Spring is onway !


Spring is onway !

Robotik on change - tricky thing !

As some megacorporations and their top CEOs do some shifts in their positions and other neoliberal and digital companies change their influential policies towards polticans, donators, big spenders and lobbyists. As a bigman I do the same, there will be some changes and shifts in my position, and the new settings towards my enemies (often hidden and tricky and using illegitmate means), the cheers and fans if there were any since now. Million followers there 5 here. I can take that easily. Better 5 good fans than 100 million odd followers .... which got later then good enough for the sell, of course during preelection time, now the future wants to by private some CEO say while the platforms get overrun like before and aftre the megasell.

The ones who support and donate to crazy politicans will not get supported (and it was never the question), the ones who abuse children will not get pardoned but punished, usually by some more or less state institutions called police or so. The ones who make huge profits by cutting the last leftover nerves of million of users by their mad new system OS will not get any of their cookies and digital settings on my Netbook mashines (only if no other choice was possible and later that will get corected for a Linux OS !).

There is Linux (Mint 18- 21 edition) straight and clean as an alternative to the old software dinosaurs who cut edge and hit users on th ground by each folder looking different and each single recently opened file needs to be removed seperatly, what produces headache and madness instead of userfriendliness, in case you really want to get something done on something like a Netbook.

Miss Cortana (the one behind the flatscreen curtain) the new transparent nuthead fem fatale by some system OS settings is crazy as all other settings there, menue bars show many ugly optins and even picture software is a tricky seperate far not "All in one" solution, far not.

Therefor big changes and userfriendliness is a big thing and of need in these days, but got never heared again since the cero years what seems to be partly the longterm effect by PR codes read on million mobiles. That may look easy but can anybody get clever, explain or elaborate on PR codes. (yeah maybe its .... them.... )

Many million smart phones do all that stuff so easy and fingerfriendly, but PR ticktes have only white and black tiny squares, no infos on distance, no price, no mark and tag of the company but by a socalled apphidden somewhere in the back. That PR codes show nothing but most confused settings without information or details provided by it, but good for black and white tinysquare dreams. On physical ticktes you got some information but last years overtake of flatscreen robotik swallowed that all by PR code scanners, it s not logic and nothing of IT really.

But the question has to be asked how wants that physical today, it became a virtual world and optimisation by PR codes looks not even logic nore does it provide any information. It is just a beam and a scan swallowed for the cost of rationality and logic.

Hear nothing, see nothing, understand nothing but white and black tiny squares in the name of tiny black and white squares.

So we have to account that logic and understanding gets lost by that. State of dreams, virtuality, hidden IT and illusions got advanced so, movies show more of visison, logic, understanding, planning, regime and profits. And that is another big industry since long, some watch it on small flatscreens, others on TV flatscreens, others in cinemas and others from cars.

Logic und understanding got lost for the sake of tiny white and black squares, and many native volks now since long and ask fully justified if there was ever some understanding with the white man ... if you remember some president.

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Multies and corporations made billions of profits, they have seen the programs getting run and advanced, they got the data imput by the masses on small cellphones and million PC flatscreens. After the last 20 years it looks now that some go for major changes, pretend to do so or turn another page and chapter of which the cloud is a part. After million headsets and mindsettings got trimmed and changed for smartphones and its apps, programs (also background programs) and PR codes it could be fabulouse to see the new changes coming.

There is some hope left and as spring is getting closer much should get better after all that mass with covid, Trump, blownup diplomacy, a thousand tariffs on goods shipped around, 100 thousands of liferisking migrants on way, new walls and fences from the southern US to the southeast of Europe, Brexit, wildfires over months.

The coming twenties should solve and change much for the better and take the worst from top of topburning issues.