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Infos on a warmup for the later

It was something about temperature and the return of the influencers Was it reptiles or mammals which got tried by temperature
Als sie Fieber messen wollten

Once upon a time it was during the ceroe years there was the try as once during the extreme Nazi devastation times, that they were trieing to expose some glass houses (independent veggie tries) or the try to take the effort to see if huge glasshouse constructions can stay undirty and autark, so to name it the neo autists try of a glasshouse. That never worked since the ceroe years, all the CO2, rubbish and need to clean waters etc fo a glasshouse so transparent .... the food for the glasshouse and the air got sticky since the times of AC in cars.

    The total system of the try of that glass houses during the ceroe years was far too small far not possibel and not many got to know the stries then of that what they tried with huge glass houses. Soem would say that was to get the needs on way to mars measured or on way to the solar encloseures and black holes. That bot never tried and reached only seen with huge telescopes from mostly desert liek mountain tops somewhere out there.

    The stroy of teh independent glass hosues was over. In thewhiel white cops started sitions on black people, not only treatibg them bad but killing them by neeing or others would say friendly fire anyhow. Influencers got new names, marks and stickers, governments got exchanged and the cars got named SUVs then in some northern hemispeheres since theceroe years.
    By the names of these new cartypes it indicated something with sport but it was not, cardrivong was never sport, for some the kick of speed, maybe with soem influencers onway in other vehicles or other headless risky fellows and cowardly actors, often during nights. If that got brought on way by influenecrs or the costly car advertsing, nobody could really say since harry plotter.

    And again beside all teh influencers (lobbistas) here and there, Everybody they say can become a presuident, also a manager maybe, a cook or house maid, but not every cardriver. You can also make the drivinglicence for PCs since years (!!) but if that would make sense is on another paper. Flatscreens got reduced a millionfold to the socalled smartphone diagonale, some centimeters for moving coloured buttons.

    The reducing of flatscreens got done years after the anthrax attacks and the UNI bomber, years after many hurricanes and vulcanoes, on aeroplanes cremetubes and toilet bottles got also minimized for some reasons, it was mostly in the name of teh new influencers and their new programms. The reduction of flatscreen format got done years after floods and Tsunamis.

    Influencers got many also by the socalled NGOs, votes got done in many lands and influencers had some smallscale flatscreens (infuencer not mixed with the virus mutants). Some of them could even by that tiny flatscreens make some profits, but that got also regulated lately. Stickers gto avoided on the web and had to get branded influencer way and advertising in the name ... of tiny flatscreens with colored buttons.

    PANDEMIC - (delete history - PC tip)
Before the pandemic stroke on many lands they exchanged T shirts, not for the drive of a SUV, no before sportive events like soccer. Then they exchanged signatures and QR codes, it was long after strichcodes got doen for the way of shopping and consuming. In the whiel fligt procedures changed as tourism chnaged.

    When the pandemic stroke much changed and also politicans needed to pay the price for their failors duirng the pandemic. There were other failors since years but not with that muany of fatalities, in two lands of the Americas alon it was more than 1, 3 mio dead. After two years, the second jab row got put on way, after wave after wave stroke over regions and nations. Itwas a long and costly process, influencers and million others paied a heavy price.

    Also many sectors of biz paied over hours and days a heavy price. Some could watch that on the biger TV screens even, but it got often not showed to the comon TV user and users of tiny flatscreens. It was often hiddenb and secret numbers like the new bank for the new and long ocuupied other land far away. The bank was somewhere else and the money again also at another place and nobody wanted to know that money from there. It was all in the way for the new influencers and their yearold lobbies and offices.

When teh pandemic started with the second and thiord wave the herd immunity as a phrase here and there, often in lands of whities, rednecks or WASPs, also. The NHS was rigged since long anbd that got many even mor einto troubles during the pandemic, even as soem influencers, they saied were out there .. left, many of them even in home offices or regular ones in simpel villages.

It was a diverse as you can imagine scenario fro many regions, only the fittest and wickest dared to do some daredevil roadtrips or long distance travel. And that specially as flight preparations got rigged as well, not only by last miute fliers or budget airliners but also as the warshaw agreements got nullified since years in the name of last or cheap minute fliers.

    What got to the result of - No food No dirt No cleaning .. and for some even with a ticket for that, No reach. BIz got diversified, split and outrage was big and good with generation X and android. During teh pandemic years flatscreens got reduced to the combination of buttons, some basic hints and tips and the white and black QR codes, teh reason for hate for some fellows during the pandemic time, QR codes far hate.


Weiss nicht was besser ist, 22 hrs auf der Ferry fuer 71 teuro von Igoumeniza nach Ancona, ohne auto, truck oder landrover.

Oder fuer 80 teuro im Treno Rosso.IT in 3,5 stunden von Ancona weiter nach Venecien M. in der Nacht. Auf grossen Schiffen setzen auch kleien Vogerl ueber, in Schnellzuegen sind wohl kaum Hunde erlaubt, und am Petersplatz pissen alte weiber noch laenger unter ihren Roecken in Behaelter.

