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Message on World Climate

For the nearly 2 weeks taking World climate conference, Madrid Dec. o19

    By experience (empirically) it can be said that the Worlds climate is changing quite intense and more or less dramatically over some days and weeks (med. term effects), and the pauses when there are no mega climate outpoors and configurations.

    The sealevel is rising which got proved over the last 50 years, the poles and glaciers are melting in more and less rapid ways, but sametime a few are even growing at some special locations. The Worlds climate can be seen as a big huge Green house which points to the green-house effect. As there is more CO2, methan, gases and pollutive factors producing these gases it gets more moist over the decades and years, with schwankungen also during fullmoons
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when woods are breathing also during nights and that during springs and falls in northern and southern hemispheres. That can be observed when early year storms are blowing over northwest Europe with hails or much rainfall and heavy gusts.

    Same for some regions in south Europe where hot weather systems meet cold fronts over the Alps and produce heavy rains like during Oct- Nov.

    The overall bad factors are the cars in millions, as well trucks (long vehicles can alos look good with a pushbike and canoe in back or ultraleichte Kampfwagen), heavy ships, either cruise or container ships, and factories with coal burning. That is the running case since the industrial revolution about 180 years ago. On asian street you can see it all from bikes with big loads trucks, tuktuks, 3 wheeleers and cycle rikshaws all on mostly similar traffic scenarios.

    In socalled smart cities or car economies downtowns are often empty and quiet during nights and people stay in suburbs.

    The huge barriers which gets formed ny high altitude mountains are producing different weather conditions and I can see heavy winter fronts in the USA northeast coast, also Blizzards and snowstorms on the plains which look more like Tornadoes and Hurricanes during summers in the southeast costal areas and the Plains of midwest, which gets Tornados then.

    Mountain ranges from N to South even advance the range (N - S) of very cold and low pressure front systems, not neccesarily with rains or snowfall but can form blizzards and tornadoes on way.

    The other big thing is the melting poles during peak warmtime of the years. How much more these two megaicecaps will melt during hot seasons should be watched. The northwest passage and Noerheast passages are often icefree for some more weeks allready than usual. This will effect the rise of sealevel and can be a bid reduced by minimizing, reducing airpollution globally, so to say reducing the big Greenhouse (and glasshouse) effect.

    Bad is also the thin getting Ozone layer up there at stratosphere which gets reduced by Fluorchlor kohlenawasserstoffe etc mostly at the poles which got some internat. laws forbidding the once number one emmision products (refridgerators in main) effecting the ozon layer reduction, which is needed up for protection against the direct impact of sun radiation, on streetlevels it is mostly poisen during heavy getting pollution on streetlevel at specific seasons (O3 is poisen to the bodies physics, Oxygen a special ministructure ... in different combinations ...)

    Bad as well is the more and more globally circulating and vaporised (verdunstet over seas and big lakes), heavy rains and moist fronts. Also during fullmoons people can observe when during that advancing wet weather systems get stronger during nights then, when woods and djungles do more photosynthesis (the woods breathing) and enforce some wet and windy frontsystems (green photovoltaic) during specific seasons. But overall the accelerating megafactors are mio. of cars, trucks and busses in more or less daily or weekly use over years and decades.

    City climates are indicating more, like during low pressure systems in basins etc

    The sea levels rise is hard to be calculated as there are many riverdeltas and lowater sealevels at some regions regions. The rising sealevel over last 30 years could indicate more.

    Interesting could be the heavy rains downpoor on mountain ranges with river levels along then raising and the Durchflussgeschwindikeiten und tonns of water during high risky coming along rainfront systems.

    That would be more indicating to water circulations and riverlevels and rainimput before, also depending on the surrounding geologic rocks and underground formations. In general woods along rivers can absorb big parts of waters and floodings, so like before reaching cities here and there.

    Same counts for deep rising ravines and mountain slopes during winters with woods for protection from avalanches or mudslides form above (Mt villages cities) with the often seen Lawinenverbauungen (avalanche obstacles) in some areas. Avalanches are shortterm effects but high river levels can take a while as the waters are in full flow then, often over days and heavy rainfronts like during indian monsoontime is anoter story.

