - OPERATED

Our Correspondents

Oegedei who sends data
Subcom Galiano who speaks 5+ languages, his books are worldwide welcome as his achievments

Know the woods

There are policemen who got quit the job for bad and evel acting, policemen who got ripped off their guns and in territories where the gunripper knows the woods like now in Oppenheim, the policemen could pay a high price.
In other regions some policemen got tagged without knowing it, and not for eating bunniefood overnight out of the bunniekeepers house. Deals are many but entlaufene Kuehe (escaped cows) oder Erpressungen point in a clear direction and 7 Berge settings - OPERATED


Dresden, Leipzig, Hamburg, Halle, Hoelle, Koeln, Dresden, Frankfurt ... am Boden.
Malfetta, Bari, Perpignon, Mailand kaputt.
Aquila, Genua, die Kirche von Paris zerstoert.
Paradise, San Diego, ein Kriegsschiff brennt, LA, Gallup, Albuquerque, Tucson in Staub und Boden.
Wiederaufbau ist jetzt angesagt, Wiederaufbau schreien es die Spatzen aus den Pipelines

Sirte, Falluja, Tripoli, Nadjaf, Raqqa, El Alamein, Mossul, Bagdad, Alleppo in Schutt und Asche
Wiederaufbau (Reconstruction) ist derzeit ein grosses thema und kann auch Freunde machen - OPERATED

HInweis: so ein brennendes Kriegsschiff, San Diego, an der US -Mex. Grenze kann man nicht gut loeschen, brennt von innen aus

Rigide oder dem Rio Sangue der Freiheit geopfert

Die Zahlen, Massnahmen und Kurven zur Pandemie sprechen u sprachen ein klare Sprache. In China wurde rigide vorgegangen, Im Juni war es nurmehr eine Stadt die abgesperrt wurde, woanders schossen die Totenzahlen im April und Mai innerhalb von Tagen hoch, Manche Zahlen konnte man von woanders an 5 Fingern abzaehlen, oder an 10 was kaum unterschied macht.

Doch die Faelle wurden aus dem Ausland importiert oder waren nationaler Natur, was auch einen Unterschied macht. Nazis leugnen dann vielleicht noch das kleinste am grossen Uebel und marschieren schnell wieder gemeinsam Fahneschwenkend und bruellend durch die eben noch leeren Strassen. Die Rotten oder Rudelimmunisierung funktioniert nicht gut.

Doch interessant sind spreading locations und (was sind denn superspreader ?) Horte wie Kirchen, Kriegsschiffe, Militaerbasen mit Flughaefen, Altenheime, Kreuzfahrtschiffe, corona Parties, auch AC Anlagen, oder auf der anderen Seite superabgeriegelte Nationen die weder einstellige Zahlen noch Nachbarn im Rotlichtspreader erahnen lassen - OPERATED

Wenn das Allerkleinste ganz gross raus kommt, kann man das an dessen Wirkung ablesen.


Grosses Beseitigungspotential

Kanzlerin Merkel ist gleich abgetaucht, und mit gutem Grund, Das Virus lauert vielerorts. Der Beraterstab um Presidenten kann schon hochinfektioes sein. Politiker halten sich meistens irgendwie fuer ueberlegen, daher ruehrt auch ein grosses Beseitigungspotential - OPERATED

Another System OP Crash

There was a crash again on the mashine PC Netbook (17.7.2020). That cracker are bad and evel and a script kiddie seemed to have put a bad pic after login for blocking accesss to the own personal mashine.

If it was in the background GRU, the MS5 or the Mossad is not known yet. The focus is on local script pitties. The "lock pic" after login points in that direction.

For that bad misshap I want 3 BTC Bitcoins !!! You can send the 3 Bitcoins via disclaimer to the mail-adress mentioned there. Further I proceed with gate and streetcleanings close to the house and for that maybe soon I get 2 social justice points from China.

Traceback measures will get missed and dropped. DATA RECOVERY is hard enough ! But can get done with, either with a proper installation CD and the good data ...... is on CDs DVDs or elsewhere. That is allready good secrets of data and age of IT and Androids. Today morning TV pointed in that direction of potential misshap around the corner also; anyway ... - OPERATED

Personal stuff and declassified

The Queen drinks Jin .....
I drink Jin Tonic, (on some plains)
And all the people know well that freshly pressed Sugarcanejuice is much healthier.
Firewater is more close to Whisky .....

Anton unreachable and unbeatable till today,
behind the front and also by his free speech and saing to gen Rommel once.

A great page

Biathlon day

The Big Conspiracy

Taxing the Big 5


Antonow planes are strong aeroplanes of Russia, and amphib. planes are fascinating.
Anton The Iron Fist unbeatable (with iron will dad would say.... )
The house is on a rock as once the caves deep in the Eisenerz-berg, were Anton got born. Later they did caves togather after the WW2 before settling for family.

The parties once got missed over two years in the Alps, but also as so not a total failor. Now the buinnies took over the 3 huts since 2 years, we celebrate with the birds as well.

Parties of Goa are yet unreachable, by the settings in cliffs, close to waves and shores, and the tribal dance.
        Chief Oegedei

Now to mashines got activated after the bigger one got locked for half a year. The guns, cannons and fists are rising, mashetes not in use but for some branches in a garden. After another crack and hack two mashiens digitale got activated successfully !-)
        Oegedei Khan Tengri