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Deadly silent villages ?

Deadly silent villages ?

We ot to see pictures from the far away land, Afganisthan from where the western forces and willing flew out, another mission got done. Further with them a few thousand locals and people and families from Afghanistan got flown out during the same time with the western forces, (they got named ortskraefte). It happend all within some two weeks.

    We got told by the german Chancellor that there was no civic terminal in the capitals airport. We got to know and understand that most local cities and provincial headquarters got taken back by the Taliban without much of resistance. Some west. generals got puzzled during their missions about the halfhearted willingness of local trained forces to fight against the Taliban. It was years of slaughter, killings, night raids and combat in desert mountains and outback villages. Of course many got tired of all that war mongering.

    When the last western soldier got taken out of Kabul, Talibans took offices, took controll over the streets, they got to see and find the leftover stuff in hangars and garages of the willing.

    They were used to fight over years, blew and bombed the willing and their allies out of their vehicles. It was bad and fierce fights and combat rides, over nights and days, also in villages. As we get the news lately that even many of the willing soldiers from the USA killed themself after returning back home. That shows that they got into real troubles, it should have been around 30 000 suizides by US soldiers over the years. They treated them bad and suizide was the final act for many of them lately. So it was a front on a few sides, the willing had a front which they could not see so far. The western soldiers suizieds hint in teh direction of that hidden front.

    Many would better not get to know how these soldiers treated locals and mountain people and under which circumstances all that happened in a far away land. Lately tehy could not take it any more by themself.

    On the other hand we can see now teh Taliban taking over street and cities, acting brutally and with brute force, against the people of their own land. It looks ugly when they get down to the towns from the hills and mountains, also the capital and hit and strike with guns on demonstrating volks who do nothing more than to raise their voces.

    There is a big difreenec between the western wiling forces and the locals, men and women demosntrating. The main fight and battles re over, why to raise the arms against demonstrators.

    Why to use guns and brutal beatings against the simple poeple who only use their voice, who onyl move in teh streets to show their will and attitudes. Whatfor to use same and similar methods as against modern equipped western forces. There is a big difference between the people of Afganisthan and the foreign soldiers, who finally even killed themself.

    It makes a big differece to fight against the will and voices of the tribes and volks of the own land or to raise arms against foreign forces over 20 years. People are tired of all that bloodshed and bombings. It is a good sign that they hae the power to raiuse their voices and use their legs. Why to kill or break their bones.

    When they get beaten in their streets and cities, just for showing the political will, the want of a share for the futures, it makes no sense when they stay crippled then their land. Whatfor all that blood like hundreds of years ago during the conquista in Latin America.

    The wounds need to heal and the blood needs to dry, the anger need to get calmed. Bruteforce will make more enemies, broken legs will produce cripples wounds which stay for long. Better 5 Loya Jirgas than 10 emty halfdead villages. Women and men need to get their chances and not all 500m beatigngs in the streets. If they can do, want do ...somehow togather in schools or in Universities is total different story.

    The boiling blood of the own people needs to get calmed, and the chances are there that they understand to hear and see each other.

    The one who can not see a covered women is weak, the one who can not hear her talking is dumb, the one who does not react on her scream is dumb and dull,

    You can cover a women but she will not become a man so. She will stay a women but how, and who will help her getting some light, the god thoughts and ideas.

    The mountains, the streets, the skies, cities and schools, the desert and streams are for all to be seen. There can be new rules, it can be good rules.

    Do not miss the chance to see that, do not kill the tree before it starts growing.

    Do not shoot and blow the gun when the enemy is gone allready. When they loose their voice what is left then.

    When western soldiers killed themself after return, what do you expect from the women of Afganisthan.

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