    Earthquakes are far not that calculable and short term effects but can be desastrouse as seen with the Tsunami and following nuclear disaster at Japan with more bad effects in reaction (any beton sarcophargi there), also along east Indian coastal and Sri Lankan areas, but the southindian nuclear powerplant resisted the Tsunamis wave.

    And the point is also birds and elephants (also other mammals) which get notice of such megadesaster in coming hours before. Elephants have fine senses and get notice in advance, but birds show finer reactions .. like when Tsunamis are on way or earthquakes over hours, then total megawater columns get shifted around half the globe (earthquake - tsunami) and do the coastal areas the disaster. Uncomon elephant or bird behauviors could be good sings for local volks in such regions for a warning.

    When you have 3 hours left or two, moving on concrete towers or fast inland can save the lifes before the waters get eaten by and shores later dissapearing under the megawave.

    Dinosaurs had not for no reason that strange long necks and huge bodies, like for " ...Go underwater during hurricanes.. " only Megalodon and Prontosaurus babies would be swept away then, if. And there are quite a few creatures left from that times (sea or freshwaters)

    If the big lavabubble will blow up underneath the Yellowstone Nat Park, I do not think so, there could be some 100 years left or 1000ds and there are some Gaysers and sulphur fountains there since long which also work a bid as ventils. When that becomes bigger over weeks it gets hot then. Mt Snt Helens was then only a small eruption.

    But getting down to specific individual and supportable issues there are stars out there like actually sailing to Portugal and further to Madrid for the UN Climate Conference, she coming with support by big skippers on the boat and many other fans, (I tried once on way back on a container ship .. not the Horn clouds .. but breakfasts on board and crews was sometimes nice during waiting times in Costa Rica once, one brit. banana ship for breakfast was nice ...) and the new Galionsfigur for the good world climate, Greta onway with support also by the moviestar Leonardo Di Caprio, and the fight against the bad huge djungle fires in Brazil which are accelerating the greenhouse changes.

    Movies do not produce much coal and fossile emmissions but can hint on some trends or produced timeout with chips embeded.

    The young Galionsfigure did it on a boat for the heavy ride over the Atlantic ocean, and I wish that she will not look like a burnt swedish streettree somewhere in winterdark Scandinavia in some years. If you keep on with that impressing training and example you may really make them run !

    Others got on screen on the Titanic with romance and good bucks before the icecold water soaked them holding hands during the big Titanic cruiser got downunder on its virgin crashcourse ... "on the rocks"

    By the way Russians do that every year, usually unhurt, during winters, on a monthly schedule -ice swimming, fishing, ice -drilling (Icefishing will be discussed seperatly), breaking and dipping, what shows great strengths under all circumstances.

    Back to the new rising western stars on the climatefront, they can succeed with their fight when the platforms, conference, screens and transponders are there, the mio of revolting pupils 4 good climate (a none application) and as examples in daily streetrush on foot, cycles, busses or trains or even on small boats over the Atlantic during wintertime what is a big challenge, nobody should underestimate that hardship and what it takes tharefor.

    Taxis can be shared or not, but I miss the chance from Belem till today, getting in the taxi by the great sun of Fidele Castro in Belem (late o17) we should have discussed some matters and had a cofee togather - viva. Then getting the offer into a uber one could ve been missed, but was also ok, downton Belem got reached and things done.

    The Amazonas upriver is a 2- 3 week challenge on the riverboats there (2-3 floors) and can be a training up to Peru without big emission but magic encounters and observations. During nights with light beamers on river. The Amazonas region is one of the megalunges of the earth, and will it be for longer, djungles grow many, but senseless reckless burning of the same is mad, takeback territories .... Steep rising slopes to Huascaran (6700m ) behind the great rio Ucayali with hail and snowstorms on way up to the Alti Plano are magic and that will not change too soon, from tropical djungles to
the magic Lago Conococha over 4000m.

with best regards Team Katjusha

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