    The other thing was temperature, it wasnever a topic for reptiels as coprocos or sea turtles, their temperature changed withb the day temperature and that was pretty enough. Sioem of them lost some limbns as lizards a tail or so. but for reptiles the smal modfern dinosaurs temperature was never an issue.

On the other hand there were mammals which had goodhair growing here and there, it was special faces with rare monkies and the haircut with dogs. Also cats and smaller mammals had their hair growing since ages. Cold climates and ice ages forced tha hiar to grow. It was the good cover in cold to temperate climates, so usually in northern and far souther regions. With the lates monkies on the show or stage of politocans many lost their face, others some believe some another influencer or the sticker of that.

    Tablets, Pills and jabs -
Then there came a specie with had some phrases and ideas, had some top monkies and lower ones, others had no idea of anything since the old Romans who often washed their hands, had best desalination and even hot public baths.

    During the pandemic then, after the poanish grippe, pest, cholera, bird flew, pigpest, BSE (mad cow desease), malaria and other infectiouse deseases, which mostly only locally spread, beside the pest which stroke on many ereas in toital Europe over weeks and days.

    Temperature got the big issue, with people it ewas that plus 1 celsius was farley high over 38,5 39,5 was pretty much then. People lost limbs and toes duirng extreme sports in high altitudes whcih got barly reached by birds, over 6000 or even 7000m.

    But below tmeperauture got a big issue. Scinetists predicetd plus 1,5, orther fellows from soem institutes told it would be plus 2. Many had no idea about what tehy spoke about, was it people, politivcans, mammals, rhinos, zebras. They all had suually their steady temperature in their habitats and wilderness. Politicans also got to hear oif a havanna syndrom years after the ADS or the MCAS syndrom, peole had no idea about what was coming and what teh scientists or politicans spoke about.

    Many got a jab by driving, others lost lifes by bad default settings from offices, hotels or glass towers, hygienic standards or only by moving tzo work in city busses. Outside temperaturtes plaied a little role, buit not for teh transpotrt of the vaccinatios, it was often in need to get that brought below - 5 and below - 20 celsius.

    Scientists saied it was only plus 1,5 and if it was much plus two ... there was daytimes, desert times and winter times, high and low altituide cities and locations, and tehy saied plus two woudl not be too bad. Reptiles did hardky care about that, tehmore in Zoos wher tehy got kepot underdifferent circumstances. Even two wrong tigers could get put togather by the loss in hours of the second put to the other one alone before.


Taxing the bIg Five

Facebook Ausschalten

Climate Change

Mar a Lego


Cloud architecture

Also good zoo rangers got sometimes puzzled so far, also withtigers and gorillas as one of the most poserfull mammals, and the more as zoos staied calm during the pandemic in the temperate regions. Temperature some saied would change to plus 1,5 or plus three, others saied it was a climate thing, others could not get to see them with temperature pistols at check in counters or cinema counters.

    On general measure was hardplastic windows at a million counters over total hemispheres. That was a thing of transparency then, counters with hardplastic covers, the shields so to say.

    Temperature was another issues, either by watching TV in rooms (flatscreen heaters), offices, it was a issue dureing the pandemic and first sins of the delta mutante, there were other mutents but nobody knew them since android times. Scientists said one point five was low the next years, othesr saied it should be kept at plus two maximum on everage.

    Millions run around with tiny heaters which never worked then, tiny cell phones in the while .. good for profits. They never got to see the burn of that while cumbre viecho was raoaringa dn spitting lava over weeks, it takes one years for bigger lava streams to cool down. To reach outside temperature.

    Many wanted to get close to cumbre viecho on Las palmas island, cumbre viecho had 7 chimneies, cumbre viejo was big and fascinating. Other had no standheizung in their cars duirng daylong parking time or socalled sport cars, babies got fogotten on parking lots and nearly died therefor because of the easy central verriegelung.


Watti Khan is nur ein kleines Schifferl (fast wie aus papier) Die Khane einst jedoch waren grosse Gebieter (!!)

Das kann man im Manas Epos lesen, falls es das wo gibt in Europa ?? (sonst in Bishkek oder Alma Ata ... lesen)

Cumbre Viejo was wild and big, cumbre viecho blew and spitted Lava over Weeks, it was something with lava and temperature beside .. Jurassic park from the ceroe years.

Jeder kennt doch die grossen Fuenf und den Hype um die nicht existierenden europ. Mega und Esperanto Netzwerke, mit all den schwierigen Einstellungen die es empirisch nur bei den besten fuenf im Eurodating gibt, schon wieder die Fuenf saagenhaft.

Das Grillen der Big Five in den USA war nur ein kurzes Schmoren im Plastik und Tupperware der Wohlfuehl Lobby, wearen doch ghanz arm, bevor sie es damals geschafft haben, habe sich eben umgesehen in der Szene und starkviel Eingekauft am Markt des Cyberspace, ein Scheinfechten war das Grillen der Fuenf, eines von Vielen.

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